Part 2: Poco Path and Inlet Grotto

Main Walkthrough

South Province (Area One) Pokémon

  • Azurill - Near any water source
  • Bonsly - Field between Los Platos and Mesagoza
  • Buizel - Near the small waterfall southwest of the path
  • Combee - Field to the east of the main path
  • Chewtle - In the water to the east of the main path
  • Deerling - Field to the east of the main path
  • Drowzee - Near some ruins to the east of the main path
  • Fidough - Near Los Platos' Pokémon Center
  • Flamigo - Field to the east of the main path
  • Fletchling - Field to the east of the main path
  • Gastly - Near some ruins to the east of the main path
  • Happiny - Across the bridge and on the other side of the path from the lighthouse
  • Hoppip - Field to the east of the main path
  • Igglybuff - Near Los Platos, by the pond
  • Lechonk - Along the main path
  • Magikarp - In the water to the east of the main path
  • Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style) - Field to the east of the main path
  • Paldean Wooper - Pond near Los Platos
  • Pawmi - Outskirts of Los Platos
  • Pichu - Field between Los Platos and Mesagoza
  • Psyduck - Near any water source
  • Ralts - Outskirts of Los Platos
  • Scatterbug - Field to the east of the main path
  • Shroodle - Field between Los Platos and Mesagoza
  • Skwovet - Field between Los Platos and Mesagoza
  • Sunkern - Field to the east of the main path
  • Surskit - Pond on the west side of Los Platos (though I'm not sure you can catch them - I tossed my Pokémon out at them a dozen times and nothing happened)
  • Wingull - Along the oceanside cliffs in the field to the east of the main path
You've made your way down Poco Path, and your first town, Los Platos, is within sight. First, though, you need to take a step into a slightly larger world, that of South Province (Area One). The name is generic, but this place is a great stop for expanding your Pokédex. You're also on the verge of creating your first TMs, which we'll explore momentarily, so you should take at least a few minutes to catch some Pokémon while you're in the area.

In addition to the Pokémon native to the area, you'll also run into a few trainers as you head towards Los Platos. They're easy to defeat, and will earn you some valuable experience and cash. 

Youngster Elian
  • Tarountula, level 5
Reward: 220 P

Elian is located a short walk from the lighthouse, on the side of the path. He's a piece of cake.

Zahira the Student

  • Lechonk, level 5

Reward: 160 P

Zahira is a ways down the path, near Los Platos. She, too, is a piece of cake.

At this point you can make a straight beeline to Los Platos, if you wish, and continue your journey. First, though, you might want to follow the eastbound stream that flows through Area One, as it will carry you to a much larger field that's teeming with Pokémon, including a few you haven't seen before. Let's do a bit of exploring:

  • Before you head to the field, check the waterfall to the southwest of the main path for TM 047 Endure.
  • If you follow the edge of the cliff overlooking the sea on the south side of the large, grassy field you'll find TM 015 Struggle Bug.
  • Follow the northern cliffs in the large, grassy field, trending east, and you'll find TM 076 Rock Blast.
  • Embedded in the rock cliffs at the far end of the field is a conspicuous door of some kind. You can't do anything with it just yet, but keep it in mind for later.

You'll also find another trainer hanging out in the field.

Alejandro the Black Belt
  • Rockruff, level 11
  • Lechonk, level 12
  • Makuhita, level 12
Reward: 1,920 P

The first genuine threat you're likely to have faced, Alejandro is a tough customer at low levels. You'll find him on the north side of the field, near the top of an embankment that overlooks a few ponds.

Alejandro is nasty to fight with an undercooked team. His Rockruff messes with your accuracy, Lechonk likes to hit you with Mud Shot over and over, and Makuhita will use Sand Attack to, again, mess with your accuracy. All three are annoying opponents. Rockruff is vulnerable to Water- and Grass-type attacks, Lechonk goes down to Fighting-type attacks, and Makuhita can be handled with Flying-type attacks. Swap out your Pokémon for fresh ones if their accuracy gets too low to wipe out the stat debuffs.

Los Platos

Standing out at a distance thanks to its somewhat garish Pokémon Center, Los Platos is your first taste of a waypoint town in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Of greatest importance here is the Pokémon Center itself, which serves three distinct functions:

  • The woman in the middle of the Pokémon Center will restore your team to full health. For free, too. Very handy. You'll want to check in here first whenever you're coming home from a trip into the wilds of Paldea. These ladies can also give you tips on where to go next if you're scratching your head.
  • The man in blue on the right runs the Poké Mart. You can spend money and LP to purchase items from him. You'll typically use these stores to stock up on Poké Balls when you run low.
  • The green cylinder on the left is the Technical Machine... Machine. These dispense TMs in exchange for LP and items gained by fighting Pokémon in the wild. You'll rely heavily on TM Machines to customize your team. More TMs will be added to these machines as you find them in the field.

