Part 30: Head to the New Royal Plateau - Dressrosa City Area

Main Walkthrough

New Royal Plateau


  • Conch Kancho - Weak to Power
  • Donquixote Family - Weakness varies
  • Durian Gator - Weak to Power
  • Funny Mouse - Weak to Power
  • Iron Del Kong - Weak to Technique
  • Mechanical Doll - Weak to Power
  • Oisa - Weak to Power
  • Shockcracker Doll - Weak to Power
  • Skullcracker Doll - Weak to Power

Dressrosa is in shambles, and Doflamingo is to blame. In order to reach him the Straw Hats have made it through Dressrosa City Area, and now they need to make their way through the New Royal Plateau. Doflamingo isn't too far off, now... claim the Grand Log: Dressrosa, Part 4 Objective reward for reaching this place, then set off in pursuit of your foe.

1st Level - City Ruins

When you first arrive on the New Royal Plateau you'll find a save point on your right. If you look on your left, beside the entrance gate into the area, you'll find three Franky's Cube Fragments. Grab them, save up, and head east to trigger a cut scene. The party will run into Trafalgar Law, a fellow pirate, and he'll be in rough shape.

To the east you'll find a steel box for Zoro to open on your right. Inside are two Yaya Cubes. Further east of here you'll find a campsite, and if you've been having trouble with the enemies of Dressrosa you should spend some time fusing accessories and growing your party's strength. It gets tougher from here.

A very creepy toy soldier will appear on a nearby ledge as you head north from the campsite, though it won't bother you. (This one, anyway.) Further north you'll find a crossroads. Going southwest from this intersection will take you back to the entrance of New Royal Plateau, though you'll find a chest containing five Fairy Pumpkins along the way.

North of the intersection you'll enter a new area.

1st Level - Great Fissure

You'll hit another intersection upon first entering this area and jumping down a ledge. The next cut scene is on your right, and it involves Franky repairing bridges so the Straw Hats can advance through the area. You'll need Steel Bolts and Junk to build bridges, and there are plenty on the New Royal Plateau (assuming you didn't pick up plenty of both back in Dressrosa City Area). Pick up every random item that appears to find the materials you need.

We'll assume for the moment that you can't build any bridges. Return to the intersection and head west. There's a chest containing a Steel Bolt nearby, and a huge, ghastly toy doll is guarding two Robin's Cube Fragments and two Zoro's Cube Fragments to the north. Check a ledge near the chest to find a pot containing a Yaya Cube. You can go up some smaller ledges to loop back a little ways, as well, and find a chest containing 220,000 Berries.

If you continue west you'll find a dead-end area with a steel box for Zoro containing two Mighty Excite Apples, two Luffy's Cube Fragments and two Chopper's Cube Fragments, and a path for Chopper to walk through. On the other end the path splits, and if you take a right and follow the winding route through the debris you'll arrive at a chest containing 200,000 Berries.

Head east and you'll find another wrecked bridge, as well as a side path. Follow the side path and you'll arrive at a ledge overlooking the road back to the campsite. Check on your left to find a chest containing three Carbon Bolts

The Carbon Bolts will allow you to fix the bridge. On the other side you'll find a small house with a chest containing a Super Burst Brew. Also over here is the first enemy doll you spotted. South of it is a chest two Merchant Gelatos. Inside the rubble of the house the doll is guarding you'll find three Zoro's Cube Fragments and three Chopper's Cube Fragments, as well as a chest containing Sons' Cup.

Eventually you'll need to rebuild the bridge leading north, which costs a paltry one Steel Bolt and two pieces of Junk. On the other side you'll find a grapple point for Luffy. Check north of the grapple point for a chest containing four Spicy Urchins, and look south, beneath the nearest bridge, to find three Nami's Cube Fragments and two Zoro's Cube Fragments for Luffy to grab. Grapple west of here to find plenty more Junk laying around. If you check the base of the buildings nearest you you'll spot two Nami's Cube Fragments and two Franky's Cube Fragments at their base, in a spot only Luffy can reach.

