Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 28+

Recommended Pokémon Types: Electric, Grass

The fourth Gym Challenge in terms of level, the Cascarrafa Gym is in far-off Cascarrafa, on the west side of Paldea. You'll need to travel a fair bit before you reach the city, though it's worth the trek. Comparable almost to Mesagoza City in what it offers, if not size, Cascarrafa is a multi-tier settlement with a ton to see and do. You'll probably explore quite a bit before you take on the gym.

To reach Cascarrafa you need to travel north through West Province (Area One), a mountainous region full of Pokémon that aren't great choices for taking on the gym. Follow the main path out of Cortondo until you've reached the second, northern-most Pokémon Center. There's a blockade ahead, erected by a nearby Team Star Base, and you'll need to take the base out to reach Cascarrafa.

There are things to see and do in Cascarrafa before you take on the gym, separated into three levels of elevation. You can use lifts on both sides of the city to move back and forth between the levels.

  • Cascarrafa is home to an above-average number of stores, covering just about every need you might have, ranging from aesthetics to food bonuses to general items. You'll find stores on every level of Cascarrafa.
  • Between the Spec Shack and Capbourg, on your right as you enter Cascarrafa from West Province (Area One), you'll find TM 070 Sleep Talk.
  • In the middle of the city, on the middle level, you'll find a fountain. In front of the fountain is a Muscle Band. Also by this fountain is a girl who has a normal Wooper, and she'll trade it to you you for a Paldean Wooper. They're found in plentiful numbers in the early areas of South Province.
  • Also standing near the fountain is a woman with a Marill. If you speak to her she'll ask to see one of your Pokémon, and will determine how friendly it feels towards you. Friendliness as a mechanic is important for all Pokémon, though there are some that will not evolve until they reach a certain level of friendliness. This woman will help you determine how far you off from fully befriending your teammates.
  • There's a line of stores and homes on the west side of Cascarrafa's central section. Across from the Kofu Lounge, just as you cross a bridge, you'll find TM 130 Helping Hand. In the back yard of a home on the right side of the street near the elevator to the upper level you'll find TM 053 Smart Strike.
  • Directly behind the Pokémon Gym on the highest level of Cascarrafa you'll find TM 139 Misty Terrain. Check the greenery beyond the water surrounding the gym and you'll find an ominous black stake, plunged into the ground behind a tree, as well as a Water Stone.
  • You can walk along the edge of one of the tall walls lining the west side of Cascarrafa from the upper level. At the end you'll find a Nugget. From here you can see into the back yards of the homes below, and one of them contains TM 054 Psyshock.

Done looking around? Head to the Pokémon Gym. It's on the highest level of the city, and sticks out like a sore thumb.

Gym Test

When you approach the Pokémon Gym in Cascarrafa a big, flustered man will charge out and disappear down the road. This is Kofu, the Gym Leader, and he's run off to the market in Port Marinada, a nearby town on the other side of the Asado Desert. One of the gym's reps asks you to deliver Kofu's Wallet to him, counting it as your official Gym Challenge.

Head to the lowest level of Cascarrafa and to the Pokémon Center in the north. Beyond is the Asado Desert, stretching far out to the west. Your destination is almost directly west of the Pokémon Center, about halfway through the desert. The Asado Desert is full of Ground-type Pokémon, among other things, so bringing along a Water- or Grass-type at a minimum isn't a terrible idea. 

Eventually you'll reach a hill leading back to grassland, notably West Province (Area Two). Porto Marinada is a short trip down the road, again to the west. You'll find Kofu waiting for you in the primary market, right in the middle of town. Before you can hand Kofu's Wallet over, though...

Gym Trainer Hugo
  • Floatzel, level 28
  • Clauncher, level 28
Reward: 3,920 P

A pure Water-type, Floatzel is a good test of your strength for the battle to come. It will use Aqua Jet to almost always go first, though its hitting power isn't amazing. A Grass- or Electric-type move will bury Floatzel. Clauncher is a slower, also Water-type, and shouldn't be a big deal compared to Floatzel.

Once you beat Kofu's apprentice the Gym Leader will give you 50,000 P and task you with getting him some Wakame Seaweed. To do this you'll need to bid at auction for the Seaweed using Kofu's money. Hold your money back a bit and you should be able to get it for 45,000 P, netting you 5,000 P for your trouble.

Zip back to the Pokémon Gym in Cascarrafa. Kofu is waiting for you, and so long as you didn't struggle against his apprentice you should be ready to take the Gym Leader down.

Gym Leader Kofu
  • Veluza, level 29
  • Wugtrio, level 29
  • Crabominable, level 30
Reward: 5,400 P, TM 022 Chilling Water

A Water-type trainer, Kofu is a big step up from his apprentice earlier in the Gym Challenge. His three Pokémon are quite tough, and should only be approached by fighters that can pinpoint their weaknesses. Grass- and Electric-type Pokémon do well against all three members of Kofu's team.

  • Veluza is a Water- and Psychic-type Pokémon. It will primarily use Aqua Cutter to do damage, though it can also bust out Slash and Pluck from time to time. On top of normal Water-type weaknesses you can use Dark-, Ghost-, and Bug-type moves to take it down.
  • Wugtrio is an unnerving little Water-type. It can use Water Pulse to potentially confuse your Pokémon, as well as Mud-Slap and Headbutt, and it seems to prefer Headbutt for making your Pokémon flinch. It's surprisingly quick, but not a big deal if you have Electric- or Grass-type moves.
  • Crabominable is a Fighting- and Ice-type, though it will Terastallized into a Water-type when the battle begins. Its Crabhammer attack does a ton of damage, and you'll do well to deploy something that can survive Water-type hits such as a sturdy Grass-type. Pummel it down with Electric- or Grass-type moves.

Defeating Kofu will earn you a TM and a Gym Badge, and you'll have completed (potentially) the fourth gym on the Victory Road Treasure Hunt. On to the next?