Part 34: Return to Waford

(NOTE: This guide is currently undergoing construction. As such there are a few placeholders that provide little to no info. I will finish up these items tomorrow and get rid of the placeholders.)

Waford may be in deep trouble, but back in Memoria the people of Dressrosa are celebrating. Donquixote Doflamingo is gone, and the people have begun to rebuild their shattered lives. This means that the Straw Hats have an opportunity to explore the city, perform tasks for the populace, and pick up some nice pieces of equipment along the way.

This guide covers all of the side content available in Dressrosa as of Chapter 9. Nothing here is crucial to completing the game, but it'll make finishing the final battles easier. (And, you know, give you more time to run around as the Straw Hats.) 

Dressrosa City Area

Dressrosa City South
  • Put Sanji in the lead and look nea this area's Yoisa Sign, near the Memoria Cube. There are five Rose Squid Inks sitting on some nearby stairs.
  • Check the large clearing in the east of this area and Nami can find 240,000 Berries. They're sitting beside a checkerboard house on the left side of the street as you walk south.
Dressrosa City East
  • Near the southeastern entrance to this area you'll see two men, one of whom is tall, and is wearing a red shirt. Speak to him to begin the My Dearest Violet Side Story.
  • Directly across the street from this area's Yoisa Sign is a troubled couple. Speaking to them will begin the God Usopp chain of Side Stories.
  • Nami can find 240,000 Berries and 235,000 Berries along the ruined streets in the north of Dressrosa City East, just before it swerves west towards the Coliseum.
  • Sanji can find five Dress-Shrimps sitting near an umbrella and some benches on the right side of the street as you run west. A short walk further east of here is a covered wagon, and beside it Sanji can find five Fairy Pumpkins.
  • In the far north of Dressrosa City East, just before you drop down to "Old" Royal Plateau Area, you'll find a Shocked Man. Speak to him to begin the Respected Elder Side Story.

Foot of New Royal Plateau

There's nothing new or interesting to pick up in this area since your last visit. That said, you should probably pay a visit to the Ariepa, the local tavern. The Bounty Board is now active, and full of new Bounty Hunts for you to undertake. You barely need the money at this point, but... why not, eh?

N.R.P. Elevator
  • Standing a little ways west of the elevator is a man who wants to help set the city to rights. Speak to him and he'll enlist Franky in the Rebuilding Dressrosa Side Story.
"Old" Royal Plateau Area
  • Sanji can find five more Fairy Pumpkins on the left side of the street as you head west. They're beside an umbrella and a table and chairs, in front of a crumbled, pink building.
  • On the west end of this road, just before it turns south, you'll see some cheering people. On the side of the road near them, beside a wagon, Nami can pick up 220,000 Berries.
  • In the west of this area, assuming you've completed three other Side Stories, you'll find a certain pink-haired individual who will give you the Grand Line Quiz Mister Side Story. It's the last of the four Grand Line Quiz quests.
Blacksmith Road
  • Look along the left side of the road as you head south, with Sanji in the lead. He can spot five Smoke Scales at the top of some steps.
  • Check the patios on the east side of the road. On the northernmost patio, near a table, Nami can find 220,000 Berries.

Coliseum Path
  • Follow the main road along the west side of the Coliseum as Nami. She'll find 750,000 Berries sitting beside a wagon on the right side of the road as you head south. Look across the street with Sanji up front and he'll find five Gator Watermelons beside some market stalls.
  • Western Side Story.
  • On the west side of Coliseum Path are side streets, including a lengthy flight of stairs up to a yellow house. Nami can find 740,000 Berries at the top of the stairs. Walk all the way up to the house's front door with Sanji in the lead to find five Gator Strawberries. Sanji can also find five Gator Melons in the debris-filled archway next to the stairs.
  • South of the long set of stairs you'll find a fiery, broken path. Look to the right as you head south along this path with Nami leading to find 735,000 Berries. Climb the debris and Sanji will find five Rose Squid Meats. Once you're back on more stable ground and headed back to the main street, Nami can find 725,000 Berries in front of a house on your right.
  • Along the west side of the Coliseum as you head south you'll see a little girl on the side of the road. Speak to her to recieve the Taken by Tontattas Side Story.
  • On the south end of the Coliseum, just before you head south and away from Coliseum Path, you'll see a girl with green hair. Speak to her to begin the Someone I Must Meet Side Story.
Square, At Fountain
  • Overlooking the fountain is a chunk of raised road. Check it with Sanji out front to find five Rose Squid Meats.
  • Check out the fountain with Nami to find 250,000 Berries.
  • Check inside the house near the fountain to find a Frayed Memory that will begin the Violin of Memories Memory Link.
Dressrosa Main Street
  • In front of the first house on your left as you head east down this street Sanji can find five Rose Squid Inks.
  • Have Nami inspect the inside of the first archway as you head east down this street to find 240,000 Berries, on your left.
New Royal Plateau

With the exception of some enemy changes - no more horrifying doll monsters, for example - there's nothing new to see in the three sections of the New Royal Plateau. The only exceptions are a few bounties and the Toy Chivalry Memory Link.

Done looking around? Back to Waford with you, then. You have a Sky Tower to tackle, and a villainous plan to derail.