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A huge, watery region that comprises the northwest corner of Paldea, Casseroya Lake will be one of the later stops in your Pokémon Scarlet and Violet journey. The home of one of the game's Titans, Casseroya Lake is a great place to check if you're looking for a few dozen Water-type Pokémon. If your mount doesn't swim, however, you should probably give this region a pass until you've done some more Path of Legends quests.

Casseroya Lake is found in the far northwest of Paldea, to the north of both West Province (Area Two) and West Province (Area Three). The border between the three regions is so long that you can enter Casseroya Lake from virtually any spot once your mount can glide. It is also connected to Glaseado Mountain in the northeast.

Quick note: Unless you're coming here from Glaseado Mountain, the Pokémon on Casseroya Lake will be significantly stronger (20+ levels) than those from the previous area. You might want to save this area for a later trip until your team is around level 45 or greater on average.

Casseroya Lake Pokémon
  • Altaria - Rocky cliffs
  • Avalugg - In the lake
  • Azumarill - Near sources of water (Terastallized)
  • Bellibolt (Terastallized)
  • Bergmite - In the lake
  • Bronzong - Ruins to the northeast of the western bridge
  • Chewtle - Whole area
  • Croagunk - Grasslands
  • Dondozo - In the lake
  • Dragonair - In the lake
  • Dragonite - Grasslands on the island furthest to the west
  • Dratini - In the lake
  • Drednaw - Whole area
  • Flamigo - Near sources of water
  • Forrestress - Far western grasslands, near the Socarrat Trail
  • Gogoat - Near cliffs
  • Golduck - Whole area
  • Goomy - Grasslands
  • Hawlucha - Near cliffs
  • Marill - Near sources of water
  • Nacli - Near cliffs
  • Naclstack - Near cliffs
  • Scyther - Grasslands
  • Skuntank - Grasslands
  • Sliggoo - Grasslands
  • Slowbro - Whole area
  • Slowpoke - Whole area
  • Staraptor - Grasslands
  • Stunky - Grasslands
  • Swablu - Rocky cliffs
  • Tatsugiri (All three forms) - Whole area
  • Toxicroak - Grasslands
  • Tropius - Grasslands
  • Vaporeon - Grasslands (Terastallized)
  • Veluza - In the lake

Areas of Interest
  • There's a set of ruins near the bridge that leads back southeast to Medali. The Pokémon surrounding the ruins aren't found elsewhere on the route. There's a second set of ruins in the far northwest of the area, as well, near the exit to the Socarrat Trail.
  • Casseroya Lake has three watchtowers. The first is located on a hill between the two western bridges from the Western Provinces. The second is on higher ground in the southeast of the region. The third is on the upper cliffs in the northeast of the lake.
  • There are several islands in roughly the middle of Casseroya Lake that are covered in items. They're also the staging ground for The Search for the False Dragon Titan, the highest-level Titan hunt in the Path of Legends Treasure Hunt.
  • There's a higher-altitude section of paths in the northeast of Casseroya Lake. To reach them you either need to walk through Glaseado Mountain or the Socarrat Trail, glide along the cliffs in the northeast of West Province (Area Three), or climb any of the steep cliffs on your mount. Defeating the Titan of this area will give your mount the ability to climb.

Items and NPCs of Note - Western Casseroya Lake
  • Virtually every golden sparkle that you find on this route will be a Feather. These have the same effect as Vitamins, though to a lesser extent. If you want to build up some EVs more cheaply grabbing every sparkle you can on Casseroya Lake is a good idea.
  • If you head west along the main road from the Medali bridge you'll see a rise on your left. At the top of it is an Oval Stone.
  • To the east of the bridge to West Province (Area Two) you'll find a Calcium.
  • If you travel all the way west along the southern end of Casseroya Lake you'll find a number of items. On the first rise overlooking the western beaches you'll find TM 16 Solar Beam. Down on the beach you'll find TM 134 Reversal. Atop the last tall rock before the land ends in the west you'll find a Nugget, as well as an ominous black stake to pull out of the ground.
  • Between the two chunks of land on the west end of Casseroya Lake is a large island. On it you'll find an Elixir (south end), TM 041 Stored Power (southwest area, lowest level of the island), TM 111 Giga Drain (west side of the island), a PP Up (northwest end of the island), a Max Ether (northeast end of the island), and TM 056 Bullet Seed (upper-most clearing on the island).
  • On the section of land just south of the area that leads to the Socarrat Trail you can find TM 058 Brick Break. If you climb to the uppermost clearing of this section of land you'll find a Thunder Stone and TM 160 Hurricane.
  • South of the exit to the Socarrat Trail you'll find some ruins. In the ruins you'll find a Big Nugget, and if you climb the rocks beside the ruins you'll find a Max Ether and an ominous black stake. To the east of the ruins you'll find some broken pillars at the top of a small hill, and in the middle of them you'll find TM 141 Fire Blast.
  • Near the ruins by the Socarrat Trail exit you'll find a series of trails running along the northern shore. Here you'll find TM 164 Brave Bird.
  • A short walk south of the exit to the Socarrat Trail you'll find a few hills. On them are TM 002 Charm and TM 076 Rock Blast.