Next to this spot is a sort of intersection, atop a bunch of grassy platforms and broken buildings. Go south and onto the nearest building. You can drop inside to find a Funny Mouse guarding a chest. The chest contains two Carbon Bolts. Grapple southwest of here, to the rooftop with the doll, and you'll find a pot containing a Yaya Cube. This area is a dead end, and you'll need to grapple further south and cover some earlier terrain a second time.

Return to the ruined, pink building that served as an intersection earlier and go west this time. Across a gap you'll find a chest containing a Steel Bolt. Near the chest is a small ledge, and on the other side of it is a chest containing Sugar's Crown. Once you've popped open both chests, head back to the intersection from earlier and head north. The next bridge you need to build is ahead, and it costs two Steel Bolts and three pieces of Junk.

The path splits ahead, between upper ground and lower. Stick to the lower ground for now and follow the path through the rocks. This is a dead end path, but you'll find two chests, one to the north and one to the south. They both contain a Steel Bolt. Above the chest to the south you'll find three Usopp's Cube Fragments and three Zoro's Cube Fragments, stuck on the rock.

As you make your way back along the lower route you'll see a climb point on the rocks ahead. Ignore it for a moment and return to the split where you took the lower path. Go up this time, past the man, and to the top of the rise. Beside a tree near the top you'll find a chest containing a Steel Bolt, and behind a rock at the very top you'll find another chest, this containing Happusoi Army's Folding Fan. There's another broken bridge up here - one you can't repair, for some reason - and on the end of it are three Usopp's Cube Fragments and two Chopper's Cube Fragments.

Return to the previous chest by the tree and you can grapple over to the point that you spotted earlier, where a woman is by herself and crying. Zip over and you'll find a ruined street. Look to your left when you drop from a small ledge and you'll find a red, locked chest for later. If you keep following this twisting path it will eventually bring you to another bridge that needs repairing, though you can save some time by jumping down the ledge behind the chest. You'll land near two Chopper's Cube Fragments and two Robin's Cube Fragments.

Check the breakable wall near the Cube Fragments for some randomized items if you need more building materials, then zip up to the bridge on your left and repair it. You'll need three Steel Bolts and four pieces of Junk this time. Head east along the bridge to trigger a cut scene.

Your next destination is the stone tunnel that's near the closest save point. Before you head inside, though, you should look around the rest of the area:

  • There's a shallow pit just west of the stone tunnel. In the pit is a steel box Zoro can open to retrieve two Mighty Energy Apples.
  • Near the save point is a heap of rubble forming a passage for Chopper. Go through and you'll find a stretch of dirt on the other side. Follow the dirt all the way south to find a chest containing 210,000 Berries.
  • To the west of the aforementioned dirt path is a tree. At the base of the tree is a chest containing TP Auto Regen Jewelry. There's also another bridge over here for Franky to repair, if you have three Carbon Bolts and fifteen pieces of Junk, and it will take you to a chest containing Bellamy's Sunglasses.

That's all for the Great Fissure. Enter the tunnel in the northwest.

1st Level - Stone Passage

This area is, mercifully, much less complicated than the last. Head east into the Stone Passage, and take a right to find a chest containing five Large Jura Bird Eggs. Down the left passage, past a door for Zoro to slice open, is a large chamber filled with debris. Check down the northern passage to find a chest containing five Smooth Shrooms, then slice through the rock wall barring your passage in the east.

To the left of the next iron door you'll find a chest containing two Rock Bear Arms. Past the door you'll find a space for Chopper to cross, though there's just a random item inside. To the south you'll reach an exit to the next step in your journey to Doflamingo, the War Plateau.

Part 32: Defeat Doflamingo - New Royal Plateau 2nd Level, War Plateau

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