Location: Waford South
Petitioner: Red-eyed Lim
Reward: Odyssey Power
Objective Reward: Three Perfected Exhaust Ball Pluses

All done with the main story of One Piece Odyssey? Then it's time for some extra content. Once you've completed the game Waford will return to normal, for the most part, and Lim - along with her red-eyed counterpart - will settle down at Adio's hut. Speaking to Lim will allow you to either head back to Memoria, or, if you wish, trigger the game's ending sequence where the Straw Hats sail away from Waford.

Red-eyed Lim, on other hand, has a challenge for you. Speak to her after defeating Adio and completing the main story and she'll begin the Challenge Cube Side Story. In this quest a series of yellow Challenge Cubes are dispersed throughout the four areas of Memoria, and you need to track them down and battle the enemies that spawn from them. Red-eyed Lim gives you a hint for finding the first cube, but you'll need to hunt down the rest on your own.

... or you can check this guide. It has you covered.

Go back to Red-eyed Lim once you've completed the first Challenge Cube battle. She'll tell you that there are eleven Challenge Cubes in all. This will end the quest and earn you your reward... though you can also just keep going, and take on more Challenge Cubes. So, hey, why not? Red-eyed Lim will give you a memo for finding the rest of the cubes, but you won't need it with this guide.

Once you've completed a Challenge Cube battle you can engage the cube again to fight a 'True Challenge' version of the character. These bosses have highly-inflated stats and can quickly cut your team down if you try to take them on unprepared. Most of them fight pretty similarly to one another, so individual strategies are unnecessary, but here are some hints for taking down True Challenge versions of the bosses:
  • Only deploy characters who can counter the boss' type to their immediate area. Anyone else is in danger of getting knocked out in one, maybe two hits. Characters who are weak to the boss should never be sent out, with the exception of Chopper.
  • Try to deploy at least two characters to the boss' area. This will prevent the boss from hitting the same character over and over and knocking them out. Your opponents usually won't go twice in a row, but it happens from time to time.
  • Equip accessories that improve HP as well as ATK. If your characters have around 6,000+ HP they're not in too much risk of getting OHKOed.
  • Deploy Chopper in most fights and keep him in his own area. His Heal Skill will save the party many times over, and he can use Cure to get rid of the many status ailments that come out.
  • Speaking of which, status ailments are more frequent during these battles. Faint in particular seems to happen often. Chopper, or if need be an item, will get rid of it quickly.
  • You should also employ your own status ailments to defeat True Challenge bosses. Freeze is particularly useful against a number of the bosses, making Chilly Balls and Brooks' Skills quite handy.
  • Use cooked meals from Sanji. The stat boosts will help you get through these fights with greater ease, and can go a long way to restoring everyone's health when Chopper isn't available.
  • These bosses seem to ignore damage more often than normal. There's not much you can do about this.

Challenge Cube #1 - Challenge Smoker

The first Challenge Cube is in the Desert Near Alubarna. Yoisa Travel to Alubarna's southern entrance, then leave the city and head into the desert. The Challenge Cube is floating in the sand just south of the entrance to Alubarna.

Challenge Cube #2 - Challenge Bon Clay

The second Challenge Cube is located in Alubarna. Yoisa Travel to Alubarna Palace Square, then run south through the streets. The cube is sitting at an intersection.

Challenge Cube #3 - Challenge Crocodile, Sand Storms

The third Challenge Cube is located in Alubarna Royal Mausoleum. Inspect the room where you fought Crocodile, on the north end of B1F, to find the cube.

Challenge Cube #4 - Challenge Lucci

The fourth Challenge Cube is located in Water Seven's Sewer. Make your way down to the second basement via the elevators, then head to Franky's Hideout in the south. The Challenge Cube is on the lower floor, with a group of Franky Family Followers.

Challenge Cube #5 - Challenge Kaku

The fifth Challenge Cube is located on the lowest level of the Tower of Law, in the Underground Passage. Use the dumb waiters to make your way down to the furnace room, then head through the door in the north. The Challenge Cube is in a chamber further down this passage.

Challenge Cube #6, 7, 8 - Challenge Akainu, Aokiji, Kizaru

The sixth, seventh, and eight Challenge Cubes are located in Ox Bell Plaza in Marineford. The plaza is located in the southwest of town, and the cubes are floating around the base of the Ox Bell. Akainu is in the center cube, Aokiji is in the cube on the right, and Kizaru is in the cube on the left.

Challenge Cube #9 - Challenge Burgess

The ninth Challenge Cube is located in Dressrosa City Area. You'll find it right in front of the Coliseum, in the west of the city.

Challenge Cube #10 - Challenge Hakuba

The tenth Challenge Cube is located on New Royal Plateau, 2nd Level. Jump to the area by Yoisa Travel and you'll find the cube a short walk southwest of the sign.

Challenge Cube #11 - Challenge Doflamingo

The final Challenge Cube is located at N.R.P. Sunflower Field. Jump to the final Yoisa Sign of Dressrosa and you'll find the Challenge Cube near the front door of the palace.


Usually when you defeat a Challenge Cube boss you'll receive an item. (Though not always.) The items available appear to be randomly chosen from a single pool:
  • Challenge Burn Resistance +75 Crown
  • Challenge DEF +400 Crown
  • Challenge GUTS +400 Crown
  • Challenge Freeze Resistance +75 Crown
  • Challenge Lightning Resistance +75 Crown
  • Challenge Poison Resistance +75 Crown
  • Challenge Technique Resistance +50 Crown
Occasionally when fighting a specific enemy you may earn their Challenge Power, as well. If you beat True Challenge Kaku, for example, you may earn True Challenge Kaku's Power. These seem to be somewhat rare, and unless you're an extreme completionist they're probably not worth the effort to get. (Considering, you know, these enemies are the strongest in the game, and if you can already beat them... why bother...?)