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Main Walkthrough

Brook is back, the Thousand Sand is operational, and all of the colossuses have been defeated. All that remains is restoring the Straw Hats to their full power, and that requires a trip to Dressrosa, the last visit via Memoria. Assuming you revisited Marineford, you're ready to take this final step into the past. Speak to Lim at Adio's hut to get started.

(Assuming you plan to use him, make sure you equip Brook with some fused accessories before you leave Waford. The Yoisa Vendor in the Ice Block Ruins has a great range of accessories for getting him up to speed.)

Once in the Strange Place the Straw Hats will receive another big Skill boost, and Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, and Brook will unlock more of their Accessory Slots. After that it's off to your next destination, the embattled kingdom of Dressrosa.

Dressrosa City Area


  • Donquixote Family - Weakness varies
  • Gladiator - Weakness varies
  • Pirate - Weakness varies
  • Sailor - Weakness varies

Dressrosa City South

Dressrosa is more straightforward than some of the places you've visited so far, but there's still plenty to explore. Start off by checking on your left. There are two steel boxes for Zoro to slice open containing a Steel Bolt and two Yaya Cubes, and if you check inside the ruined building you'll find a chest containing Senor Pink's Pacifier

Head back to the entrance, activate the nearby Yoisa Sign, save, and start walking east. Before you reach the next cut scene you can find a Yaya Cube in a barrel on your left. Continue east and you'll reach an intersection. If you head south of here you'll find a steel box for Zoro on your left that contains two Yaya Cubes, but otherwise you'll just find a dead-end plaza with some crates and barrels to destroy.

Head north from the intersection to trigger another cut scene. This will allow you to Learn about Dressrosa's situation and claim the Grand Log: Dressrosa, Part 1 Objective reward.

Dressrosa City East

Follow the road northeast. You'll see a group of three people ahead, and if you check the east side of the road near them you'll find a barrel containing Yaya Cubes. A little further up the road and on your right is a guy in a striped shirt, and in the barrel behind him is another Yaya Cube.

North along this road you'll see an observation point. Near it is a steel box for Zoro to open containing two Mighty Energy Apples, and if you look over the edge of the broken road near the box you'll see two Luffy's Cube Fragments a little ways down. Luffy will need to grab them. Another cut scene waits to the east of here, and you'll get your first earful of Doflamingo, this chapter's primary antagonist.

Head north immediately after the cut scene ends. There's a break in the debris that only Chopper can bypass, and on the other side you'll be in the Old Residential District. There are several items to pick up here, though most important among them are a Yaya Cube in a pot, Evasion +20 Jewelry in a chest, and... something... in a locked, red chest. Not too much longer before you can open these stupid things.

Head back to the main road and head east. You'll hit an intersection before long, though if you try to head north you'll be turned back. Ignore that route for now. Trigger the Yoisa Sign at the intersection, check behind the wagon on the left side of the road for a crate containing a Yaya Cube, then head further east to begin another cut scene.

Foot of New Royal Plateau

Once the cut scene ends you'll be in a plaza. There are a number of things to see here before you move on:

  • In a barrel on your right as you enter the plaza (south side) you'll find a Yaya Cube.
  • On the south side of the plaza is a ruined house. Inside, behind a fallen bookshelf to the right of the door, is a crate containing a Yaya Cube.
  • There's a circular building in the middle of the plaza. Out front of it is a cart and beside the cart is a barrel. Pop open the barrel to receive another Yaya Cube.
  • On the east side of this area is a tavern called the Ariepa. It performs all of the usual tavern functions. Inside is a Bounty Board that's not currently active, and it won't give you any bounties until you've completed the main story in Dressrosa.
  • On the side of the road just south of Ariepa is a pot. Inside is a Yaya Cube.
  • In the southeast of the area, along the road to the next region of Dressrosa, you'll find another ruined house. Inside is a chest containing two Super Burst Brews.

If you head south along the rubble and ruined streets you'll come to the N.R.P. Elevator. Heading east to the elevator will further the plot. There's still a bit more to see at the Foot of the Royal Plateau, so don't head that direction just yet. 

