Location: Marineford
Petitioner: Fugitive Jude
Reward: Prisoner's Ring, 125,000 Berries
Objective Reward: Perfected Ragged Ball Plus

In order to trigger this Side Story - or just reach it period - you need to proceed through One Piece Odyssey until you've completed the main story events surrounding Marineford. Once this is done you can reenter Marineford and explore the town. The petitioner for this Side Story is on the left side of the street, just north of where you enter Marineford.

The man in question is named Jude, and he's an escaped prisoner from Impel Down, a notorious prison. He became stranded in Marineford and needs to escape before he's caught and thrown back in jail. He has a boat that will do the job, but he needs materials to repair it before it will go anywhere. Jude requires the following to fix up the boat:
  • Ship Lumber. Jude points you to Ox Bell Plaza, in the south of Marineford. You'll need to bash open crates around the town to find Wootz Steel Bolts and Junk first, which will allow Franky to repair the bridge to the north of Jude. Follow the main road and you'll go straight to Ox Bell Plaza after some walking. The Wood-Gathering Craftsman is directly south of the entrance to the plaza.
  • Nails. Jude mentions a broken cannon somewhere in Marineford. Head to South Town, also on the other side of Franky's new bridge, and go west to find the fallen cannon. Near it is a Nail-Gaterhing Craftsman who will hand over the Nails.

Take these two items back to Jude and Franky will point out that a ship also needs a sail. Head back toeards Ox Bell Plaza and you'll see a market stall on your right before leaving South Town. The Former Marine Shop Owner who owns it will recognize the Straw Hats and attack, but he won't stand a chance against your team by himself. Things will get cleared up afterward and he'll give you Sail Fabric.

Take the Sail Fabric back to Jude to learn the deep, dark truth behind his actions - namely that he's a nice guy - and receive your reward.