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Main Walkthrough

The Straw Hats have walked a long road in regaining their power, and it has all come down to this. Adio is wreaking havoc with his newfound power over the Divine Breath, and his intention to hand Waford over to his people is going to get someone killed - possibly including himself. Better put a stop to that. Use the campsite at the base of the tower to gear up, then head inside.

Sky Tower


  • Bo Bo Bird - Weak to Power, resists Fire
  • Chilly-Chilly Bird - Weak to Power, Fire
  • Crush Penguin - Weak to Speed, Fire, resists Lightning
  • Doeisa - Weak to Technique
  • Enma Jishi - Weak to Technique
  • Golden Bat - Weak to Power
  • Iron Del Kong - Weak to Technique
  • Jura Bird - Weak to Power
  • Kaen Kabuto - Weak to Speed
  • Legendary Master Dugong - Weak to Technique, resists Lightning
  • Leviathan - Weak to Power
  • Oisa - Weak to Power
  • Shock Kabuto - Weak to Speed, Fire, resists Lightning
  • Shogun Jishi - Weak to Technique
  • Silver Bat - Weak to Power
  • Smoke Banana Gator - Weak to Speed
  • Upstart Mouse - Weak to Power, Fire

After a few moments of gawking by the Straw Hats you can proceed into this strange, satisfyingly-geometric final dungeon. Step onto the circular platform in front of you and you'll create a bridge to another button a little ways north. This is a teachable moment for the rest of the dungeon. Enter the light in the far north to truly get started.

Strange Cube Floor Level 1

Straight ahead is an Olassic Cube, and approaching it will force you into a battle with three birds from previous adventures. All three are weak to Power-type moves, and shouldn't prove too difficult for the Straw Hats. You'll receive the Chilly-Chilly Bird's Power for winning this fight. These cubes will serve as the enemies of the Sky Tower from this point on. A cross-shaped light serves as their 'face' if you want to ambush a patrolling cube.

Activate the Yoisa Sign on your right, then look to the left. There's a ring suspended in midair that serves as a grappling point. Use it to reach a chest containing Death's Edge Power Jewelry. Then hop back to the main floor and step on the floor button to the north of the entrance to create a bridge.

Take a right on the bridge and you'll see a conspicuous crate. Behind it is a Wandering Clan's Journal. Head west across the bridge and you can grapple to a higher level. Grapple again after the first, then look south and up. You'll see three Sanji's Cube Fragments attached to a cube floating behind you. There are two more grapple points ahead, and if you continue east across them you'll reach a platform with a chest guarded by an enemy cube. The chest contains HP Conversion Jewelry.

Grapple to the center of the room to find a pillar of light. It will send you upward.

Strange Cube Floor Level 2

On the first platform of this area you'll find two chests. One is normal, and contains TP Cost Reduction Jewelry, while the other is locked. North of the locked chest is a grapple point to another platform where you can find a box for Zoro to open containing two Mighty Excite Apples. Put Robin in the lead and she'll find Information on Memoria on this platform.

Grapple north to the next platform. Up a set of stairs and on your right are two Robin's Cube Fragments. Head west of here to enter another area.

Strange Cube Floor Level 3

There are a series of isolated floor buttons suspended in the air in this area. You can either activate the buttons and create paths by walking, which will generate enemies to fight, or you can grapple your way across to each button and avoid the enemies by zipping over their, er, heads. In the southwest of this area is a platform off to the side and by itself, and if you make a path over you can find a locked, red chest on the platform.

Once you've reached the southwest corner you'll notice there's nowhere to go. Check the side of the cube floating just northeast of the platform with the chest and you'll see a button on its side. Have Luffy smack the button to create a path that will put you within distance of a grappling point. From here you can activate a series of floor buttons to connect all of the glowing floor cubes. Put Robin in charge and she'll find Information on the Priestesses sitting on one of the buttons.

Reach the southeastern-most point along the glowing paths and you can grapple over to the pillar of light that will allow you to leave this area. Behind it is a button that will activate another pillar of light, and you can use this to teleport back to the beginning of the Sky Tower. Otherwise, step into the first pillar.

Strange Cube Floor Level 4

This area is teeming with enemies and floor buttons, but it's not especially complicated. Move from button to button, filling in the gaps between the platforms with glowing cubes. Fight or flee enemies along the way as you see fit. There's a chest containing in the northwest containing three Golden Jellies, and if you put Robin in charge you'll find Information on the Sky Tower sitting by a button in the southeast.

Across from the chest in the northeast is another button on the side of a cube. Have Luffy hit it to complete the path to the north, where you'll find another pillar of light.

Purity Garden Passage

The next section of the Sky Tower will bring you... outside? Debatable. Head down the slope to your right. There's an Enma Jishi partially blocking your path that you can fight or avoid, though it's ultimately just another enemy, despite its size and looks. Look around the corner of the stone blocks to the east of the Enma Jishi with Robin leading the party to find Information on the Divine Breath.

