Main Walkthrough

Unlocked during your first trip to the Academy, the Victory Road Treasure Hunt is one of three primary quest lines in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Centering around Nemona's obsession to see you become a Champion, Victory Road will send you to eight Pokémon Gyms around Paldea to defeat Gym Leaders in combat. It's the lengthiest, most difficult of the Treasure Hunts, and the one that most closely resembles the Pokémon games of the past.

As with the other two Treasure Hunts, you can complete Victory Road in any order you like, so long as you can reach the gyms. There is a definite intended order for completing the gyms, however, determined by the level of the Pokémon you'll face in battle. This guide will provide some recommendations on which gyms you should tackle when, as well as links to more detailed articles. 

Regardless of which gym you enter first, there's a sequence of events that will trigger as you go through the gyms. You'll receive items, as well as conversations with various characters, as you make your way through each successive gym.

First Gym

The first gym you're recommended to take on is in Cortondo. It features Bug-type Pokémon, and is best tackled with Rock-, Flying-, or Fire-type Pokémon. Your team should be around level 13 before you try to take on this gym.

Nemona will be waiting in the first gym when you come knocking. She'll give you three Super Potions to help you with your first Gym Challenge.

Second Gym

The second gym you're recommended to take on is in Artazon. It features Grass-type Pokémon, and is best tackled with Fire-, Ice-, Flying-, Poison-, or Bug-type Pokémon. Your team should be around level 15 before you try to take on this gym.

Nemona will again be waiting when you enter your second gym. She'll give you three Ethers this time before taking off.

Third Gym

The third gym you're recommended to take on is in Levincia. It features Electric-type Pokémon, and is best tackled with Ground-type Pokémon. Your team should be around level 23 before you try to take on this gym.

You'll receive a challenge from Nemona in the middle of this Gym Challenge, just before you tackle the Gym Leader but after you complete the Gym Test. This time she's bringing out some of her higher-level Pokémon.

Pokémon Trainer Nemona

  • Rockruff, level 21
  • Pawmi, level 21
  • Floragato / Crocalor / Quaxwell, level 22
Reward: 1,320 P, 3 Full Heals

Nemona's tougher than your previous battles with her, though you should be a match for her by the time you're challenging your third Pokémon Gym.
  • Rockruff is a Rock-type. It can cause trouble with Rock Throw, but is otherwise a straightforward, easy-to-beat Pokémon. Water-, Grass-, Ground-, Steel-, and Fighting-type moves will take it down.
  • Pawmi is an Electric-type. It's speedy and can put on some hurt, but goes down easily. Ground-type moves are the way to go (ironic, since it uses Dig itself). Watch out for Static if you use physical attacks.
  • Last up is the starter Nemona chose at the beginning of the game. All three are fairly powerful, and will promptly Terastallize to max out their damage capacity. Still, you need only stick to their weaknesses to survive the fight. Your starter can handle their starter, and if they're not around a Pokémon of the same type as your Pokémon will do.
Fourth Gym

The fourth gym you're recommended to take on is in Cascarrafa. It features Water-type Pokemon, and is best tackled with Electric- or Grass-type Pokemon. Your team should be around level 28 before you take on this gym.

Nothing special happens when you enter the fourth gym, aside from some conversations in the lobby.

Fifth Gym

The fifth gym you're recommended to take on is in Medali. It features Normal-type Pokémon, and is best tackled with Fighting-type Pokémon. Your team should be around level 34 before you take on this gym.

Nothing special happens besides conversations before you take on your fifth Gym Challenge. Once you've defeated the Gym Leader, however, Nemona will appear to battle you again.

Pokémon Trainer Nemona
  • Lycanroc, level 36
  • Pawmo, level 36
  • Goomy, level 36
  • Meowscarada / Skeledirge / Quaquaval, level 37
Reward: 6,480 P, TM 171 Tera Blast

Nemona has for the most part stopped pulling her punches, and you'll find her team quite a bit stronger this time around. If you managed to beat five gyms, however, you should be more than prepared to win this battle.
  • Lycanroc has jumped up a few pegs in the world, and can now use Accelerock to gain a speed advantage over your team. Its weaknesses - Water-, Ground-, Grass-, Fighting, and Steel-type moves - are, however, the same as before.
  • Pawmo is stronger than Nemona's old Pawmi, but it's still an Electric-type. Its ability to paralyze you is its ost annoying attribute. Ground-type moves will do it in.
  • Goomy is a relatively weak Dragon-type Pokémon. Fairy-, Ice-, and Dragon-type moves will finish it off in a hurry.
  • Nemona's starter has evolved to its final, most dangerous form, and each possible starter now has a secondary type as well - though they will Terastallize into their original form. Your starter can, for the most part, still handle them.
Sixth Gym

The sixth gym you're recommended to take on is in Montenevera. It features Ghost-type Pokémon, and is best tackled with Ghost-, Dark-, and Normal-type Pokémon (though in that last case the Normal-type should have Ghost- or Dark-type moves). Your team should be around level 41 before you take on this gym. 

When you enter the sixth gym you'll run into Jacq. He'll ask you about your goals, then give you a Lucky Egg. This is a held item that will boost the experience gained by a Pokémon. Very handy.

