Main Walkthrough

One of two areas you can tackle immediately after completing the introductory section of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, South Province (Area Two) is the path to take if you want to take on Pokémon Gyms with Nemona. It's wide, well-populated with useful Pokémon, and teeming with good items. It's also easy to just slide right past everything and carry right on to your destination, if you prefer.

South Province (Area Two) is located to the west of Mesagoza. It branches off to three other regions, which we'll explore below, and contains the town of Cortondo. We'll explore South Province (Area Two) starting from the Mesagoza gate.

South Province (Area Two) Pokémon
  • Arrokuda - In the water beneath the bridge to Mesagoza
  • Azurill - Grassy areas
  • Bonsly - Grassy field surrounding the Tera Raid Crystal
  • Buizel - Grassy path beneath the Mesagoza gate
  • Chewtle - Grassy field surrounding the Tera Raid Crystal
  • Combee - Tree orchards outside Cortondo
  • Diglett - Tree orchards outside Cortondo (Terastallized)
  • Eevee - Western outskirts of Cortondo
  • Fidough - Western outskirts of Cortondo
  • Flabébé - Grassy field surrounding the Tera Raid Crystal
  • Fletchling - Plains near the Mesagoza gate
  • Gimmighoul - At the top of the lookout tower near the Pokémon Center
  • Happiny - Plains near the Mesagoza gate
  • Hoppip - Plains and grass throughout the area
  • Igglybuff - Western outskirts of Cortondo
  • Jigglypuff - Western outskirts of Cortondo
  • Kricketot - Tree orchards outside Cortondo
  • Magikarp - In the water beneath the bridge to Mesagoza
  • Makuhita - Outskirts of Cortondo - seems to favor the edges of the cliffs
  • Mareep - Plains and grass near the Mesagoza gate
  • Maschiff - Grassy field surrounding the Tera Raid Crystal
  • Meowth - Grassy field surrounding the Tera Raid Crystal (Terastallized)
  • Nacli - Fields near the Cortondo Tera Raid Crystal
  • Pawmi - Outskirts of Cortondo
  • Pichu - Grassy field surrounding the Tera Raid Crystal
  • Pikachu - Grassy field surrounding the Tera Raid Crystal
  • Psyduck - Grassy areas
  • Shroodle - Grassy field surrounding the Tera Raid Crystal
  • Skwovet - Grassy field surrounding the Tera Raid Crystal
  • Smoliv - Fields outside Cortondo
  • Starly - Grassy path beneath the Mesagoza gate
  • Sunkern - Plains near the Mesagoza Gate
  • Vespiquen - Tree orchards outside Cortondo
  • Yungoos - Plains near the Mesagoza gate

Areas of Interest
  • If you look beneath the bridge leading back into Mesagoza you'll see a long stretch of grassland running alongside the water. The Pokémon down here are different from the ones up on the plains, and there are trainers to battle as well.
  • There's a Tera Raid Crystal near the hill that connects the upper plains with the lower grasslands, on the south end of the area. The Pokémon near the crystal differ from the rest of the grasslands area.
  • Southwest of the entrance to the area is a Pokémon Center. Down on the grass to the south of the Pokémon Center you'll find a path to South Province (Area Four). The Pokémon on this side of the grass are much tougher than those in Area Two, clocking in at roughly 15 levels higher, so don't wander into this region unprepared.
  • Northwest of the Pokémon Center is a lookout tower that you can use to get a good look at the area. On the way to the top you'll find TM 072 Electro Ball. At the top of the tower is a Gimmighoul for you to catch.
  • In the fields to the north of Cortondo you'll find another Tera Raid Crystal. As before, there are different Pokémon near the crystal. Northwest of the crystal is a water crossing that leads to West Province (Area One), though you need to be able to, y'know, cross water to reach the area. North of this second crystal is a third Tera Raid Crystal.
  • On the west side of Cortondo the path veers northwest. Follow it and you'll soon be in West Province (Area One).

