Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 25+

Recommended Pokémon Types: Ground, Water, Rock, maybe Fighting (see below)

The second Team Star HQ that you should consider tackling in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, given the levels of the Pokémon within, the Fire Crew Base is staffed with, well, Fire-type Pokémon. You'll have a tough time getting through here if your team isn't outfitted with a full complement of fire-snuffing brawlers, and this is especially true when you try to take on the base's boss.

The Fire Crew Base is located just outside Artazon, in the southeast of Paldea. Leave Artazon and follow the main path as it winds north, past a Pokémon Center on the edge of East Province (Area One). Not long after you pass by the Pokémon Center you'll find the road leading north blocked by Team Star cronies. The entrance to the base is along the cliffs a short trek south of the blockade, and when you enter this area you'll trigger a cut scene with the usual Starfall Street players.

Upon approaching the front of the base a member of Team Star's Schedar Squad will challenge you to a battle.

Team Star Grunt

  • Houndour, level 25
Reward: 1,300 P

No big deal. Houndour can be thwomped pretty easily by attacking its Fire-typing, and if you can beat it you can handle the rest of the base.

Once some shenanigans with Clive are settled Cassiopeia will explain the situation, and you'll be ready to take on the base. Assemble your team so your best Fire-type counters are in the first three slots of your team, then approach the front gate and head inside.

Star Barrage - Schedar Squad

The Star Barrage here works the same as it does in other Team Star Bases. The Grunts of Team Star will send a legion of Pokémon at you, and you need to send out your first three Pokémon to take down thirty of them before a ten minute timer runs out. Toss out your Pokémon with the R button and they will autobattle their way through waves of enemy Pokémon. Speak to Clive near the entrance to restore your team to full health if they start to waver. There are also vending machines throughout the base that can restore your team's health.

You'll face the following Pokémon while in the base:

  • Growlithe (Fire-type)
  • Houndour (Dark- and Fire-type)
  • Litleo (Fire- and Normal-type)
  • Numel (Fire- and Ground-type)
  • Torkoal (Fire-type)
If you have Ground-, Water-, and / or Rock-types representing your team you should be able to mow through the competition with relative ease, even if they're level 25 or a little below. Fighting-types can also make short work of Houndour and Litleo, though they may struggle against the rest of Team Star's Pokémon. Any other Pokémon you deploy should be closer to level 30 since they won't have a type advantage.

Take out thirty Pokémon and the boss of the Schedar Squad, Mela, will come out to challenge you. (Nice boots.)

Mela of Team Star

  • Torkoal, level 27
  • Schedar Starmobile / Revavroom, level 26
Reward: 5,000 LPTM038 Flame Charge

Mela isn't too difficult if you managed to get this far into her base. Her sole Pokémon, Torkoal, will pelt you with Flame Wheel over and over until you take it down. Fire-type counters will wipe it out. The Schedar Starmobile Mela's riding on is effectively a Fire-type in its own right, and will use Overheat to dish out substantial amounts of damage... while greatly reducing its own attack power with each attack. It will also use Screech to lower your defenses and Blazing Torque to inflict attack damage. The Starmobile's Speed rises each turn, so you'll seldom get to go first.

Though any Fire-type counter can carry this fight, a Rock-type is recommended. Not only do Rock-type moves to quite a number of the Starmobile, Rock-typing will protect your Pokémon against Fire-type moves and raise its defence so much that the Blazing Torque / Screech combo will prove quite ineffective. You can then pummel the decked-out transport at your leisure.

You'll earn a TM and the Star Badge for beating Mela, and Penny will give you a fistful of Materials for crafting new TMs. Speaking of TMs, you'll unlock more recipes for TMs at TM Machines throughout Paldea. Score. You can also go back into the base to find a few items:
  • There's a Fire Tera Shard against the rock walls on the west side of the base
  • TM 008 Fire Fang is sitting behind the largest tent on the south side of the base
  • Check behind a tent on the east side of the base, up some ramps and scaffolding, for a Nugget

Main Walkthrough