Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 54+

Recommended Pokémon Types: Psychic, Flying, Fairy

Likely the last of the Team Star Bases that you'll tackle in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the Fighting Crew's Base is also, by a decent margin, the most difficult to reach. Located on the northern end of the most remote area in Paldea, the Fighting Crew's Base is more or less designed to be the last place you go in the game, period, before taking on any of the end-game content. You'll need to do a lot of journeying before you're truly ready to finish off Team Star.

The home of the Caph Squad is located on the north end of North Province (Area Two). Though this region looks relatively close to East Province (Area Three) on the map, North Province (Area Two) is walled off by steep cliffs, many of which cannot be climbed. If you plan to go here without your mount being able to scale walls you'll need to travel to Glaseado Mountain, over to North Province (Area One), and then southeast to your destination.

Upon approaching the front of the base you'll run into Eri, the team's leader, who apparently puts herself in charge of guard duty. One of her Grunts will jump in, however, and you'll need to put off facing the boss.

Carmen of Team Star

  • Croagunk, level 54
  • Primeape, level 54
Reward: 2,860 P

Despite being a named opponent, Carmen is no more difficult than the average Team Star Grunt. Croagunk falls easily to Psychic-type moves, while Primeape goes down to any Fighting-type weakness (Psychic, Flying, or Fairy). Just make sure you take out Primeape quickly, as it can use Close Combat, a move that really hurts.

Take out Carmen and you'll have a free path into the base.

Star Barrage - Caph Squad

The most difficult of the Star Barrages, fighting the Caph Squad is nevertheless the same as the others, and relies on you having the right Pokémon types and some decently-high levels. Of more concern to you might be the layout, as this base is a long, winding corridor to the end, and early on it appears as though you'll be fighting occasional, strong opponents. This changes as you close in on the end, and you'll have more numerous, weaker Pokémon to fight the closer you get to the end of the course. Don't worry about missing any, you'll be fine.

The Pokémon you'll run into in the Fighting Crew's Base are as follows:

  • Breloom (Grass- and Fighting-type)
  • Crabominable  (Fighting- and Ice-type)
  • Falinks (Fighting-type)
  • Flamigo (Flying- and Fighting-type)
  • Gallade (Psychic- and Fighting-type)
  • Hariyama (Fighting-type)
  • Hawlucha (Fighting- and Flying-type)
  • Heracross (Bug- and Fighting-type)
  • Mankey (Fighting-type)
  • Medicham (Fighting- and Psychic-type)
  • Passimian (Fighting-type)
  • Primeape (Fighting-type)
  • Toxicroak (Poison- and Fighting-type)

Defeat thirty of these Pokémon in ten minutes and you'll get the fight you missed out on earlier.

Eri of Team Star

  • Toxicroak, level 55
  • Passimian, level 55
  • Lucario, level 55
  • Annihilape, level 56
  • Caph Starmobile, level 55
Reward: TM 167 Close Combat

Eri is pretty easily the most difficult of the five Team Star bosses, and her team can decimate yours if you aren't careful. Her four Pokémon all have powerful moves, many of which will counter your Fighting-type exploits, and even if you beat them you'll still need to deal with the Starmobile at the end.

Fortunately, you should have the tools you need to take out each Pokémon by now. 
  • Toxicroak is very weak to Psychic-type moves, and only has Sucker Punch as a counter. Send in something fast. 
  • Passimian has no counters for Psychic- or Fairy-type Pokémon, so unless you only have Flying-types you should be okay. 
  • Lucario is the major outlier, given its typing, and is best handled with a Fighting-, Ground-, or Fire-type move. Fairy-types are pretty safe against it. 
  • Last is Annihilape, a Fighting- and Ghost-type with many counters - none of which can adequately handle Fairy-types. Still, it can hit very hard, so you may want to use a move that will lower its Attack stat.
Take out the four Pokémon and Eri's Starmobile will step up. It knows Combat Torque, a Fighting-type move, as well as Spin Out and High Horsepower. Flying-types are your best bet against this thing, as they will completely avoid High Horsepower and can take advantage of the Starmobile's Fighting-type disadvantage. Keep in mind that the Starmobile's Stamina Ability will raise its Defense whenever it gets hit, so you may want to stick to Special Defense moves if you can.

Defeat Eri and you'll earn a Star Badge, as well as a powerful TM. You'll also receive another visit from Penny, who will bring you more Materials and unlock more TM recipes. (Though if this is your final Team Star Base, things go quite differently from normal.) You can now explore the Fighitng Crew's Base and pick up their many items:
  • If you climb along the cliffs from the entrance you'll find a number of items. Most prominent is TM 064 Bulk Up, located just beyond the first waterfall you cross.
  • Continue along the cliffs and they will start to break away from the path. If you keep checking them you'll find a Zinc, a Rare Bone, TM 043 Fling, and TM 126 Thunderbolt. TM 126 is down a series of rocky steps near the end of the cliff paths, and is easy to miss.
  • On the edges of the final area, behind the tents where you fought Eri, you'll find a Rare Candy and a Fighting Tera Shard

Main Walkthrough