Seventh Gym

The seventh gym you're recommended to take on is in Alfornada. It features Psychic-type Pokémon, and is best tackled with Dark- or Ghost-type Pokémon. Your team should be around level 43 before you take on this gym. 

When you enter the seventh gym you'll find Nemona waiting inside. She'll want to fight.

Pokémon Trainer Nemona
  • Lycanroc, level 42
  • Sliggoo, level 42
  • Pawmot, level 42
  • Meowscarada / Skeledirge / Quaquaval, level 42
Reward: 7,740 P, 3 Max Potions

This battle isn't much different than your last brawl with Nemona. If you've beaten her previously you can do it again here.
  • Lycanroc is more or less the same as before. A Water- or Grass-type move will wallop it.
  • Nemona's Goomy as evolved into a Sliggoo, which is more powerful, but... still a Dragon-type. Fairy-, Ice-, and Dragon-type moves work, though be careful not to deploy Fairy- or Dragon-types unless you know they're quick.
  • Pawmo has turned into Pawmot, an Electric- and Fighting-type with major speed. Ground- and Fairy-type moves are pretty useful here. Just be ready to be paralyzed with Thunder Wave.
  • Nemona's starter is the same as before, just a bit stronger, and with a new move that takes advantage of the Tera Type bonus when it Terastallizes. Your own starter still has the upper hand here, so long as it can move more quickly. Terastallizing should earn your starter an easy win.
Eighth Gym

The eighth gym you're recommended to take on is on Glaseado Mountain, the only one not found in a town or city. It features Ice-type Pokémon, and is best tackled with Fighting-, Fire-, Rock-, or Steel-type Pokémon . Your team should be around level 47 before you take on this gym.

Nothing special besides conversations take place once you enter the eighth gym. Completing it will point you towards your ultimate destination, however: The Pokémon League.

The Pokémon League

Defeating the eight Gym Leaders of Paldea will earn you to access the Pokémon League. Located through a tunnel in the northwest of Mesagoza, the Pokémon League will force you to complete a lengthy quiz, then defeat the Elite Four, then win a battle against Geeta, the Top Trainer of Paldea. The quiz only needs to be completed once, but you'll need to fight through the Elite Four and Geeta until you beat all five of them in a single go. Your team should be at a minimum of level 58 to fight the first member of the Elite Four, and will likely need to be in the 60s before you can beat the Top Champion.

Once you've defeated Geeta you'll officially be a Champion of the Paldea region. This doesn't bring an end to the Treasure Hunt, however, as you have one last trial to overcome: Nemona. She wants an all-out final battle, in the main plaza of Mesagoza. As soon as you enter the general vicinity of the plaza she'll challenge you to a fight.

Champion Nemona
  • Lycanroc, level 65
  • Goodra, level 65
  • Dudunsparce, level 65
  • Orthworm, level 65
  • Pawmot, level 65
  • Meowscarada / Skeledirge / Quaquaval, level 66
Your final storyline battle with Nemona is quite a bit more difficult. All of her Pokémon are now fully-evolved, and she has two new team members to boot. You'll have counters for most of her team by now, but potentially not all.
  • Rock-type Lycanroc has ditched its weaker moves, though it still primarily attacks with Rock-type attacks, as well as the Ground-type Drill Run. It can also use Stealth Rock, which will annoy your team for the entire match if it goes off. Lycanroc has poor defenses, so take it down with a Fighting-, Water-, Grass-, or Steel-type move before it can deploy Stealth Rock. 
  • Goodra remains a Dragon-type, but is much more dangerous than last time. It can use Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb, and Muddy Water, all to great effect. Goodra's Defense is poor, so physical moves of the Ice-, Dragon-, or Fairy-types are advisable. 
  • Dudunsparce is a Normal-type with good bulk and Attack, but otherwise so-so stats. It knows Hyper Drill, Drill Run, Dragon Rush, and Coil, and can make all of them hurt, but it doesn't have a ton of Speed. Get a swift Fighting-type up against it for a relatively quick win.
  • Orthworm is a Steel-type with a good Attack and an exceptional Defense, and... that's about it. Expect it to use Iron Tail, Body Press, Earthquake, or Rock Blast when attacking. Most Orthworm's stats are pretty poor, allowing you to wallop it with Special Attacks. Ground-type moves will heal Orthworm thanks to its Earth Eater Ability, so stick to Fighting- or Fire-type moves.
  • Pawmot is more or less the same as before, an Electric- and Fighting-type with high Speed and Attack but poor defenses. It knows Double Shock, Ice Punch, Quick Attack, and Close Combat, and will usually go first. Ground-types can be countered by Ice Punch, so you may want to go with a Fairy- or Psychic-type Pokémon instead.
  • Last up is Nemona's starter, which, as ever, Terastallizes itself when the fight begins. Each has a new move, but for the most part these fights will go the same as before. Your starter will be a decent counter.

Defeating Nemona will give you a nice, conclusive cut scene, and the Victory Road Treasure Hunt will end in rather spectacular fashion. Well done! You're one-third of the way closer to accessing the true end-game content of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet!