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The rockiest of rocky highlands, East Province (Area Three) is a rough-and-tumble land where Rock- and Ground-types rule. Located on the east coast of Paldea and filled with important goodies, East Province (Area Three) is a must-visit region in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet if you want to make your way north.

East Province (Area Three) is located just north of Levincia, and you'll almost certainly go through the city to get here. It connects to a small section of East Province (Area Two) in the east, as well as Tagtree Thicket in the northwest. You'll find the town of Zapapico on the region's western edge, and since it's a relatively tiny spot with a few things to see we'll cover it below.

East Province (Area Three) Pokémon
  • Arrokuda - In the ocean off the east coast
  • Barraskewda - In the ocean off the east coast
  • Basculin - In the river to the north of Levincia
  • Bramblin - Main road
  • Buizel - Near and in water
  • Carkoal - Whole area
  • Corvisquire - Near the edges of cliffs
  • Cufant - Main road
  • Daschbun - Outskirts of Zapapico
  • Deino - Inside caves
  • Diglett - Main road
  • Dugtrio - Main road
  • Dunsparse - Inside caves
  • Falinks - Western fields (Terastallized)
  • Fidough - Outskirts of Zapapico
  • Finizen - In the ocean off the east coast
  • Flamigo - Near the river to the north of Levincia
  • Gastly - Main road
  • Glimmet - Inside caves
  • Gothita - Outskirts of Zapapico
  • Growlithe - Main road
  • Gumshoos - Inside caves
  • Gyarados - In the ocean off the east coast
  • Hariyama - Whole area
  • Kirlia - Eastern area (Terastallized)
  • Larvitar - Hilly areas off the main road
  • Lokix - Hilly areas off the main road
  • Magikarp - In the ocean off the east coast
  • Makuhita - Whole area
  • Meowth - Main road
  • Nacli - Near the edges of cliffs
  • Orthworm - Large central pit (defeat the Lurking Steel Titan)
  • Pawniard - Near the river to the north of Levincia
  • Psyduck - Near the river to the north of Levincia
  • Qwilfish - In the ocean off the east coast
  • Rolycoly - Whole area
  • Rookidee - Near the edges of cliffs
  • Rufflet - Whole area
  • Sableye - Inside caves
  • Salandit - Inside caves
  • Shellder - In the ocean off the east coast
  • Silicobra - Western fields
  • Tadbulb - Near the river to the north of Levincia
  • Torkoal - Western fields
  • Varoom - Main road
  • Voltorb - Main road
  • Wattrel - In the ocean off the east coast
  • Yungoos - Inside caves

Areas of Interest
  • This area is filled with hills of varying sizes that are off to the side of the main path. These hills are generally covered in useful items, and should be investigated whenever you find one.
  • If you jump out into the ocean in the east you'll find a bunch of Pokémon not located elsewhere on the route.
  • In roughly the center of East Province (Area Three) you'll trigger the quest The Search for the Lurking Steel Titan, the third step of the Path of Legends Treasure Hunt.
  • In the northwest of the area there are two exits to Tagtree Thicket, the next area over. They are on opposite sides of the river running through the north.

Items and NPCs of Note 
  • There's a small cliff edge overlooking the main path into this area from East Province (Area Two). If you head north and get up onto the cliff you'll find a Rare Bone and TM 107 Will-O-Wisp by hunting around a bit. If you check to the southeast of the cliff you'll find a Calcium on the edge of the area, from a rise overlooking East Province (Area Two)'s lighthouse.
  • There's a big lump covered in items to the northeast of the main path as you leave Levincia. They include a Dawn Stone, a Fire Stone, an Oval Stone, several Rare Bones, and TM 045 Venoshock. Just south of this lump is a large pit, and at the lowest point of the pit on its west side is TM 106 Drill Run.
  • There's a rise sitting off by itself on the east side of the area, overlooking the ocean, that you'll need to glide over to on your mount. Sitting atop it is TM 086 Rock Slide.
  • The area terminates at a river to the north of Levincia. If you follow the edge of it west you'll find a waterfall, as well as a Rare Bone. At the east end of the river, before it drops off into the sea, you'll find an HP Up.
  • Near the Levincia entrance is a rise with a tunnel and a metal scaffold on it. You can either continue down the main road until you see a huge pit on your right, within which you'll find the other end of the tunnel, or you can use your mount to glide down to the rise. In either case you'll find an Elixir on the rise.
  • Just west of the aforementioned giant pit, on the right side of the main road as you head east, is a rocky hill. Check it out to find a Rare Candy. North of the pit you'll find a hill with a cave on top, and you'll find a Rare Bone and a Max Ether on the hill. Inside the cave is a Sun Stone.
  • There are a lot of items along the main road leading west through this area. Of most note is a Max Ether a short ways southeast of where you encounter the region's Titan.
  • Next to the pit where you first encounter the Titan is the region's watchtower. A third of the way up the watchtower you'll find TM 051 Sandstorm, and on the top you'll find a Max Elixir and a Gimmighoul.
  • West of the watchtower you'll find a dirt mountain, a rock mountain, and a pit partially filled with water. You'll find a bunch of items in all three spots, notably an Elixir and TM 044 Dragon Tail on the dirt hill and a Rare Bone on the rock mountain.
  • North of the pit where you first encounter the Titan you'll find a dirt hill. Atop the hill is TM 032 Swift. North of the hill you'll find three shallow pits, and in one of them you'll find TM 090 Spikes. Next to these shallow pits is a deeper one with a tunnel leading to another, adjoining pit to the west, and inside the tunnel you'll find a Max Revive. In the next pit over you'll find TM 104 Iron Defense.
  • Stretching along the north of the area is a section of land separated from the rest of East Province (Area Three) by a river. You can swim across on your mount to find a number of items, or use a tunnel in a nearby pit to get there via the underground. To the east you'll find a Carbos. In a scaffold-and-box structure you'll find a Rare Candy, a Max Elixir, a PP UpTM 014 AcrobaticsTM 074 Reflect, and TM 101 Power Gem. Near the pit to the west, before you reach the northern exit to Tagtree Thicket, you'll find a Max Elixir.
  • Check along the west side of the wide pit near Zapapico to find TM 024 Fire Spin. Also near Zapapico is a smaller pit, inside which you'll find a Max Ether, atop some scaffolding.
  • South of the Zapapico exit you'll see a pit with a tunnel at the bottom. There's an Iron near the pit. Inside the tunnel, which leads to East Province (Area One), you'll find TM 094 Dark Pulse.
  • Standing by the Pokémon Center just outside Zapapico is a Pokémon League rep. He'll give you a Punching Globe if you defeat seven trainers in East Province (Area Three).

  • Inside a small pit in Zapapico, next to the Pokémon battle court, you'll find a Rocky Helmet.
  • Near the eastern Pokémon Center in Zapapico is a man looking for Bronzor Fragments in Pokémon Scarlet. If you bring him ten he'll give you the Auspicious Armor. You'll find Bronzor around ruins throughout the game. In Pokémon Violet he instead wants ten Sinistea Chips, and will give you the Malicious Armor. Both the Auspicious and Malicious Armors are used to evolve Charcadet. You can trade for multiple copies of these Armors.
  • There's a large rock formation jutting out of the ground in Zapapico. You can leap onto it from the Dalizapa Passage to find a Steel Tera Shard.


Ernesto the Student
  • Oinkologne, level 23
  • Oinkologne, level 23
Location: Along the main road between East Province (Area Two) and East Province (Area Three)
Reward: 1,380 P

A pair of sturdy Normal-types. A Fighting-type move will take out both.

Efren the Worker
  • Stonjourner, level 23
Location: In a pit to the north of the East Province (Area Two) entrance, on the east side of the road
Reward: 2,116 P

A relatively hard-hitting Rock-type, Stonjourner has a pitiful special defense. A splash of Water-type moves or a simple GRass-type slash will absolutely decimate these things.

Dario the Poké Maniac
  • Gyarados, level 23
Location: On the other side of a pit more or less directly north of the entrance from East Province (Area Two)
Reward: 1,380 P

Gyarados is never a joke Pokémon, but they go down very easily to Electric-type moves. Rock-type moves work okay in a pinch, as well.

Herminio the Black Belt
  • Hariyama, level 24
Location: In a clearing to the east of the main path through the area, not far from the East Province (Area Two) entrance
Reward: 1,440 P

A beefy Fighting-type that can do a lot of damage if it's allowed to use Bulk Up too many times. Psychic- and Flying-type attacks are ideal.

Hiker Angela
  • Paldean Wooper, level 24
Location: Up a hill to the east of the main path, just as it starts to wind west
Reward: 1,440 P

A Wooper? This far into the game? Pssh. Ground, Water, Psychic... you have plenty of options.

Oliver the Worker
  • Varoom, level 23
Location: Along the main road as it enters the western fields of the area
Reward: 2,116 P

Varoom is a Steel- and Poison-type Pokémon, making it extremely susceptible to Ground-type moves.

Lea the Student
  • Snover, level 24
Location: Beside the huge pit on the right side of the main road as you head west
Reward: 768 P

Snover has a four-times weakness to Fire-type moves. You know what to do.

Hiker Celia
  • Naclstack, level 29
  • Flareon, level 29
  • Hariyama, level 29
Location: On a dirt hill to the west of the area's watchtower
Reward: 4,640 P

A tough team. Naclstack will use Rock Polish to speed up, then smack you with attacks. Flareon is a tough Fire-type that may burn you. Hariyama is a buff Fighting-type, and will steal the first turn with Fake Out before buffing itself and going on the offensive. Water-type moves will take out the first two Pokémon, while Flying- and Psychic-type moves can handle Hariyama.

Cristobal the Worker
  • Hypno, level 27
Location: In a cave on the north side of the river running through the region - check in the pit to the west of the metal structure
Reward: 2,484 P

A pure Psychic-type, Hypno can be troublesome if you don't take it out quickly. A Ghost-, Bug-, or Dark-type move will do.

Marta the Dragon Tamer
  • Appletun, level 26
Location: Near the northern road into Tagtree Thicket
Reward: 3,120 P

A Dragon-type with bulk, Appletun is primarily annoying thanks to its ue of Protect. Dragon-, Ice-, and Fairy-type moves will all bring it down.