Part 31: Defeat Doflamingo - New Royal Plateau 1st Level, Great Fissure

Main Walkthrough

The trek towards Doflamingo continues, and now you've reached a section of the New Royal Plateau that looks slightly less complicated than the last. Will that indeed be the case? Let's find out. Use the save point and get to exploring. Be sure to claim the Objective reward Grand Log: Dressrosa, Part 5 at some point, as well.

Turn around before you start walking south. Beside the entrance to the Stone Passage is a much smaller tunnel that only Chopper can enter. Entering will take you into a new... ish... area.


Looks like you're not quite done with the underground. To the right and left from the entrance you'll find steel gates only Zoro can open, beyond which are chests. The eastern chest contains three Carbon Bolts, while the western chest contains a Super Burst Brew. There's also a steel door blocking a path leading north.

Walk north to the next intersection, then look to your right. There's a small, water-filled corridor beside you, and on the other side of the steel door are two Nami's Cube Fragments and two Chopper's Cube Fragments. North of here is a door, and beyond it is a chest containing five Panic Stones. To the west you'll find a side tunnel with a random item at the end, as well as an exit... which, apparently, is a one-way trip back to Dressrosa. You can't use this right now, so head back to the War Plateau instead.

2nd Level - War Plateau


  • Conch Kancho - Weak to Power, resists Ice
  • Donquixote Family - Weakness Varies
  • Funny Mouse - Power, Fire
  • Iron Del Kong  Weak to Technique
  • Mechanical Doll - Weak to Power
  • Oisa - Weak to Power
  • Shockcracker Doll - Weak to Power
  • Skullcracker Doll - Weak to Power

Head south towards the first cut scene of the area. You'll find a group of Donquixote mooks surrounding a sleeping man, and when he wakes up he'll reveal himself as Hakuba. Fight time!



  • Speed (Hakuba, Donquixote Family A, B, E, F)
  • Power (Donquixote Family C, D, G, H)
Pretty standard battle, this. Hakuba seems to have a bit of a slow start, and throughout the fight he'll just use normal attacks. They hit hard but aren't a big deal. The Donquixote Family members are normal mooks, though the guys with cannons can be annoying as their attacks sometimes make your characters Faint. Your Speed characters will do best in this battle. You'll receive extra experience if Robin is the one to knock out Hakuba. (Keep in mind that Sabo is around, if you're going for the experience boost. He's strong.)

You'll receive Hakuba's Power, a Luffy's Cube Fragment, and a Chopper's Cube Fragment for defeating Hakuba and his... buddies? Maybe not so much on that last one. After the fight Hakuba will revert to his normal form, that of the temperamental Cavendish, and he'll join the party as well, along with Law, who is apparently all better. You've got quite a crew, though the game will randomly choose two out of the three guests to participate in battles, rather than letting you have all three simultaneously. Boo.

Head south. There's a Yoisa Sign on your left, and if you look on your right you'll find some breakable walls. Beyond these - as well as another set of fragile rocks - you'll find a Yoisa Shop. Across from the shop is a chest containing TP Regen Jewelry, as well. This Yoisa is carrying many unique accessories:
  • Doeisa's Power
  • HP Auto Regen Jewelry
  • TP Auto Regen Jewelry
  • TP Cost Reduction Jewelry
  • Rebecca's Robe
  • Violet's Hairpin
All of them are worth purchasing, though if you have to make a choice between the items you should prioritize Doeisa's Power. ATK is more valuable in One Piece Odyssey than any other stat.

From this point the area opens up a bit, and you can find items of interest down a few different paths before heading to your destination in the south.
  • In the east you'll find a series of breakable walls. Plow through enough of them, down to the base of a bridge, and you'll find a spot for Chopper to pass through. On the other side is a chest containing Diamante's Mic. If you check the top of this bridge you'll find a chest containing five Gator Strawberries, and in the rubble of a home near the end of the bridge you'll find two Sanji's Cube Fragments and two Luffy's Cube Fragments.
  • Check along the rock walls to the south of the Yoisa Shop. There's a breakable rock formation here that will lead to another tunnel for Chopper. The other end drops you back down onto the battlefield, though if you check the ledge on your left first you'll find a chest containing five Smoke Scales.
  • There's a sunken blue building on the west side of the battlefield. Beside it is a crate containing a Yaya Cube.
  • Just north of where you're meant to trigger the next cut scene is a small side area on the east side of the battlefield, across a bridge of fallen concrete. You'll find a Super Burst Brew in a chest and two Luffy's Cube Fragments and two Zoro's Cube Fragments attached to a piece of rubble.
  • South of the spot where you're meant to trigger the next cut scene you'll find a pathway surrounded by breakable walls. Explore it to find a chest containing five Electric Scallops. Follow this path northeast and you'll find a little ledge overlooking the cut scene trigger point. Sitting on the ledge is a chest containing five Gator Melons.
Head to the cut scene point in the south of this area once you're done looking around. Past the weeping man is the next, more straightforward section of New Royal Plateau 2nd Level.

2nd Level - Destroyed City

Check the nearby chest for 250,000 Berries, then bash your way south. Aside from a few enemies and a save point along the eastern rock walls there's not much to see until you spot a yellow, sunken house. Atop the front of the house are three Chopper's Cube Fragments and two Franky's Cube Fragments, and if you bash your way to the left you'll find a small clearing with a chest. The chest contains 210,000 Berries.

Follow the twisting path until you see a save point to the east, on a lower level. Check the grassy ledges at your feet to find two Sanji's Cube Fragments and two Luffy's Cube Fragments, then descend to the lowest level and save. There's trouble ahead.


Weakness: Technique

Uh... that Shockwave Elbow hits pretty hard, right? Right? Yeah, sure. You've got six team members and Burgess can only hit them one-at-a-time. Easy peasy. You'll receive Burgess's Power, two Zoro's Cube Fragments, and three Franky's Cube Fragments for mauling Burgess. 

Check the rubble near the spot where you took down Burgess to find a chest containing 85,000 Berries, then head southeast to the exit. You're not far now.

Main Walkthrough