  • On the side of the road near N.R.P. Elevator is a general store. It has the usual array of stuff for sale. Outside the store and a little ways east you'll find a Yaya Cube in a container, at the side of the store. Across the street from this first Yaya Cube is a crate containing another Yaya Cube
  • Head west from N.R.P. Elevator and you'll hit an intersection. On the north side of the intersection is a crate containing a Yaya Cube. To the south is a chest containing TP Auto Regen Jewelry.
  • You'll pass under a bridge as you head further west. Check to your right as you emerge from the bridge (north side of the road) to find a crate containing a Yaya Cube.
  • At the end of the western road is a store named Apparel Brilliant, which is no use to you right now. Check behind the wagon to the east to find a chest containing HP Conversion Jewelry, and the rubble to the west of Apparel Brilliant to find a pot containing a Yaya Cube. Near the pot are a well-hidden three Sanji's Cube Fragments and two Luffy's Cube Fragments. Check the stairs jutting out of the rubble to find the fragments.
That's all for this section of Dressrosa City Area. Head back east to N.R.P. Elevator and the crew will discover that they can't use it just yet. They need help from Rebecca, one of their allies from their Dressrosa days, and she's likely at the city's Coliseum. Head back to Dressrosa City East, to the northwest, and take the path that was blocked earlier.

Dressrosa City East

At the top of the stairs into this area you'll run into an unlucky Sailor who is being controlled by an outside force. One good hit will take him out, and you'll receive a Franky's Cube Fragment for your trouble.

Head north and you'll find a break in the road, forcing you to drop down. Check the bottom of the drop for a chest containing an ATK +301 Crown, as well as a steel box for Zoro containing eight Gator Melons. Down the next drop and on your left, beside a wagon, you'll find two Franky's Cube Fragments.

You'll finally start running into baddes along the next stretch of road, though they're nothing special. Your Speed charcters will make short work of them. Head east and you'll find a stone archway. On the right side of the archway is a box for Zoro to open containing eight Large Jura Bird Eggs, and if you look above the archway you'll see three Chopper's Cube Fragments and two Nami's Cube Fragments that only Luffy can grab.

"Old" Royal Plateau Area

Head west down the street. On your right as you run you'll see a fallen umbrella, and beneath it is a pot containing a Yaya Cube. Past this point you'll start running into Gladiators, who are more varied than the Donquixote Family mooks, though they're still not a big deal. There are more items to collect along the way, though nothing stands out.

Blacksmith Road

Proceed far enough and you'll enter Blacksmith Road, a little safe zone. There are a few things to see here before you carry on south to the Coliseum:
  • On your right as you enter is a Yoisa Shop. It has four unique items to buy: Wild One's Power, Death's Edge Power Jewelry, Jyros's Cape, and Elizabello II's Gloves. It also offers high-value accessories for fusions. You're probably overflowing with money by now, so drop a lot of it here before you move on. Sitting near the Yoisa is a chest containing Fujitora's Gauntlet.
  • On the east side of Blacksmith Road is Rose Gurrero, a weapon shop. It's not important yet, but it will be. Inside is a locked chest that you should keep in mind for later.
  • In the south of Blacksmith Road is a stone archway. Check on the right side of it for three Robin's Cube Fragments.

