Part 27: Here There Be Monsters, Fire and Ice

Main Walkthrough

Completing Fire and Ice - and the many cut scenes that follow - will send Clive back to the Hideaway. You have a few stops to make before you trigger the next phase of the main story:

  • First, stop in at the Infirmary, near the Mess. Jill will rejoin the party, and a lengthy series of cut scenes will explain what's coming next.
  • Next, head to the Mess and speak to Otto. He has some more details.
  • Last is Vivian. She's about twenty feet away, in the Map Room. Vivian provides the historical details behind the situation.

Speaking to Vivian will hash out the remaining details, and give Clive a destination: No less than his home of Rosalith. You can head straight there... or, if you want to beef up Clive a bit first, you can pursue some side content. You unlocked a bunch after completing Fire and Ice.

  • First up are some side quests. Inside the Hideaway you'll find two, Cut from the Cloth and The Root of the Problem.
  • Next is the Hunt Board. Nektar has two more Notorious Marks for you, Sekhret and Severian. They're both familiar creatures, just... much tougher.
  • Speak to Charon and she will finally have a new weapon available, the Platinum Sword. You can also purchase a Platinum Belt and Platinum Cannons, though if you've been keeping up with your side content you should have better equipment already anyway.
  • Rather than buying the Platinum Sword from Charon, however, you should forge it via Blackthorne with the Liquid Flame you picked up in Fire and Ice. Reinforcing it to a +2 will give you a considerable jump in firepower. The same goes for the other Platinum pieces of equipment.
That's all for the prep work. Onward, to Rosalith - and perhaps a long overdue settling of accounts.

Main Walkthrough