On the east side of the valley the Enma Jishi was using to nap you'll find vines, and if you climb to the top you'll discover a Yoisa Shop, as well as a campsite. The Yoisa Shop has a ton of unique items to buy, and given the proximity of the campsite this is the best place in the game to create powerful fused items for your party. You likely earned a ton of Berries on your way up the Sky Tower, and there's no better place in One Piece Odyssey to spend 'em, so... go nuts. Check the chest near the cliff edge of this raised area for two Mighty Excite Apples before you leave.

Head back into the valley below rthe campsite. On the west side of the valley you'll find a rock in the middle of a dirt path. Stand on it and Luffy can just barely grapple up and to the north. At the top of this ledge you'll find three directions that you can go.

Start by looking to the west. There's a grapple point in the distance that takes you along ledges dominated by Chilly-Chilly Birds. If you grapple your way to the southeastern Chilly-Chilly Bird you'll find that it's hovering near some bushes that hide three Zoro's Cube Fragments and two Brook's Cube Fragments. Drop down to the Chilly-Chilly Bird in the north and you'll find three Franky's Cube Fragments and two Chopper's Cube Fragments in its nest. Look up the rock wall to the west of here to spot three Brook's Cube Fragments and two Zoro's Cube Fragments, nestled way above your head.

Return to the three-way ledge from earlier from the Chilly-Chilly Bird's nest, then look east. If you go up the wooden jump points to the east you'll find your way to the top of a rise, where you'll find a crate containing four Mighty Excite Apples. If you drop down on your right you'll find a ledge leading to the area in the north. Look on your left before dropping down another level to find two Luffy's Cube Fragments and three Zoro's Cube Fragments attached to the rock wall. Drop down to the lowest level from here and Robin can find Information on the Priestesses at the bottom of the cliff.

Climb the next cliff to the north. You'll find a pathway leading to a dead-end alley guarded by a cube. Behind the cube are breakable walls, and if you bash through you'll find three Zoro's Cube Fragments and three Franky's Cube Fragments.

Head out to the central, lowest section of ground, patrolled by several cubes. If you check to the northwest you'll find a small side path guarded by a cube. Behind the cube is the Sky Tower Tablet, the last of the Tablets you need to collect in the game. Once that's done you can begin grappling to the areas in the north.

Purifying Bluff

Grappling over into Purifying Bluff will put you at the top of a small cliff. Zip west of here, onto the side of a big stone structure, then look up and to the north to find another grapple point. There's a cube enemy on this next platform. Look north and you'll see three Nami's Cube Fragments that Luffy can snag from across the chasm. At the bottom of this ledge is a cave Chopper can enter, though it only serves as a path back south.

Grapple on more ledge to the west and you'll enter another area.

Forest of Cleansing

When you first land in this area you'll find a Wandering Clan's Journal a short walk to the west, the last one in the game. North of here you'll hit an intersection, and if you go east you'll find the Cube Fragments from earlier, if you didn't grab them already.

Head west until you hit another intersection, then go left. To the south, through some breakable walls, you'll find a chest containing Dandelixir Fluff. Head back to the intersection and continue north to find a chest containing Koala's Hat.

Bash your way east to find a cave for Chopper to enter. On the other side you'll find a number of vines running up the northern wall, along with grapple points. Grapple up to the east to find two Robin's Cube Fragments and three Chopper's Cube Fragments, and look in a bush a little further west to find three Franky's Cube Fragments. If you climb your way to the west without going all the way up the wall you can drop down one level and grab Information on the Melody of the Sky as Robin.

Ultimately you need to scale the wall. At the top you'll need to battle the Volcano Dragon, a beast from the Dust Ruins. A few strong attacks from your Speed characters will do it in, and you'll earn the Volcano Dragon's Power. 

Memoria Diving

Beyond the Volcano Dragon you'll find a Yoisa Sign, as well as a light pillar that will take you to a place called the Room of Longevity. The team will split up to inspect the room. Have a chat with everyone, if you like, then speak to Robin, who is staring at the glowing symbols floating in the air. She'll refer you to Lim, who will send everyone to the Strange Place.

Jump to Alabasta, then Yoisa Travel to the Alubarna Royal Mausoleum. Make your way down to B4F, the huge chamber with the lit floor tiles, then grapple your way along the eastern side of the area to the middle level. Head to the center of the chamber and Robin will re-inspect some drawings on the ceiling that she saw much earlier in the game. 

Everyone will head back to the Sky Tower. Robin will try to figure out what the floating symbols mean based on what she's learned, and the answer is sheet music. Alas, most of the score is missing, so it's back to Memoria to look for more clues. Speak to Robin again and she'll suggest traveling to Enies Lobby, in Water Seven.

