Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 13+

Recommended Pokémon Types: Fire, Rock, Flying

If you plan on tackling the Pokémon League in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet you'll need to complete the Victory Road Treasure Hunt, and that, no surprise, requires you to take on eight Gym Challenges. The gyms of Paldea are scattered all over the land, and you'll need to do some heavy exploring to reach them all. Might as well start with the closest one on the map.

The first Gym Challenge that you're 'meant' to take on is in Cortondo, a small town located to the west of Mesagoza. To reach Cortondo you need to explore South Province (Area Two), accessible via the western gate in Mesagoza. If you don't feel like catching any new Pokémon or fighting any trainers the trip is quite straightforward: Simply follow the beaten path from the Mesagoza gate to the west. It will take you past a Pokémon Center, through some tree orchards, and straight up to Cortondo.

(That said, you should probably explore South Province (Area Two) a little bit. There are a lot of Pokémon on the plains that will make your Gym Challenge much easier. A Fletchling in particular can flatten this Gym.)

You might as well have a quick look around Cortondo before you stroll up to the Pokémon Gym:

  • On the east side of Cortondo is the obligatory Pokémon Center. Standing beside the Pokémon Center is a Pokémon League rep who will give you TM 027 Aerial Ace if you defeat five trainers in South Province (Area Two). There are plenty of targets to choose from.
  • Just beyond the Pokémon Center are several food vendors, selling ingredients and full food items alike. If you're looking for some bonuses, this is the place to shop.
  • Standing just down the street from the Cortondo Gym, on the side of the road, is a young man named Glen who wants to trade his Snom, Snowsalot, for a Flabébé. You can find Flabébés in the grassy areas near the southern Tera Raid Crystal of South Province (Area Two), though they're rather rare - and they're very small. You'll need to be eagle-eyed to spot one. 
  • And, on the west end of Cortondo, there's... another Pokémon Center. Okay, maybe there's not that much to see here. If nothing else it's worth noting that the wild Pokémon that live around Cortondo appear right on the fringes of town, so be careful when you step out into South Province (Area Two).
As you're exploring Cortondo you'll be given an obvious shot of the Cortondo Gym, a big, steel building in the middle of town. Go inside and, if this is your first gym, Nemona will be waiting. She'll tell you a bit about the upcoming Gym Test, and give you three Super Potions. Step up to the counter once she's done talking and you can register to take the Gym Test.

The Olive Roll

A short walk northwest out of Cortondo you'll see a fenced-in field with a pair of huge baskets and a giant olive in the middle. Speak to the attendant near the fence and you can begin the Olive Roll, which involves pushing the giant olive through an obstacle course. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • You can take the long route through. It takes a while, but it's easy. There's no time limit.
  • You can defeat the trainers blocking the shortcuts through the obstacle course. Never hurts to get some extra experience, right?
Regardless of which route you take, the olive is an ungainly projectile that doesn't always like to do what it's told. Just try to avoid corners and you should be fine pushing it from one end of the obstacle course to the other. Get the olive into the basket behind the second Gym Trainer to complete the Olive Run.

Gym Trainer Esmerelda
  • Kricketune, level 13
Reward: 1,820 P

Though it's an evolved Pokémon, Kricketune doesn't have the stats to put up much of a fight. Anything that hurts Bug-type Pokémon - Rock, Fire, Flying, etc. - will mash this insect, though its repeated use of Growl will blunt your attacks a bit.

Gym Trainer Antonio

  • Venonat, level 13
Reward: 1,820 P

Venonat is more dangerous than Esmerelda's Kricketune thanks to Confusion, but it takes less effort to wipe out as well. Bug- and Poison-type weaknesses abound with this creature.

Return to the Cortondo Gym's lobby once you've healed up your team (if necessary) and speak to the attendant. He'll promptly show you to the battleground across the street when you're ready to go.

Gym Leader Katy

  • Nymble, level 14
  • Tarountula, level 14
  • Teddirusa, level 15
Reward: 2,700 P, TM 021 Pounce

Katy is a step up from the two trainers you faced during the Olive Roll, and can put up a decent fight unless you're overleveled. Her Pokémon favor Bug-type attacks throughout the fight, so anything that resists Bug - Fire, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fairy - will fare better defensively.
  • Katy's first Pokémon is Nymble, a straight Bug-type. It'll use Struggle Bug to lower your Pokémon's Sp. Atk, rendering certain attacks less effective. If you can't take it down in one turn you may want to switch out your attacker so its stats go back to normal.
  • Next up is Tarountula, another Bug-type. Though you've seen plenty of these by now, Katy's knows Bug Bite, and can dish out a surprising amount of hurt with normal attacks. Still, regular Bug-type weaknesses apply.
  • Last is... Teddiursa? A surprise Normal-type, Teddiursa will Terastallize into a Bug-type and become a potent attacker with Fury Cutter. The more times it uses Fury Cutter in a row, the stronger the move gets. Fry Teddiursa with a Bug-type weakness before it becomes too much of a nuisance. You can also use moves like Sand Attack to blunt its accuracy and prevent Fury Cutter from landing if you don't think you're capable of getting in a quick kill.

Defeating Katy will complete the Cortondo Gym Challenge, earning you a TM. From this point on Pokémon above level 25 will be easier for you to catch. One gym down!

Main Walkthrough