Main Walkthrough

Location: Marineford
Participants: Luffy, Chopper, Robin
Reward: Luffy, Chopper, and Robin's Bond Art, Evasion +20 Jewelry

In order to reach the Frayed Memory that triggers this Memory Link you first need to complete the main story events surrounding Marineford. Once that's done you can return to Marineford via Memoria and visit the actual town. Have Franky construct a bridge to the north of Marineford's entrance using materials from nearby containers, then make your way to Ox Bell Plaza, in the southwest of town. Down a small side path near the entrance to the plaza you'll find the Frayed Memory.

Part 1

Luffy, Chopper, and Robin will appear in Hysteria this time around. They'll spot the marines harrying one of their fellow sailors in the plaza, and she has the ring over her head. Run to her rescue and the encounter will raise some questions. The fight that follows is a bit tough for Luffy and Chopper, so let Robin do the heavy lifting.

The sailor will reveal herself as Eliza, an ally of the Revolutionary Army fighting against the World Government. She's here to receive intel from another spy named Wombat, and she's not interested in help from the Straw Hats. Puresue her north through Marineford. There are marines to whom you can speak along the way, though this will result in battles when they recognize the Straw Hats.

Head far enough north, into North Town, and you'll find another group of marines accosting Eliza. You'll need to take them out, like the others, which is tougher than previous battles... but still not difficult this late into the game. Luffy and Robin will have attacks that hit the entire field by now, allowing them to wipe out the marines within a few short turns. The group will get kicked out of Hysteria shortly after the battle ends.

Part 2

The second Frayed Memory is in North Town. Trek to the spot where you fought the marines to save Eliza and you'll find stairs. Climb them to find the Frayed Memory, two levels up and on your right. The team won't find Eliza nearby, though they will find her daggers back on the street.

Head north to the Gunpowder Storehouse, which is open in Hysteria, then east into Crumbled Ground. Eliza is again being menaced by marines, one of whom is her contact. What a jerk!

Wombat the Double Agent

  • Speed (Wombat the Double Agent, Sailor A)
  • Technique (Navy Officer)
  • Power (Sailors B, C, D) 
Oh, look, a group of marines led by a guy who is just like them but a bit stronger. Never seen that before. Your group's positioning will be the primary challenge here, though as before having Luffy and Robin use their AOE attacks (The Conqueror's Haki and Mil Fleurs Giantesco Mano Stomp) will make this battle really easy. Otherwise, just move through each group with area attacks and try not to pair the Straw Hats up with their weaknesses. Paralysis Bag can get annoying if Wombat uses it too often, so consider targeting him first.

The Straw Hats and Eliza will need to flee Marineford after the battle. Head south, though, and the group will get ambushed. Fortunately, this is where your new Bond Art, Gum-Gum Cuatro Jet Cross Shock Bazooka, kicks in. Have Luffy clear the field with The Conqueror's Haki, then use the Bond Art on the Navy Officer. The Memory Link will end shortly after you defeat the marines and give Eliza her chance to flee.