Main Walkthrough

Situated on the eastern coast of Paldea, East Province (Area One) consists almost entirely of verdant green fields. You can see your destinations from a mile away, making navigation pretty simple - unless, of course, you're trying to track down specific items. They're lost in a sea of green. Have fun! (Don't worry, this is a fairly straightforward place to explore.)

East Province (Area One) is located to the east of Artazon, and links up in several places to South Province (Area Two). We'll explore East Province (Area One) starting from the Pokémon Center on the east side of Artazon.

East Province (Area One) Pokémon
  • Buizel - Beach near the watchtower
  • Chewtle - Near water sources
  • Corvisquire - Near Artazon
  • Crabrawler - Beach near the watchtower
  • Cyclizar - Along the path between Artazon and East Province (Area Two)
  • Deerling - Cliffs east of Artazon
  • Drifloon - South of Artazon
  • Dunsparce - Cliffs east of Artazon
  • Finizen - Beach near the watchtower
  • Flabébé - Near Artazon (Terastillized)
  • Gyarados - Beach near the watchtower
  • Hoppip - Cliffs east of Artazon
  • Komala - Near Artazon
  • Lechonk - Near Artazon
  • Litleo - Cliffs east of Artazon
  • Magikarp - Beach near the watchtower
  • Mareanie - Beach near the watchtower
  • Marrill - Near water sources
  • Murkrow - Near Artazon (possibly at night only)
  • Nacli - Near Artazon
  • Oinkologne - Near Artazon
  • Oricorio (Baile Style) - Near Artazon
  • Paldean Tauros - Along the path out of Artazon
  • Pawmi - Cliffs east of Artazon
  • Pikachu - Near Artazon
  • Psyduck - Along the path between Artazon and East Province (Area Two)
  • Rookidee - Near Artazon
  • Sandygast - Beach near the watchtower
  • Shuppet - South of Artazon
  • Shroodle - Cliffs east of Artazon
  • Skidoo - Near Artazon
  • Skiploom - Cliffs east of Artazon
  • Spidops - Along the path out of Artazon
  • Squawkabilly - Near Artazon
  • Steenee - Near Artazon
  • Tadbulb - Near water sources
  • Tandemaus - South of Artazon
  • Tarountula - Along the path out of Artazon
  • Teddiursa - Near Artazon
  • Toedscool - Cliffs east of Artazon, near the watchtower
  • Toxapex - Beach near the watchtower (Terastallized)
  • Venonat - Near Artazon
  • Wattrel - Beach near the watchtower

Areas of Interest
  • If you look southwest of Artazon you'll find a path to South Province (Area Five), which leads all the way back to the midway point of South Province (Area Three).
  • Check the cliffs east of Artazon to find a Tera Raid Crystal. There are plenty of good Pokémon out this way.
  • Northeast of Artazon is the watchtower for the region. Not far from the watchtower you can drop down the eastern cliffs to access lower areas, including a small beach. There are different Pokémon to catch along the waterfront, and if you wade through the shallows far enough north you'll wind up in East Province (Area Two), and not far from Levincia, home to one of the gyms that are part of the Victory Road Treasure Hunt.
  • If you follow the path out of Artazon you'll soon reach a Pokémon Center. The Pokémon League rep here will give you Loaded Dice if you defeat five trainers in the region.
  • West of the Pokémon Center and a little ways off the path you'll find the entrance to the Fire Crew Base, one of Team Star's five bases and part of the Starfall Street Treasure Hunt. Team Star has the main road blocked, and if you want to use it you need to take out this base first.
  • That said, you do not need to use the main road to reach East Province (Area Two). If you'd rather not tackle the Team Star base you can either go down to the beach and wade across the shallows, or perform a dashing leap over the river that separates the two areas with your mount.

