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Recommended Level: 41+

Recommended Pokémon Types: Dark, Ghost, Normal

The sixth Gym Challenge you'll face on the Victory Road path - assuming, of course, that you're playing by order of difficulty - the Montenevera Gym Challenge is of the spooky kind. Despite appearing in the chilliest region of Paldea this gym is Ghost-type in nature, and will pit you against a team of spectres that can stop your progress cold if you aren't properly prepared.

Montenevera is located on Glaseado Mountain, in the far north of Paldea. You can reach this area by traveling along either coast of the island, though if you only stick to one coast you probably won't be prepared to come here unless you spend a lot of time leveling. (You'll also need to upgrade your mount to climb vertical walls, which requires defeating the Titan of Casseroya Lake, so... you might as well approach the town from the west coast.)

Montenevera is a small town, but there's stuff to see within its borders nevertheless.

  • The stores in Montenevera are more sparse than those in other towns, though you'll still find a few. You won't be lacking for the usual combat essentials.
  • There's a yard stretching behind several houses to the left of the northern gate out of Montenevera. In the yard you'll find a Covert Cloak and TM 095 Leech Life.
  • The town's combat arena / stage is beside the Pokémon Gym. If you use your mount to leap up to the ridge overlooking the arena you'll find a Ghost Tera Shard and TM 136 Electric Terrain.
  • Behind the Pokémon Gym you'll find a Dusk Stone.

Yep, not a ton of ground to cover. Head to the Pokémon Gym once you're done looking around to begin the Gym Challenge.

Gym Test

The Montenevera Gym Challenge is pretty straightforward: Warm up the crowd with battles. Speak to MC Sledge, the guy standing in front of the stage near the gym, and he'll explain that you need to win three Double Battles in a row to bring the Gym Leader out to play. You'll be controlling two Pokémon and fighting two Pokémon simultaneously, so make sure you lead with your best Ghost-type counters. Sledge will heal your team after each battle.

Gym Trainer Tas

  • Greavard, level 40
  • Shuppet, level 40
Reward: 5,600 P

Both Pokémon are straight Ghost-types. Shuppet is faster, Greavard is stronger. Greavard will also surprise by using Dig and disappearing, so you may want to aim for it first. Straightforward battle.

Gym Trainer Lani

  • Haunter, level 40
  • Misdreavus, level 40
Reward: 5,600 P

Haunter is a Ghost- and Poison-type, while Misdreavus is a pure Ghost-type. Both can hit hard and are on the fast side, but are a bit frail. Haunter has the Levitate Ability, so don't try to use Ground-type moves to exploit its Poison-type weakness. Another straightforward battle.

Gym Trainer MC Sledge
  • Sableye, level 40
  • Drifblim, level 40
Reward: 5,600 P

Fittingly the hardest of the lot, Sledge's team isn't as straightforward. Neither of his Pokémon hits especially hard, but Sableye is only weak to Fairy-type moves and Drifblim has a lot of bulk. Drifblim can also use Self-Destruct, which will do a ton of damage to most Pokémon - and hits both of your team members. Deploy at least one Ghost-type, or use a move like Dig or Bounce, to avoid Self-Destruct altogether.

Once you take down MC Sledge the real battle will begin. Speak to the attendant in the Pokémon Center to get started.

Gym Leader Ryme
  • Banette, level 41
  • Mimikyu, level 41
  • Houndstone, level 41
  • Toxtricity, level 42
Reward: 7,560 P, TM 114 Shadow Ball

Ryme doesn't mess around. Another Double Battle lover, Ryme will throw out four Ghost-type battlers capable of inflicting heavy damage to your team. Having your Ghost-type counters out is mandatory for winning this battle unless you're coming into the fight overleveled. A Normal-type Pokémon is handy here, as none of Ryme's Pokémon have Fighting-type moves - but they all have Ghost-type moves, which do nothing to Normal-types. Throwing a Dark-type move on your Normal-type will prove quite deadly to Ryme's team.
  • Banette is a straight Ghost-type Pokémon, and can use Icy Wind, Sucker Punch, and Shadow Sneak. Though it's not Ryme's hardest-hitting Pokémon Banette often goes first thanks to Shadow Sneak, so prioritize taking it out if you have a Ghost-type in your party. Dark- and Ghost-type moves will beat it down.
  • Mimikyu is a Ghost- and Fairy-type Pokémon. It, too, has Shadow Sneak, though it doesn't hit as hard as Banette, and can follow up with Slash. It also uses Light Screen to defend its side of the fight. Brick Break can get rid of Light Screen, if you want, or you can use physical moves to do damage. Mimikyu's Disguise Ability allows it to effectively take an extra hit before going down, so it might be around for a bit. Ghost- and Steel-type moves will do well here.
  • Houndstone is another straight Ghost-type Pokémon, and can use Phantom Force, Play Rough, and Crunch. Phantom Force makes Houndstone annoying to hit, while Play Rough and Crunch are Dark- and Ghost-type counters that may prove painful. Prioritize knocking Houndstone out before it can disappear for a turn using Phantom Force.
  • Toxtricity is an Electric- and Poison-type, but Ryme will Terastallize it into a Ghost-type for the battle. Its Hex can do a ton of damage to other Ghost-types, and it has Discharge and Hyper Voice to dish out damage to anything else. Still, the process is the same: Use Dark- or Ghost-type moves to whittle Toxtricity out of its Tera Form, then take it out.

Beating Ryme will earn you a Gym Badge, as well as a nice TM. Assuming this is your sixth gym you'll now be able to catch Pokémon up to level 50 with no problem. On to the next!

Main Walkthrough