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Pokémon League Pokémon

  • Fidough - Grass
  • Garchomp - Mountains
  • Igglybuff - Grass
  • Magnezone - Mountains
  • Tandemaus - Grass

It has been a long road, but regardless of the path you took you've finally completed all eight Gym Challenges in the Paldea region. All that leaves is the Pokémon League, the final step towards becoming a Champion. If you have a team that's close to level 60 on average, if not higher, you're ready to take the leap.

Head back to Mesagoza after you've defeated eight Gym Leaders. If you check the northwest of the city you'll find a cave that leads to a short, grassy field with a few trainers to fight and some Pokémon to catch. There are much more powerful Pokémon if you climb the steep mountains on your right. Those diversions aside, you can run straight through to the Pokémon League to the northwest. Check behind the massive building for TM 132 Baton Pass, heal your team at the Pokémon Center, and head inside.

Champion Assessment

Before you can properly challenge the Pokémon League you need to do something befitting a student: Take a test. Rika will ask you a series of questions, and you need to answer them correctly to proceed to the fun part of the Pokémon League. This test will require some memory work, noted below. The following answers will get you through the Champion Assessment:

  1. Any answer
  2. Naranja Academy (Scarlet) / Uva Academy (Violet)
  3. I came to become a Champion
  4. Any answer - remember which one you chose
  5. Any answer - remember which one you chose
  6. The name of the Gym Leader of the gym you chose for question five (Cortondo - Katy, Artazon - Brassius, Levincia - Iono, Cascarrafa - Kofu, Medali - Larry, Montenevera - Ryme, Alfornada - Tulip, or Grusha - Glaseado)
  7. The type of the Gym Leader from question six (Katy - Bug, Brassius - Grass, Iono - Electric, Kofu - Water, Larry - Normal, Ryme - Ghost,Tulip - Psychic, or Grusha - Ice)
  8. The type of your starter (Sprigatito - Grass, Fuecoco - Fire, or Quaxly - Water)
  9. Your answer to question four
  10. Yes
If you answer any question with a definite answer incorrectly you'll be kicked out and will need to start over, so make sure you get them all right. Completing the quiz will allow you to proceed to the second phase of the Pokémon League: The Elite Test.

Elite Test

If you've played a Pokémon game before you should have an idea of what's next. In order to become a Champion you need to fight, and defeat, the Elite Four of Paldea. They will come at you one-at-a-time, and you'll need to beat all four - as well as a final trainer - before you can emerge truly victorious. In general your team should be level 57+ before you try to seriously tackle the Elite Test, and you should have plenty of restorative items.

As with previous Pokémon League challenges you can't leave until you've either beaten all five trainers or been defeated yourself. If you are beaten you'll need to start over from the first trainer. That said, thanks to the remote Box system of Scarlet and Violet, you can now change the Pokémon on your team between battles to better tackle the next member of the Elite Four. Handy.

All ready? Then, first up...

Rika of the Elite Four

  • Whiscash, level 57
  • Camerupt, level 57
  • Donphan, level 57
  • Dugtrio, level 57
  • Clodsire, level 58
Reward: 12,296 P

Thought you were done with her? Not quite. Rika's your first Elite Four opponent, and she's a strong start. A Ground-type trainer, Rika favors a strong offense with a slew of slow, but defensively tough, Pokémon. If you can't take one down in a single hit you might be in trouble. Grass-, Water-, and Ice-type moves are your best bets in this battle.
  • Rika's Wishcash is a Water- and Ground-type Pokémon that gains STAB damage with Muddy Water and Earth Power, and has Blizzard and Future Sight on the side. A Grass-type move will take it out pretty easily thanks to a four-times weakness.
  • Camerupt is a Fire- and Ground-type Pokémon that will either put your Pokémon to sleep with Yawn or demolish them with Earth Power, Flash Cannon, or Fire Blast. It is quite slow, thankfully, and has a four-times weakness to Water-type moves. Ground-type moves also work nicely.
  • Donphan is a Ground-type Pokémon with four painful moves in Earthquake, Stone Edge, Iron Head, and Poison Jab. It also has the Sturdy Ability, meaning it will almost always get at least one move off. A Water-type Pokémon will be safest against Donphan if you're going for weaknesses.
  • Dugtrio is a Groud-type Pokémon with Earthquake, Rock Slide, Sucker Punch, and Sandstorm under its belt. It's Rika's one fast Pokémon, though it doesn't hit as hard as the rest. Dugtrio becomes more evasive in its Sandstorm thanks to its Ability Sand Veil, but is nevertheless less of a threat than the rest of the team. Water- and Grass-types will do well here.
  • Clodsire is Rika's final Pokémon, and will Terastallize into a Ground-type on its first turn. Earthquake is its killer move, though it can also batter you with Liquidation, as well as prove a nuisance with Toxic and Protect. Clodsire has the Water Absorb Ability, making Water-type moves worse than useless, so stick to Grass- and Ice-type moves.