Nemona will give you 5,000 LP and a fistful of materials for crafting TMs once you've learned about the Pokémon Center. Reaching this point will also unlock several more important features:
  • Trading with other players via multiplayer, conducted at Pokémon Centers.
  • Autobattle. Throw your Pokémon out and it will seek out challengers on its own, without the need for battling. Your Pokémon will return to you once its health is low.
  • Finding items. Throw out your Pokémon and it may also pick up any items it finds and bring them back to you. Much easier than looking for them on your own, given the sheer number of items in the field.
You're back in control after Nemona's done talking. You can explore the rest of Los Platos, but there's not a whole lot to see besides some idle chit-chat and a woman who sells a variety of Ice Cream from her stand. The Ice Cream is handy if you want some temporary bonuses. Check the pond on the west side of Los Platos for TM 085 Rest before you skip town.

South Province (Area One)

The remainder of this area consists of two northbound paths away from Los Platos that take you towards your destination, the Academy. What you'll find along the way depends on which route you take:
  • If you take the northern path out of Los Platos you'll run into Carlota the Student, a trainer, on your way to the Academy's front gate. Go off the beaten path to the east and you'll find several items down a rocky side route, including TM 031 Metal Claw. Follow the rock wall and it will bring you to TM 032 Swift, as well, and continuing along the rock wall will bring you to a man-made wall that will force you towards the Academy. You can fight Alberto the Worker near this end point. Head back to the path and you'll find one more trainer, Youngster Luka.
  • If you take the western path out of Los Platos you'll be on a slightly longer route to your destination. Pere the Student and Ruben the Janitor guard the path to the Academy. Check along the rock walls to your left to find TM 041 Stored Power. If you climb up into the hills on the west side of the path you'll find Hiker Lucia, as well as TM 032 Swift, near a pond. Check along the brick wall near your destination, north of the main path, and you'll run into Hiker Paula.
  • If you decide to split the difference and walk through the grass between the two paths you won't find any items of great interest. You will, however, run into some Pokémon that you won't find elsewhere on the route, such as Pichu, Bonsly, Shroodle, and Skwovet. Worth a look.

Carlota the Student
  • Bounsweet, level 5
Reward: 220 P

A simple little Grass-type Pokémon. You'll flatten it.

Alberto the Worker
  • Shinx, level 7
Reward: 644 P

Your everyday Electric-type. No biggie.

Youngster Luka
  • Chewtle, level 5
Reward: 220 P

A sturdy Water-type, but overall pretty easy thanks to its low level.

Pere the Student
  • Azurill, level 4
  • Houndour, level 5
Reward: 160 P

Houndour is somewhat dangerous if you've got your Grass-type starter out, but this fight is otherwise a cakewalk.

Ruben the Janitor
  • Gulpin, level 5
Reward: 460 P

A Poison-type with few weaknesses. Ground-type moves are your most likely weapon at this stage of the game.

Hiker Lucia
  • Rolycoly, level 7
Reward: 420 P

Rolycoly is a tad bit stronger than the average trainer Pokémon in this area, but it's still pretty easy to defeat with Water-, Grass-, or Ground-type moves, one of which you'll probably have available.

Hiker Paula
  • Slakoth, level 7
Reward: 420 P

Slakoth pauses for a breather between attacks, making its defeat inevitable.

Regardless of the path you take out of Los Platos - possibly all three - you'll eventually wind up at a huge gate. There's another trainer waiting by the road here, Iker the Courier, who's eager to challenge you.

Iker the Courier
  • Rookidee, level 6
Reward: 552 P

A simple Flying-type Pokémon. Clip its wings with an Electric- or Rock-type attack.

Beside the gate you'll find a Pokémon Center where you can rest up your team, buy some new items, and cobble together more TMs. You'll also find a Pokémon League Rep who will give you TM 082 Thunder Wave if you can defeat four or more trainers from South Province (Area One). The field between Los Platos and this Pokémon Center has more than enough trainers to complete the task.

Heal your Pokémon, then approach the gate. Nemona will come charging up, and, as before, she's keen to battle.

Pokémon Trainer Nemona
  • Sprigatito / Fuecoco / Quaxly, level 8
  • Pawmi, level 9
Reward: 540 P, 3 Revives

Nemona's stronger than the first time you battled her, but after all that exploration you'll be more than a match for her little team. Her starter is still weak to your starter, after all. The Pawmi will Terastillize, a new feature that you'll get to use yourself in the not-too-distant future, though in this case it works out to little more than a an amped-up Electric-type. Deploy a Ground-type like Paldean Wooper and you'll wallop the Pawmi.

Trouncing Nemona a second time will earn you access to your next destination: Mesagoza, a huge trade city where you can finally attend school.

Main Walkthrough