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Recommended Level: 23+

Recommended Pokémon Types: Ground

The third Pokémon Gym that you should tackle in terms of level progression, the Levincia Gym is electrically-charged and painful to beginners. Located on the east coast of Paldea, the Levincia Gym is nestled in the city of the same name, and you'll need to do a fair amount of walking from your starting in Mesagoza to get there.

Levincia is located on the east side of Paldea, on the edge of East Province (Area Two). To reach it you'll need to travel east of Mesagoza to South Province (Area One), through the town of Artazon, and then north through East Province (Area One). There's a Team Star Base along the way that will halt your progress if you go by road, though you can skip battling Team Star by using the shallows on the coastline of East Province to reach Levincia.

Levincia isn't an enormous town, despite its big-city sheen, but there's still a decent amount to see and do before you head to the Pokémon Gym.

  • First off, Levincia is jammed with stores. Most of them sell you clothing items, though there are a few shops that serve a more practical purpose as well.
  • Northeast down the street from the southern Pokémon Center and on your right, near some vending machines, is TM 123 Surf. If you carry on down the alleys to the northeast they'll bring you to a Go-For-Broke Grill, and across from it is TM 113 Tailwind.
  • There's a small park in the north of the lower section of Levincia where you can find a pair of Wise Glasses. Also here is a woman who will tell you if your Pokémon have put in a maximum amount of effort (in other words, if they've maxed out their EVs).
  • There's a Rare Candy in the northeast corner of the lower section of Levincia. It's sitting by some umbrellas and deck chairs, looking out at a row of skyscrapers.
  • Check behind the palm tree across the street from the Pokémon Center and you'll find TM 015 Struggle Bug.
  • There are docks you can check out beneath the giant Poké Ball-shaped pathway in the middle of Levincia. Go down the stairs on the south side and you'll find TM 075 Light Screen. Go down the stairs on the north side and you'll find TM 136 Electric Terrain.
  • Off to the east of the city is a row of skyscrapers. There are a number of items here, though the best among them are the PP UP beneath the bridge to the skyscrapers, the Thunder Stone that's sitting by the trees behind the central skyscraper, and TM 074 Reflect, sitting behind a light on the south end of the skyscrapers.
  • There's a balcony overlooking the sea on the east side of Levincia's northern section. TM 161 Trick Room is sitting behind the middle palm tree on this platform.
  • There's a thin pathway behind the buildings in the northwest of Levincia, near the northern Pokémon Center. An Electric Tera Shard is sitting along this pathway.
  • If you leave Levincia get onto a nearby cliff, and glide back in on your mount, you can land on the rooftops of the western buildings. On one of them is a Star Piece.

That's all for Levincia. Time to head to the Pokémon Gym. It's on the south end of the city.

Gym Challenge

Head to the gym and register. On your way out you'll immediately be thrown into the middle of the streams of Iono, the Gym Leader, who happens to be a popular influencer. She wants you to use the security cameras of Levincia to hunt down Clavell in a game of hide-and-seek. You'll be given three security feeds, and you need to point out Clavell. He's in the following places:

  • In the first feed Clavell's sitting at a table to the right, with an umbrella.
  • In the second feed he's on the left, at the counter of the Pokémon Center.
  • In the third feed he's on the right again, sitting in a boat on the edge of the battle arena.
Between bouts of hide-and-seek you also need to battle Gym Trainers, who will give you an idea of what Iono has in store at the end of the challenge.

Gym Trainer Marti
  • Luxio, level 22
Reward: 3,080 P

Luxio is a straight Electric-type, and will use Spark on you. No big deal. A Ground-type will do.

Gym Trainer Michael
  • Tynamo, level 22
  • Flaaffy, level 22
Reward: 3,080 P

Tynamo has the Levitate Ability, so Ground-type moves won't work, but it should go down easily regardless. Flaaffy is a more straightforward Electric-type, and Ground-type moves will work against it.

Once you've found Clavell three times and beaten two of Iono's cronies you can reenter the Pokémon Gym and challenge the stream star personally. En garde!

Gym Leader Iono
  • Wattrel, level 23
  • Bellibolt, level 23
  • Luxio, level 23
  • Mismagius, level 24
Reward: 4,320 P, TM 048 Volt Switch

Filled to the brim with Electric-types, Iono's team is pretty tough if you aren't prepared. Despite all of them having Electric-type moves they also have some options for dealing with Ground-types, and will bust them out if you dare to end out a Ground-type Pokémon. Deploy your team thoughtfully here.
  • Wattrel is immune to Ground-type moves thanks to its Flying-type advantage, and it will use Spark, Pluck, and the occasional Quick Attack on you. A Rock-type move will take it out quickly.
  • Bellibolt knows both Spark and Water Gun, and will use Water Gun to punish your Ground-types. Ground-type moves are still your best option, so long as you can reliably defeat it in one hit. Its Ability, Electromorphosis, will buff its next move to rather painful levels if it takes non-lethal damage.
  • Luxio is a swift, but pretty standard, Electric-type, and it knows both Spark and Bite. Ground-types are largely safe here.
  • Last is Mismagius, a Ghost-type that will Terastallize into an Electric-type at the beginning of the fight. It will start off with Confuse Roy to befuddle your Pokémon, then follow up with Charge Beam to blow holes in your team, with Hex as a backup. Mismagius has Levitate, making Ground-type move useless, but a Ground-type Pokémon will be protected from Charge Beam. Either use a move that will get rid of the effects of Levitate and make Mismagius susceptible to Ground-type moves, or just chip away at it with neutral attacks.

Defeating Iono will earn you another Gym Badge (your third?) as well as a nice TM for your troubles. On to the next!

Main Walkthrough