Part 32: Ruins Under a Tree - Empyrean Ruins

Main Walkthrough

The party has returned safely from the Empyrean Ruins, but the number of questions surrounding their quest has exploded. Things have become quite confusing, and Amalia decides to do something about it. You'll gain control of the mouthy princess for a while as everyone returns to Hermit's Isle.

Your job at the moment is to track down and speak to everyone in the party. They're scattered throughout Hermit's Isle, so this will take a bit of searching:

  • Lenne is in a room right next to Amalia's
  • Victor is in the room across the hall from Lenne's
  • Ba'Thraz and Sienna are both in the dining hall
  • Glenn is in the basement, in the Sky Armor hangar to the northeast
  • Egyl is on the bluffs to the northeast, outside of the base
  • Robb is on the bluffs a short walk to the west of Egyl
  • If you've recruited him, Tomke is standing on the cliffs in the far north of the island
  • If you've recruited her, Mikah is at the restaurant on the east side of the island, sitting at the bottom-right table

Return to Amalia's room once you've spoken to everybody. Amalia will decide to cook a hearty, full-course meal for everyone... though being a princess, she's not terribly experienced at cooking. You can now choose which party member she should consult for each stage of the meal, based on the hints they dropped during their conversations:
  • Appetizer - If you have her, Mikah; if not, have Amalia handle it herself
  • Main Dish - Robb
  • Dessert - Egyl
  • Drinks - Sienna

Whether you're successful at cooking or not, everyone will sit down for a meal, and several important cut scenes will follow. Your course will now more or less be set. Once you regain control of the party with Glenn at the helm, go down into the kitchen and speak to the chef. He'll give you an Elixir if you chose all of the correct people for preparing food.

Your next destination is now set, as the Grave of Reina will appear on the map to the southwest of Hermit's Isle. That said, you can now also do a few things on the side, which will prepare you for the trials to come: 

  • There's only one side quest this time, A Goblin's Dilemma, though it's an important quest that ties up a number of plot lines started much earlier in Chained Echoes.
  • In addition to its own rewards, A Goblin's Dilemma will allow you to access a new statue of the Heroes of Leonar in the Ograne Grottos. You'll need to pick up some items that can get rid of the Tadeyes blocking your way.
  • Assuming you didn't catch them earlier, there are two Unique Monsters to tackle in Shambala.
  • By this point you can see most of what there is to see in the Flower Fields of Perpetua, which are worth the visit. There's one boss, though... you may need to wait a bit longer before you can beat her.

No new recruits for the Crimson Wings yet, but... that time will come soon enough. With all that done, your next destination is back on the game's main path: The Grave of Reina, the Holy Mother of the Church.

Part 34: The Grave of Reina

Main Walkthrough