Location: Marineford
Petitioner: Cleaner Kevin
Reward: Ox Bell's Pendant, 125,000 Berries
Objective Reward: Shay-King Parfait

In order to trigger this Side Story you must first make your way to, and through, Marineford. Once you've completed the events of Marineford and made your way back to the real world you can return to the town that you never saw during your initial visit. Have Franky build a bridge to the west side of town - the crates, barrels, and pots on the east side will give you the materials you need - then look in Ox Bell Plaza, the ruined area in the far south.

Sitting in front of the Ox Bell is Cleaner Kevin, the man responsible for keeping it clean. Apparently a stray dog ran off with his cleaning cloth, and without it Kevin can't wipe down the bell. Surely he could just find another rag, but... okay. Chopper suggests speaking to the animals in the plaza to learn more.

This Side Story involves speaking to a number of animals via Chopper to locate the cloth. You'll find them in these areas:
  • First up is a cat. It's sitting in the northeast of Ox Bell Plaza. It points you to a fountain.
  • Next is the dog thief. It's by the fountain on the east side of South Town. Head north through Marineford until you reach an intersection to find the fountain. The dog handed the cloth off to a cat.
  • The cat lives on a cafe terrace overlooking the sea. Head north to North Town, up two flights of stairs, then turn left and go up two more flights of stairs. (Speak to the horse along the way for some interesting commentary on Sanji's eyebrows.) The cat is by a table at the top of the last flight of stairs, and it claims that the cloth went to its kittens - who were stolen by humans. Ugh.
  • Head to the east side of Marineford and you'll find the kitten thieves beside the bridge Franky built. Beat up the three Fur Smugglers waiting here.

The mother cat will give you a Dingy Cloth once you defeat the Fur Smugglers. It's not Kevin's old cloth, but... who gives a dang. Take the cloth to Kevin to end this silly, silly Side Story.