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Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Hortense, Keeper of the Stores
Unlocked: Complete Fire and Ice
Reward: 50 Steelsilk, 15 Renown, 800 gil

In order to unlock this side quest you need to first complete Fire and Ice. This is a major, main story quest, and upon returning to the ship Clive will be by himself. If you want a bit of help, complete the short main quest After the Storm, as well, so Jill is back in the party. 

Head to the Boarding Dock, between the Mess and the Main Deck on the Hideaway. Here you'll find a woman named Hortense, and she needs materials for repairing the Hideaway's clothing. Hortense ordered bolts of cloth from a place in Northreach, and she expects Clive to travel to the town and pick them up for her. Red and blue, don't forget. You'll receive a Handwritten Note to complete the task.

Travel to Northreach. On the west side of the Markets, outside Northreach's southern gate, you'll find a Draper. Give her the Handwritten Receipt and she'll admit that the supplies haven't arrived. Clive decides to take matters into his own hands.

Travel south of Northreach to Glorieuse, just outside Caer Norvent. You can either walk there or, a bit quicker, use the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate to fast travel. Right in the middle of the road, northeast of the nearby Obelisk, is the wagon - and you'll find an argument in progress. It gets violent in a hurry.


Your opponent in this quest is Killer, an oversized hulk of a man with an even bigger wooden club. Killer is more or less the same opponent as the Huntsman in The White-Winged Wonder. He sticks to normal melee attacks, either from the side or overhead, and it's quite easy to Parry him if you have decent timing (or if you activate your Limit Break). Avoid his attacks and smash away at Killer's sides. No big deal.

You'll receive Steelsilk and Black Blood for defeating Killer, and the Draper will give you the promised Bundle of Cloth. Take it back to Hortense at the Hideaway and Hortense will ask which of three options Clive likes most: Black embroidered linen, white continental silk, or lush red velvet. Which you choose will have a bearing on a conversation later in the game, but there is no 'wrong' choice here. Quest complete!

Main Walkthrough