Part 3: South Province (Area One) and Los Platos

Main Walkthrough

Ahh, the big city. Upon arrival in Mesagoza Nemona will give you a quick taste of what Mesagoza has to offer, then take off towards the Academy. You can immediately follow her if you like, but there's no rush. Let's have a quick look around Mesagoza first. It's a hub area of sorts for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, given that it sits right in the middle of the map, and you'll be coming here often.


In the center of Mesagoza you'll find a large cluster of buildings, many of which contain stores. They're worth checking out. Most of the items you'll find are cosmetic in nature, though there are some more practical stores as well.

  • Food Vendors. There are a significant number of vendors, both with food carts and in brick-and-mortar buildings, that will sell you grub. Any of the food you purchase will grant you bonuses to a variety of stats. Remember that you can only have one set of bonuses active at any time. Of particular note is Every Wich Way, a sandwich shop in the southeast that you can actually enter.
  • Chansey Supply. Have green signs over their doors. These places sell a variety of combat items that will temporarily boost the stats of your Pokémon. Chansey Supply also sells 'bitter' items that will restore your Pokémon, but lower their friendship level with you.
  • Delibird Presents. Looks like a convenience store, complete with sliding doors. You can purchase a variety of equippable items here, as well as Poké Balls and cases for your Rotom Phone.
  • Picnic-Knacks. Has a lime green sign over its door, and a larger, blue stripe over the whole store. You can purchase a variety of picnicking supplies here. (We'll get to picnicking in a bit.)
  • Hair Styling. Has a light purple sign over the door. You can enter these stores to get a new hairstyle and hair color for 3,000 P.
  • Sure Cans. Has a black, stylized awning over the door. Sells ingredients. We'll get into the use for ingredients in a while.
  • Artisan Bakery. Has a white facade with a green awning. Also sells ingredients.
  • Rough & Tough. Has an olive green sign over its door, and a chic poster out front. You can purchase clothing items from these stores. Change into your new duds by hitting the left button on the D pad.
  • Bagin's. Has a white sign near its door, and backpacks in the window. You can purchase new bags for your character to wear. Again, you can swap them out by hitting the left button on the D pad.
  • Capbourg. Has a beige facade. Sells a variety of caps.
  • Spec Shack. Has a blue facade, and a sign that looks like spectacles above the front door. Sells a variety of glasses.
  • Sock Quarter. Has a yellow facade, and a sign with a sock on it over the door. Sells a variety of socks.
  • Zapaldea Footwear. Has shoes in the window. Sells a variety of shoes.

Eastern Gate

On the east side of Mesagoza is a Pokémon Center that provides the usual range of services. Near the Pokémon Center is Smoochurro, a Churro vendor whose wares provide you with an array of bonuses. Also over here is a large, walled-off park and sitting area, and you can purchase Ice Cream or Crepes from the two vendors. Check near these latter two vendors for a Soothe Bell

The eastern gate leads to South Province (Area Three).

Western Gate

On the west side of Mesagoza is another massive gate leading out of the city. This area is less interesting than the eastern gate, though there are a few stores of note nearby, including a Delibird Presents. Northeast of this gate you'll find another Pokémon Center. In the center of the area is a flower display where you'll find a woman who will give you the exact height of your Pokémon. West of her, among a cluster of buildings, you'll find a Rare Candy. If you check the south side of the gate itself you'll find a hidden TM 103 Substitute.

The western gate leads to South Province (Area Two).

Northern Quarter

In the northeast of Mesagoza you'll find a large park with a pond. Check along the brick wall behind the pond for TM 019 Disarming Voice. Continue northeast and you'll find a vending machine that dispenses drinks and a raised eating area with more food vendors. If you check the tops of the buildings adjacent to the balconies that run along the northeast of Mesagoza you'll find steel ramps leading onto the rooftops. Walk carefully along the ramps and you can collect TM 010 Ice Fang from an adjacent building. Be careful not to fall onto the white rooftops before you get the TM or you'll need to drop to the ground and try again.

In the northwest of Mesagoza you'll find a cluster of buildings with a few more stores. This place isn't all that interesting... save for an ominous cave at the top of some stairs. This leads to the Pokémon League, which forms the backbone of a huge portion of your journey through Paldea. You can't enter the cave just yet, but keep its location in mind.

The Academy

Head up the massive set of stairs that run through the middle of Mesagoza once you're done looking around the city. On the way up you'll encounter a pair of Grunts from Team Star, a club of baddies who also attend the Academy. They're trying to bully another student into joining their ranks, and they will gleefully engage you in combat. Get used to fighting this lot.

Team Star Grunt

  • Shroodle, level 8
Reward: 416 P

An odd pairing of Normal- and Poison-type, Shroodle is a bit annoying to handle. Use Ground-type moves for a quick win.

Stomp the first Grunt and Nemona will step in. She'll ask you to handle the second, as well, and give you a Tera Orb. You can use the Tera Orb to Terastallize your Pokémon in battle. This gives your Pokémon its Tera Type, which varies from Pokémon to Pokémon, and using moves that match the Pokémon's Tera Type will result in a much higher attack bonus. You can only Terastallize your Pokémon once before the Tera Orb needs to be recharged at a Pokémon Center.

Team Star Grunt
  • Yungoos, level 8
Reward: 468 P

This is a Terastallization tutorial, so crystal up your Pokémon and pulverize the Yungoos. It's nothing special.

Wipe the floor with the two Team Star Grunts and they will run off. This leaves the path open to your next destination, the Academy. School time!

Return Trip

Later in the game you can access more of Mesagoza by climbing onto the rooftops on your mount. You'll need to be able to glide and high jump to make most of these leaps.
  • Once you can hop on your mount and jump around you can get into the grassy area at the base of the Academy, on the left side of the stairs. If you check the rear of the wall you'll find
  • TM 105 X-Scissor is sitting among some gardens secreted above the eastern Pokémon Center, near one of the city's gates. You'll need to go up to the higher levels of the city and descend on your mount to reach the TM.
  • There's a Bottle Cap and TM 065 Air Slash on the east side of Mesagoza's central square, atop the yellow buildings. TM 072 Electro Ball and a Carbos are atop the yellow buildings on the west side of the square.
  • There's an HP Up atop the buildings on the west side of Mesagoza, near the gate to South Province (Area Two).

Main Walkthrough