Main Walkthrough

Location: Desert Near Alubarna
Participants: Sanji, Chopper, Brook
Reward: Sanji, Chopper, and Brook's Bond Art, Drop Rate Up Jewelry

In order to make this Memory Link appear you must first complete the main story events surrounding Alabasta. Return to the country once you've recruited Brook and you'll find the Memory Link. It's down in the Desert Byway, the side passage that cuts through the middle of the Desert Near Alubarna. Yoisa Travel to the Approach to Desert Byway Yoisa Sign and you'll be a short distance east of the Frayed Memory.

Part 1

Sanji, Chopper, and Brook will participate in this trip to Hysteria, and shortly after arriving they'll hear a growl. Return to the Alubarna Ravine and the group will discover a Desert Banana Gator, and it happens to be the focus of this Hysteria. Chopper will discover that it's hurt and mend its wounds. (How many of these things have the Straw Hats beat up by now?)

The gator will give the group a ring, revealing that it saved a woman named Lania from bandits a few days prior. It wants the Straw Hats to take the ring back to Lania, and suggests that she'll be traveling with a bunch of people if she's out looking for the ring. You'll find a group of them to the west, though Lania has vanished on them.

Make your way across the central bridge and head east towards the Royal Army Garrison. Before you reach it you'll see Lania standing near a palisade wall on your left. Alas, she does not remember the gator. Head back west, crossing the bridge, and Lania will be cornered by pirates. Before the group can help her some Alabasta Soldiers will mistake the Straw Hats for the pirates and attack. Fight them off and the sequence will end.

Part 2

Trek to the Alubarna Ravine. The second Frayed Memory is on a rocky bluff overlooking the Desert Byway, just north of the bridge through the middle of the Desert Near Alubarna. Hop inside to continue the story. The group will have to confess to the gator that Lania was kidnapped, and they promise to save her.

To the east you'll find several people who will provide clues to Lania's possible whereabouts, the most important of whom obliquely points you down into the Desert Byway. Make your way through the Byway, fighting or avoiding Pirates as you go, until you arrive at the Baroque Works Hideout. 

The hideout currently serves as a pirates' den, and they're holding Lania hostage. You'll need to battle a pack of Pirates of varying weaknesses to get through. Your characters won't be fairly distributed, so do some rearranging before you begin attacking. After the battle the gator will arrive to back up the party, and you'll need to take on the Pirate Boss and his goons. The group learns the Cloven Flambage Diamond Parry Shot Bond Art in the process, and though it's powerful it will only take out one enemy at a time. Still, mopping up is not difficult.

Defeating the pirates will end things on a happy note, and you'll receive your reward upon returning to Memoria.