Items and NPCs of Note - Eastern / Central Casseroya Lake
  • You'll find a Max Ether sitting among the area's eastern ruins. There's also a Gimmighoul hiding here. Look north of the ruins and you'll find a gentle slope leading up to a small clearing, on which you'll find TM 087 Taunt. If you follow the grass a ways east of the ruins, near the southern river, you'll find a Nugget.
  • At the top of Casseroya Watchtower No. 1, nearest the West Provinces, you'll find TM 160 Hurricane. On a ledge near the base of the watchtower you'll find TM 060 U-Turn.
  • At the base of Casseroya Watchtower No. 2 you'll find a Pokémon League rep. He'll give you TM 142 Hydro Pump if you defeat seven of the trainers spread throughout Casseroya Lake. At the top of the Watchtower you'll find TM 164 Brave Bird.
  • In the southeast of Casseroya Lake you'll find a tall cliff overlooking a hill in West Province (Area Three), sloping down to the banks of Casseroya Lake. Atop the cliff, on a rise and by itself, is TM 054 Psyshock. You'll need to jump and glide from an opposite rock to reach the TM.
  • North of the southeastern, lakefront entrance from West Province (Area Three) you'll find a brief shoreline. On it you'll find TM 088 Swords Dance.
  • On the largest, central island where you fight the Titan you can find a number of items, including TM 168 Solar Beam (northeastern shoreline), and an Elixir (west end), TM 078 Dragon Claw (highest point on the west end). On the highest point of the east end of the island you'll also find an ominous black stake.
  • South of the islands where you encounter the Titan are two smaller islands, just off the coast of Casseroya Lake. On the smaller island, which requires climbing skills for your mount to reach, you'll find a Dragon Tera Shard. You'll also find an ominous black stake to pull out of the ground.
Items and NPCs of Note - Upper-Eastern Casseroya Lake
  • At the top of Casseroya Watchtower No. 3 you'll find TM 141 Fire Blast, as well as a Gimmighoul.
  • Across the bridge to the northwest of Casseroya Watchtower No. 3 you'll find TM 122 Encore. There are three thin beams stretching across a gap down the slope from the bridge, and if you cross the right one you can grab TM 166 Thunder. Walk carefully!
  • Northeast of the bridges you'll find TM 077 Waterfall if you take the lowest path along the cliffs. Continue dropping to the northeast and you'll find an Ice Tera Shard and, not far from the border with the Socarrat Trail, a Rare Candy. Against the cliffs near the entrance to the Socarrat Trail you'll also find TM 070 Sleep Talk.
  • If you climb the slope to the southeast of the entrance to the Socarrat Trail you'll find TM 034 Icy Wind. You can climb the rock wall beside the TM to find TM 099 Iron Head, as well as a cave leading to the other side of the mountains surrounding Casseroya Lake. Here you'll find another entrance (exit?) to the Socarrat Trail, as well as Pokémon from Glaseado Mountain.


Leandro the Student
  • Mismagius, level 53
Location: On the eastbound road from the bridge out of West Province (Area Two)
Reward: 2,756 P

Mismagius is a Ghost-type. It's swift and hits pretty hard but doesn't have much durability. A Ghost- or Dark-type move will take it down.

Ricardo the Student
  • Tsareena, level 53
  • Florges, level 53
Location: On the westbound path running along the south end of the route, just north of the bridge back to Medali
Reward: 2,756 P

Tsareena is a Grass-type that can confuse your Pokémon with Teeter Dance. Take it out quickly with Fire-, Bug-, Poison-, Flying-, or Ice-type moves. Florges is a powerful Fairy-type move that you should wipe out quickly with Poison- or Steel-type moves. 

Jan the Waiter
  • Raichu, level 53
Location: Along the stretch of grassland running to the far southwest end of the route
Reward: 4,876 P

An Electric-type, Raichu is fast and powerful but can't do much of anything against Ground-types. Still, its ability to use Double Team can make this match last a long time if you can't manage a quick win.

Aimar the Student
  • Scizor, level 53
  • Slowking, level 53
Location: On the north end of the area's western-most island
Reward: 2,756 P

Scizor is a Steel- and Bug-type Pokémon that's highly-susceptible to Fire-type damage. Slowking is a Water- and Psychic-type that's harder to kill, though Dark-, Bug-, Ghost-, Grass-, and / or Electric-type moves will do the trick.

Leticia the Dragon Tamer
  • Noibat, level 53
  • Haxorus, level 53
Location: Among the ruins on the far northwest section of the area, near the exit to Socarrat Trail
Reward: 6,360 P

Noibat is a wuss, but Haxorus is a powerful Dragon-type that can do real damage. Deploying a Fairy-type is your safest bet through the battle, as this will nullify the threat of Haxorus' Outrage move.

Maria the Student
  • Ursaring, level 53
  • Ampharos, level 53
Location: A short walk southeast of the eastern ruins
Reward: 3,816 P

Ursaring is a hefty boy, but a Fighting-type move will take it out. Ampharos is a slow Electric-type that will fall pretty easily to Ground-type moves.

Cabbie Oscar
  • Copperajah, level 54
Location: On the larger of the two eastern-most islands in the lake
Reward: 4,968 P

Copperajah's a hefty foe with plenty of hitting power. Fire-, Ground-, and Fighting-type moves all work, though they'll do more damage if the use Special Attack as their base stat.

Jose the Student
  • Spidops, level 53
  • Honchkrow, level 53
Location: A short walk from Casseroya Watchtower No. 3
Reward: 3,816 P

Spidops is a simple Bug-type with plenty of weaknesses (Flying, Rock, Fire). Honchkrow is a bit tougher, though you can still take it out with Fairy-, Rock-, or Ice-type moves.

Hiker Luna
  • Garganacl, level 53
Location: To the northwest of Casseroya Watchtower No. 3, past two bridges
Reward: 3,180 P

A hefty, slow Rock-type with high defenses. Special Attack moves of the Water-, Grass-, Ground-, Ice-, or Fighting-type variety are ideal.