Coliseum Path

South of Blacksmith Road you'll hit the outskirts of the Coliseum. As with the other sectionsof Dressrosa, there's plenty to see and do here as you wade through the rubble. The Coliseum itself isn't accessible, but you can't go any further west if you don't try to enter, so this bullet list will assume you've gotten that out of the way first. You'll earn the Grand Log: Dressrosa, Part 2 Objective reward while exploring this street.
  • A short walk down the road you'll find the area's Yoisa Sign. Behind it is a pot containing a Yaya Cube.
  • There are two men on the left side of the street as you walk west, and in front of them is an observation point. Behind the men is a crate containing a Yaya Cube. A little ways west of these men you'll find a metal box for Zoro to open containing fifteen Ogre Onions.
  • North of the entrance to the Coliseum are several sets of stairs leading up to houses. Up the stairs and in front of one house you'll find three Nami's Cube Fragments and two Zoro's Cube Fragments. East of the stairs is a snaking path that will take you to a red treasure chest that you can't open.
  • Northwest of the entrance to the Coliseum is a book store named Passion. Inside is a chest containing Cavendish's Hat.
  • West of the entrance of the Coliseum is a patio with some tables and chairs. Tucked beside a house adjoining the patio is a crate containing a Yaya Cube.
  • Look west of the Coliseum's entrance on the main street. Across the street is a pot containing a Yaya Cube.
As you explore the street you'll hear some raucous laughter. Go far enough west and you'll run into the source of it, and he wants to battle.


Weakness: Technique

Burgess is quite a bruiser. In addition to his normal melee attack he can use Shockwave Elbow on a single target, and... okay, that's pretty much all. Shockwave Elbow hurts more than the normal attack, though if you deploy your three Technique fighters they won't take a ton of damage anyway. Let your fourth character stay back in a different area and Burgess shouldn't give you any trouble.

Beat Burgess once and Sabo will show up to help you during the rematch. Burgess appears to hit harder during the second route, but it's otherwise identical to the first fight.

You'll receive Sabo's Hat, four Zoro's Cube Fragments, and three Nami's Cube Fragments for defeating Burgess. Sabo will join the party as a guest character. With Sabo is Rebecca, who will help lead the way on an alternate route through Dressrosa - and earn you the Grand Log: Dressrosa, Part 3 Objective reward. With Burgess gone you can continue down Coliseum Path, collecting as you go.
  • On the west side of Coliseum Path as you head south is a side street. If you take a right on this street you'll find a route up to a house. Check the patio surrounding the house for a chest containing two Carbon Bolts.
  • South of the path where you found the Carbon Bolts is a crumbled road surrounded by burning wood. Climb along this path, heading south, and you'll find two Franky's Cube Fragments and two Usopp's Cube Fragments.
  • There's not much to see on the main street, with one exception: A crumbled, tilted house on the west side of the road. Check inside to find two Nami's Cube Fragments and three Sanji's Cube Fragments.

Square, At Fountain

Head far enough south and you'll find the street crumbled away, forcing you south. Check near the pit for a box Zoro can open for eight Fairy Pumpkins, then trigger the next cut scene, right by a Yoisa Sign. You can now explore this small square:
  • On the north side of the square is a ruined house. Inside you'll find two Chopper's Cube Fragments and two Sanji's Cube Fragments.
  • Inspect the rubble-filled pit south of the fountain to find three Zoro's Cube Fragments and two Franky's Cube Fragments.

Dressrosa Main Street

You've almost done a full circuit of Dressrosa City Area at this point, and all that's left is this eastbound path. You'll start running into Pirates and Sailors here, and you should have a pretty good idea of how to deal with them this far into the game. Sabo makes these fights a piece of cake. The areas are separated into street segments via the archway gates.
  • You'll find a Yaya Cube in a crate next to the eastern archway in the first area.
  • Beside the western archway in the second area is a pot containing a Yaya Cube. On the left side of the street is a box for Zoro to slice open, containing eight Smoke Scales.
  • In the third area, again beside the western archway (a much bigger archway this time) you'll find a Yaya Cube in a crate. (Surprisingly, there doesn't appear to be anything else down the side paths on the south end of the street, aside from a crate inside the house. Ah well.)
At the end of Main Street you'll run into a gladiator who was a former soldier of Dressrosa. Check to the right of the gladiator after the talking's done to find a chest containing Evasion +20 Jewelry. Hop to the lower level beyond the gladiator and you'll be back in Dressrosa City South. 

Trek back to the N.R.P. Elevator, to the northeast. Rebecca will be able to open the elevator, allowing the group to reach the next area of their journey, New Royal Plateau.

Main Walkthrough