Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 47+

Recommended Pokémon Types: Fire, Steel, Rock, Fighting

If you've been following the Victory Road Treasure Hunt by order of level, your final destination will be the Glaseado Gym. A solitary location located on Glaseado Mountain, the Glaseado Gym is the only Pokémon Gym not located within a town. Its arena is Glaseado Mountain itself, which is fitting for a Gym Leader who loves the outdoors. (Or... used to. This guy is a bit dour.)

Reaching the Glaseado Gym requires making a trip to Glaseado Mountain, located in the north of Paldea. Either the northeastern road out of Medali or the northwestern route through the Dalizapa Passage will put you at the foot of the mountain. In either case you should see the Glaseado Gym up the mountain, and climbing your way to the northeast will put you right near it. There's very little to see outside beside a Pokémon Center on a higher slope, so head into the gym.

Gym Challenge

In order to face the Gym Leader you need to complete the Snow Slope Run. To do this you need to ride a Pokémon down Glaseado Mountain. Register, then head up to the Pokémon Center. The gym's rep will be standing up here, and he will explain that you need to ride a Pokémon (your mount, of course) down to a finish line within a set amount of time - in this case, 1:30.

The Snow Slope Run is quite easy. On your way down you'll see a series of rainbow-colored brackets to the left and right of your course. Each time you miss one of these brackets a bit of time will be added to your overall run time, and if you miss enough of them you will fail. Simply steer through each of the brackets and you will easily make it to the bottom on time. Missing a few along the way isn't a big deal so long as you don't miss too many.

Head back down into the gym and you can speak to the rep to complete the Gym Challenge. That only leaves one thing left to do...

Gym Leader Grusha

  • Frosmoth, level 47
  • Beartic, level 47
  • Cetitan, level 47
  • Altaria, level 48
Reward: 8,640 P, TM 124 Ice Spinner

The most powerful of Paldea's Gym Leaders, Grusha doesn't mess around. His team of Ice-type Pokémon are quite powerful, and they're outfitted with counters that will allow them to stop you from exploiting their weaknesses. You'll need some strong Pokémon to get through here.
  • First is Frosmoth, an Ice- and Bug-type Pokémon. Frosmoth is a bit of a glass cannon, capable of dishing out hard hits but unable to take them. A Fire-type Pokémon can take its attacks and destroy it in one hit with a Fire-type move.
  • Next is Beartic, an Ice-type Pokémon. Beartic can counter several Pokémon with Aqua Jet and Earthquake, but it's susceptible to Fighting-type moves without putting your own Pokémon in a ton of danger. Something fast and strong will prevail against Beartic.
  • Third is Cetitan, another pure Ice-type Pokémon. Cetitan has the Ability Thick Fat, partially protecting it from Fire-type moves, though its moveset is somewhat lacking in variety. Fighting- and Steel-type Pokémon do nicely here.
  • Last is Altaria, a Dragon- and Flying-type Pokémon. Altaria will Terastallize into an Ice-type, and it has a terrifying array of powerful moves (Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Moonblast, and Hurricane) for demolishing your Pokémon. Fortunately, none of those moves are great against Steel-types. If you can't outrun Altaria, putting a Steel-type up front will help you survive the battle.

Defeating Grusha will earn you a Gym Badge, as well as a TM. If this is your eighth and final gym then you can catch Pokémon of any level from this point on, and they will obey your every command. Making this your final gym also means that you can now challenge the Pokémon League, just outside Mesagoza. If it isn't, well... back to the grind.

Main Walkthrough