Poppy of the Elite Four
  • Copperajah, level 58
  • Magnezone, level 58
  • Bronzong, level 58
  • Corviknight, level 58
  • Tinkaton, level 59
Reward: 12,508 P

Second on your hit-list is Poppy, the Steel-type member of the Elite Four. Similar to Rika her Pokémon are on the slow side, but they're defensively quite powerful, and overall tough to take down. Fire-, Fighting-, and Ground-type moves will fare best in this battle.

  • Copperajah is an absolute powerhouse Steel-type with High Horsepower, Play Rough, and Heavy Slam, and it can annoy your team for the entire battle by setting up Stealth Rock. Take it out quickly with Special Attack Fire-, Fighting-, or Ground-type moves.
  • Magnezone is an Electric- and Steel-type that can hit quite hard with Discharge, Flash Cannon, and Tri Attack, and often sets up Light Screen to deaden your Special Attacks for a few rounds. Ground-type attacks are your best bet, though bear in mind that Magnezone has the Sturdy Ability and won't go down in a single hit.
  • Bronzong is a Steel- and Psychic-type Pokémon that knows Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Rock Blast, and Earthquake. All are painful, but Bronzong doesn't quite have the stats to make the most of its attacks. Bronzong has the Levitate Ability which negates Ground-type moves, and its Psychic-typing dulls the effects of Fighting-type moves, so Fire-type moves are your best bet. Ghost- and Dark-type moves are good as well.
  • Corviknight is a Flying- and Steel-type Pokémon. It typically uses Brave Bird to do its damage, though you may also see Iron Head and Body Press, as well as the occasional Iron Defense to boost its durability. Fire- and Electric-type moves will bring it down without too much trouble.
  • Last is Tinkaton, a Fairy- and Steel-type that will Terastallize into a Steel-type. It can easily OHKO your Pokémon with its signature move Gigaton Hammer, and will use Play Rough, Brick Break, and Stone Edge on the turns where it can't use Gigaton Hammer. Fire-, Ground-, and Fighting-type moves all work well here.

Larry of the Elite Four

  • Tropius, level 59
  • Oricorio, level 59
  • Altaria, level 59
  • Staraptor, level 59
  • Flamigo, level 60
Reward: 12,720 P

Larry's back for another go at you, though this time he's got a full team of Flying-type Pokémon. Unlike the teams you've fought so far in the Elite Four Larry's team is on the faster side, and will often get to go first depending on what you deploy. You'll find Electric-, Ice-, and Rock-type moves to be of greatest use in this fight.
  • Tropius is a Grass- and Flying-type Pokémon. It uses Air Slash and Dragon Pulse for decent damage, and can set up Sunny Day for the single-turn use of Solar Beam. Sunny Day will also make Tropius faster thanks to its Ability, Chlorophyll. An Ice-type move will wipe out Tropius immediately. Fire-, Poison-, and Rock-type moves are good backups.
  • Oricorio is an Electric- and Flying-type Pokémon. It knows Air Slash, Teeter Dance, and Icy Wind, but will do most of its damage with the Electric-type move Revelation Dance. Oricorio doesn't have the stats to dish out a ton of pain, but you should still be cautious. Ice- and Rock-type moves will wipe it out.
  • Altaria is a Dragon- and Flying-type Pokémon. It has four powerful moves in Moonblast, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, and Ice Beam, but mercifully only has an average Speed stat. An Ice-type move of your own will wipe it out quite easily. Rock-, Fairy- and Dragon-type moves will also work, though not as well.
  • Staraptor is a Normal- and Flying-type Pokémon. It knows Brave Bird and Close Combat, and can follow up those two brutal moves with Facade and Thief. Staraptor is fast enough and strong enough to prove a real threat, so deploy something that can weather its first attack and take advantage of its frail form. Electric-, Ice-, and Rock-type moves will all wipe Staraptor out if they land.
  • Flamigo is Larry's final Pokémon, and transforms into a pure Flying-type when Terastallized. It knows Brave Bird, Close Combat, Throat Chop, and Liquidation, all of which are very painful. This battle is similar to the fight with Staraptor, though Flamigo is a little more durable in exchange for being a bit slower. Electric-, Ice-, and Rock-type Pokémon are still the way to go.

Hassel of the Elite Four
  • Noivern, level 60
  • Haxorus, level 60
  • Dragalge, level 60
  • Flapple, level 60
  • Baxcalibur, level 61

Reward: 12,932 P

Hassel's been eager to battle you for a while now, and he doesn't disappoint as a competitor. A Dragon-type trainer, Hassel's cultivated a team of Pokémon loaded down with powerful attacks, and most of them can counter Dragon-type weaknesses. Ice-, Fairy-, and Dragon-type moves all do well in this battle.