Items and NPCs of Note
  • Travel south of Artazon and you'll find several items against the rock wall, including a Rare Bone and an HP Up.
  • If you travel along the main road, past the Pokémon Center near Artazon, you'll find TM 050 Rain Dance snugged up against a cliff wall shortly before you run into the Team Star base.
  • Southeast of Artazon is a tree sitting by itself in the grass. At its base is TM 137 Grassy Terrain.
  • Travel east of the path out of Artazon when it swings north. At the top of a hill you'll find TM 009 Thunder Fang. Look southeast of here, a ways down the hill, to find TM 037 Draining Kiss.
  • Just south of the Tera Raid Crystal that's sitting near the cliffs east of Artazon you'll find a Protein. North of the Tera Raid Crystal, on a ledge just below the lip of the cliffs, you'll find TM 040 Air Cutter.
  • South of the watchtower is a Max Ether, sitting near a trainer and against a rock. East of the tower is a PP Up, near another trainer. Sitting at the base of the watchtower is a Rare Candy, and there's another Rare Candy at the top of the tower, behind a Gimmighoul. If you drop through the hole in the top level of the tower down to the lower floor you'll find TM 113 Tailwind.
  • Southeast of the watchtower there are a series of paths nestled against the cliffs. To the north you'll find a Rare Bone near a pair of trainers. South along them you'll find a Pearl String and TM 030 Snarl, both near a tree.
  • Wander down to the beach from the cliffs and head north. As you wade through the shallows to the north you'll find TM 053 Smart Strike, not far from the border between Area One and Area Two.
  • Once Team Star has been cleared out of your way you can access the northernmost sections of East Province (Area One). Head northwest and you'll find a spacious dead-end with a trainer to fight, as well as a Nugget and TM 026 Poison Tail. North of here is a field with several more trainers and items, including a Rare Bone and a Max Ether.


Salvador the Janitor
  • Mareanie, level 17
Location: Along the path leading out of Artazon
Reward: 1,564 P

Could poison you. That's the bulk of the threats. Ground-, Psychic-, and Electric-type moves will do in Mareanie.

Eleonor the Cook
  • Slowpoke, level 17
Location: Along the path leading to the Pokémon Center
Reward: 1,700 P

Somewhat tough, but as the name implies, slow. Hit Slowpoke with one of its many weaknesses for an easy win.

Cabbie Pablo
  • Squawkabilly, level 18
Location: Along the cliffs to the east of Artazon, north of a Tera Raid Crystal
Reward: 1,656 P

A relatively frail Normal- and Flying-type. Piece of cake.

Laia the Dragon Tamer
  • Applin, level 20
Location: South of the watchtower to the northeast of Artazon
Reward: 2,400 P

Dragon-type trainers are sometimes trouble, but Laia's Applin is pretty tame.

Petra the Student
  • Flittle, level 21
  • Azumarill, level 21
Location: East of the watchtower to the northeast of Artazon
Reward: 1,092 P

Flittle is a pint-sized Psychic-type that will pose no threat, but the Fairy- and Water-type Azumarill is another matter. It has plenty of bulk to ward off attacks, and will use Charm to badly stunt the attack power of your Pokémon. A good Steel-type Pokémon can handle both with minimal risk.

Felix the Student
  • Sunflora, level 20
Location: Along the lower levels of the eastern cliffs near the watchtower
Reward: 1,040 P

Sunflora can hit hard, but it's pretty slow. Exploiting its Grass-type weaknesses should be a piece of cake.

Saul the Waiter
  • Riolu, level 20
Location: Along the lower levels of the eastern cliffs near the watchtower
Reward: 1,840 P

Riolu can do some damage, but as an unevolved Fighting-type it's not that tough.

Xavier the Student
  • Kirlia, level 23
  • Zangoose, level 23
  • Noibat, level 23 
Location: Along the river that divides East Province (Area One) from East Province (Area Two)
Reward: 3,680 P

Despite being the 'strong' trainer in the area, Xavier doesn't pull many tricks. Kirlia is a Psychic- and Fairy-type Pokémon, Zangoose is a Normal-type, and Noibat is a Flying- and Dragon-type. All three stick to straightforward damaging attacks. Answer them in kind.

Valentin the Student
  • Bramblin, level 19
Location: Past the Team Star Base blockade and in a clearing to the west
Reward: 988 P

A pretty wimpy Grass- and Ghost-type Pokémon. No trouble at all.

Abel the Worker
  • Greedent, level 22
Location: Past the Team Star Base blockade and in a field to the north
Reward: 2,024 P

Greedent has bulk to spare, and will use Stockpile to boost its defenses and Swallow to restore its health. A Fighting-type will make the fight much easier.

Jorge the Student
  • Komala, level 18
Location: Past the Team Star Base blockade and in a field to the north
Reward: 1,296 P

Will put your Pokémon to sleep with Yawn. Annoying, but not terribly difficult. Fighting-type moves are ideal.

Mercedes the Student
  • Rellor, level 18
Location: Past the Team Star Base blockade and in a field to the north
Reward: 1,296 P

Just a little Bug-type Pokémon. No big deal.