Use Yoisa Travel to zip to the Tower of Law. Proceed down to the Underground Storeroom - you can walk or use dumb waiters, the amount of travel time is about the same either way - then head to the vault where Robin first learned to detect pieces of information as she walked around. It's near a save point in the south of the area. Robin will find what she needs inside...

... and, back in the Sky Tower, Lim will be badly upstaged by Brook. (She seems okay with it.) This will open the path onward. Lim will run off, and you'll find a save point before taking on your next major challenge: The Room of Recollection. Ready to face off against some familiar bosses?

Lucci and Kaku

Weakness: Power

Ah, CP9 is back. Despite being called more powerful than before - as well as fighting as a pair - Lucci and Kaku won't give you much trouble. Both specialize in hitting single targets, so put at least one Power fighter on each while your other characters hang back. Kaku is weaker in general, and should go down first.

You'll receive three Robin's Cube Fragments for beating Lucci and Kaku. Next up...

Doflamingo and Crocodile

Weakness: Power

What an unlikely couple. Doflamingo and Crocodile are definitely more troublesome than Lucci and Kaku, as they can deliver AOE attacks alongside their single-target strikes. Pick the one you find more annoying - they're about evenly matched - and send two Power fighters against him while your remaining Power fighter takes on the other target. Your fourth fighter can be one of your ranged Speed battlers.

You'll receive three Nami's Cube Fragments for defeating Doflamingo and Crocodile. And then...

Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru


  • Technique (Akainu)
  • Speed (Aokiji)
  • Power (Kizaru)
This trio is much more dangerous than the previous two fights, if only because they all have different weaknesses. Put your most powerful member of each combat category against each of the admirals, then choose a fourth person (likely Chopper) to stand off to the side and provide either healing or ranged support. Akainu usually does the most damage with his attacks, but Akainu can Freeze your characters if you're unlucky, so... it's up to you who you concentrate on beating to a pulp first. The battle gets easier with each admiral you take down.

You'll earn thre Sanji's Cube Fragments for defeating Akainu, Aokiji, and Kizaru. Afterward you'll be treated to a very length cut scene, and the full extent of Adio's villainy will be put on display. Once it's done the group will be sent back to the base of Sky Tower. Make the long trek back to the southern beach where the game started to begin the final battle.

Adio and the Divine Breath

Weakness: Technique

Adio, you fool. This battle begins with you taking on Adio, the Divine Breath, and two Thunder Storms. The Thunder Storms use normal attacks against your characters, but Adio and the Divine Breath are a little more complicated in their attacks:

  • Adio can use a normal strike, Grande to buff the DEF of his entire team, and Tempesta to hit your whole party, regardless of which area they're in.
  • The Divine Breath can target an entire area with its Thunder Shroud Freeze attack, though it doesn't go off until the Divine Breath's next turn. This gives you an opportunity to move your party members out of the way before the attack goes off. Whenever you defeat a Thunder Storm the Divine Breath will create a new one on its next turn. You can't hit the Divine Breath.
For the most part you want to concentrate your fire on Adio in this battle. Deploy Zoro, Robin, and Brook, and task at two of them with damaging Adio and absorbing his attacks while someone else takes on the Thunder Storms. Your fourth character should be one of your Power attackers, and they can handle the healing (particularly if they're Chopper) or help mount an offense (Luffy and Sanji). The Divine Breath will focus on deploying new Thunder Storms if there are fewer than two, so destroying them will prevent it from using Thunder Shroud Freeze.

Once you defeat Adio the Divine Breath will take over, though it won't do a whole lot besides try to target areas with Thunder Shroud Freeze, as well as deploy new Thunder Storms. Have your Technique fighters knock it down, then get everyone in the Divine Breath's area and beat it to a pulp. It will get up and deploy more Thunder Storms, at which point... just knock it down again. Keep smacking the thing until it runs out of health.

Defeating Adio will put you in another long cut scene, and once it's done Waford will be back to normal. Congrats! You have, effectively, completed One Piece Odyssey... or at least its main story. Collect an Odyssey Ring as an Objective reward for stopping Adio. There's still more to be done in the game, though if you're just interested in watching the ending play out, follow these steps:
  • Speak to Lim at Adio's hut and say you plan to set sail
  • Speak to Chopper on the east side of the island
  • Speak to Sanji by Adio's hut
  • Speak to Usopp, outside the Dust Ruins
  • Speak to Zoro on the east side of the Circular Inland Sea
  • Speak to Nami to the north of where you found Zoro
  • Speak to Robin on the second floor of Adio's hut
  • Speak to Franky down on the beach

Once all is said and done the Straw Hats will set sail, and that will be that. Except... you can save after the credits roll and go back to Waford, so... maybe there's some more to do...? That Red-eyed Lim seems to have something in mind...

Main Walkthrough