  • Noivern is a Flying- and Dragon-type Pokémon. It's one of the fastest Pokémon you'll fight while tackling the Elite Four, and can batter you with Air Slash, Super Fang, Dragon Pulse, and Hyper Voice. Fortunately, a single Ice-type move is usually enough to wipe out Noivern.
  • Haxorus is a pure Dragon-type Pokémon, and it has power to spare. Haxorus knows Dragon Claw, Crunch, Iron Head, and Rock Tomb, meaning that no Dragon-type counter you deploy will be safe. A Steel-type with a strong Ice-, Fairy-, or Dragon-type move can weather all of these attacks if you're not confident in your attacker's speed.
  • Dragalge is a Poison- and Dragon-type Pokémon. It knows Sludge Bomb, Hydro Pump, Thunder Bolt, and Dragon Pulse, all of which are quite painful. Ground-, Psychic-, Dragon-, and Ice-type moves all work well, though beware Dragalge's high Special Defense stat. Its Defense stat is slower, though striking with normal Attack moves may result in your Pokémon being poisoned, so... basically, even if you manage to OHKO Dragalge, you probably won't get out of this skirmish unscathed.
  • Flapple is a Grass- and Dragon-type Pokémon. It knows Dragon Rush, Aerial Ace, and Seed Bomb as offensive moves, and can steal health away with Leech Seed. Flapple can hit quite hard, but it doesn't have the speed or durability to be a huge threat. One Ice-type move will wipe it out.
  • Baxcalibur is a Dragon- and Ice-type Pokémon that will Terastallize into a Dragon-type. It knows Icicle Crash, Brick Break, and Glaive Rush, and all three can absolutely rip into your team, especially Glaive Rush. If you're lucky enough to have a Fairy-type on your team then this is the battle to use it. Otherwise, just take advantage of Baxcalibur's so-so defenses and try to end the fight in one hit with a Fairy-, Dragon-, or Ice-type move. Baxcalibur is dangerous enough that you may want to use a status ailment like paralysis to deaden the threat, though keep in mind that its Ability, Thermal Exchange, prevents you from inflicting burn status.
Defeating the Elite Four is, of course, not enough on its own, and you'll have one more battle on your hands before you become a Champion. (Fortunately, Rika is nice enough to heal your team before the fight.)

Top Champion Geeta

  • Espathra, level 61
  • Gogoat, level 61
  • Veluza, level 61
  • Avalugg, level 61
  • Kingambit, level 61
  • Glimmora, level 62

Reward: 14,880 P

Is it any surprise that Geeta is your final adversary? Packing a team of six Pokémon - none of whom follow a theme, unlike the members of the Elite Four - Geeta is a threat, though you may not find her quite as difficult as some of the members of the Elite Four, depending on your team. You'll need a wide range of strong moves, and some well-trained Pokémon, to get through this battle.

  • First up is Espathra, a Psychic-type Pokémon. In addition to Lumina Crash, which hits hard and can lower your Pokémon's Special Defense, Espathra knows Dazzling Gleam, Quick Attack, and Reflect. Espathra is quite frail, but its speed will allow it to hit your team quite hard. Steel-type Pokémon can weather the storm pretty easily and defeat Espathra with Dark- or Ghost-type moves.
  • Gogoat is a Grass-type Pokémon. It knows Horn Leech, Zen Headbutt, Play Rough, and Bulk Up. Gogoat hits hard and has plenty of health, but its defenses are poor and Grass-types have a lot of weaknesses (Fire, Ice, Bug, Flying, and Poison). This one shouldn't give you too much trouble.
  • Veluza is a Water- and Psychic-type Pokémon. It knows Aqua Jet, Liquidation, Psycho Cut, and Ice Fang, all of which are quite powerful - however, unless Veluza uses Aqua Jet, it will typically go second on any given round. Grass-, Electric-, Dark-, Fairy-, and Ghost-type moves will all fry this fish pretty quickly.
  • Avalugg is an Ice-type Pokémon. It knows Avalanche, Crunch, Earthquake, and Body Press, and its extreme offensive stats allow it to take full advantage of those moves. Avalugg has a pitiful Special Defense, however, and its Speed is equally poor. Use Special Attack Fire-, Fighting-, Steel-, or Rock-type moves to wipe Avalugg out.
  • Kingambit is a Dark- and Steel-type Pokémon. It knows Iron Head, Kowtow Cleave, Zen Headbutt, and Stone Edge. Its Ability, Supreme Overlord, will give it Attack and Special Attack boosts based on all of its comrades that you've aleady defeated, and if given the chance to attack Kingambit will wipe the floor with your team. Alas, it's similar to Avalugg in that it is slow and doesn't have an amazing Special Defense, and Kingambit has a four-times weakness to Fighting-type moves to boot. Barring that, you can also use Ground- and Fire-type moves to take it out.
  • Glimmora is a Rock- and Poison-type Pokémon that will Terastallize into a Rock-type Pokémon once the fight starts. It knows Tera Blast, which will turn into a Rock-type move, as well as Sludge Wave, Earth Power, and Dazzling Gleam. Glimmora also has the Ability Toxic Debris, which will essentially use the move Toxic Spikes whenever you hit it with a physical move. Much more dangerous-looking than it appears thanks to its high Special Attack stat, Glimmora is otherwise a pretty average Pokémon. Water-, Grass-, Ground-, and Fighting-type moves can all OHKO this thing so long as you get the first attack. 

If you manage to beat Geeta, then, congratulations! You are now officially a Champion of Paldea. You still have one battle left to go before you complete the Victory Road Treasure Hunt, however...

Main Walkthrough