Items and NPCs of Note
  • Near the gate to Mesagoza you'll find a woman who loves picnicking, and she'll load you down with a ton of Ingredients. Enjoy. She'll also give your Pokémon a quick pick-me-up.
  • If you drop down onto the grassy path beneath the bridge to Mesagoza you'll be forced to trek south to get back up to the plains. Along the way you'll spot a tree with TM 137 Grassy Terrain beneath it.
  • The grassy path leads into a large field with a Tera Raid Crystal. Not far from the crystal, atop a rock, is TM 003 Fake Tears.
  • Follow the cliffs separating the plains from the grass to the west and you'll find TM 019 Disarming Voice. Keep following the cliffs until you find a dead end with a waterfall and you'll find TM 040 Air Cutter.
  • North of the Pokémon Center the terrain will dip into a valley. Look on the left side of the hill into the valley to find TM 007 Protect. Follow the path east of here, back towards Mesagoza, and you'll find TM 004 Agility on the ledge of a steep hill.
  • Northeast of Cortondo you'll run into a trainer. A short walk west of him you'll find TM 005 Mud-Slap.
  • North of Cortondo's west end you'll see a trainer standing near a small cliff. Climb up on top of the cliff by walking down the left side of it to reach TM 064 Bulk Up.
  • In the far north of the area you'll hit the river that wanders east and south. Follow it east from the third Tera Raid Crystal and you'll find TM 013 Acid Spray, sitting on a rock.


Noa the Student
  • Scatterbug, level 8
  • Drifloon, level 8
Location: Along the path from the Mesagoza gate to the Pokémon Center
Reward: 352 P

Scatterbug is no big deal. Drifloon isn't terribly harmful, though it has the Aftermath Ability which inflicts damage to your Pokémon once it's defeated. Be wary of this final attack.

Sergio the Officer Worker
  • Paldean Wooper, level 8
Location: Along the path from the Mesagoza gate to the Pokémon Center
Reward: 736 P

This Wooper is underleveled for this area, and should go down pretty easily to a Water-type attack.

Backpacker Alex
  • Growlithe, level 12
  • Sableye, level 12
Location: On the grass, beneath the bridge to Mesagoza
Reward: 720 P

Growlithe is a strong-but-straightforward Fire-type, and you have several options for beating it. Sableye, on the other hand, is only weak to Fairy-type moves, so if you don't have one you'll have to slowly chip away at its health. Sableye will always get the first move thanks to its Fake Out move, so don't leave a weakened Pokémon in hoping for a quick KO.

Carlos the Student
  • Tadbulb, level 11
Location: On the grassy field near the southern Tera Raid Crystal
Reward: 572 P

A wee, fairly weak Electric-type. No big deal as long as you avoid sending out Water- or Flying-type Pokémon.

Angel the Courier
  • Psyduck, level 14
  • Mudbray, level 14
  • Maschiff, level 14
Location: Along the southern road leading from the water to Cortondo
Reward: 2,240 P

The most powerful trainer in the area, Angel can give you some trouble at lower levels. Psyduck likes Water Pulse which can confuse your Pokémon, Mudbray will use Bulldoze to slow your Pokémon, and Maschiff will buff itself into a brutal attacker. Grass-type moves work well on the first two, while Fighting- or Fairy-type moves will wipe out Maschiff.

Manuel the Student
  • Spewpa, level 9
Location: On the northern road leading from the Pokémon Center to Cortondo
Reward: 648 P

Sorry, dude, you're toast. Anything that roasts Bug-types will end this fight quickly.

Alba the Waitress
  • Pichu, level 9
Location: In a field east of Cortondo
Reward: 828 P

Pichu can annoy by paralyzing your Pokémon, but that's all. Pretty frail.

Alessandro the Student
  • Shroomish, level 10
Location: In a field north of Cortondo
Reward: 320 P

Just a Grass-type. Leech Seed and Effect Spore are annoying, but you should have no trouble bringing the Shroomish down.

Simon the Poké Maniac
  • Gible, level 12
Location: Near the green Tera Raid Crystal in the north of the area
Reward: 720 P

Though it'll be fierce some day, this Gible is not a big deal right now. Fairy-type moves will bring it low very easily.

Raul the Student
  • Maschiff, leve 11
Location: North of Cortondo's west end
Reward: 660 P

You've probably fought a number of Maschiffs by now. This one's just a bit stronger. Fighting-type moves will do.

Angelines the Cook
  • Combee, level 11
  • Smoliv, level 11
Location: In a field southwest of Cortondo, near a river
Reward: 1,100 P

Combee and Smoliv are sort ot nothing Pokémon until they evolve, making this sort of a nothing battle.