• Bo Bo Bird - Weak to Power
  • Crush Penguin - Weak to Speed, Fire
  • Doeisa - Weak to Technique
  • Electric Dragon - Weak to Speed
  • Legendary Master Dugong - Weak to Technique
  • Oisa - Weak to Power
  • Ogre Sazae Kancho - Weak to Power
With the final visit to Memoria out of the way, the Straw Hats have been returned to their full power - only to find Waford in a state of chaos. Adio, who appears to be the bad guy after all his help, has seized control of a powerful artifact. Better put a stop to that.

Trek north to Adio's hut. The enemies along the way are pulled straight out of Dressrosa, with a few additions of equal power, and shouldn't prove much of a nuisance. Lim is waiting, and she'll explain what little more she knows about Adio's plan. She'll point the group towards the Sky Tower, which you can find by heading north. 

Trek to the very north of Circular Inland Sea, then take the left path, through the cave only Chopper can use, and out the other side. Approach the small, conspicuous island that's furthest north to trigger a cut scene, as well as a battle.

Shogun Jishi

  • Technique (Shogun Jishi)
  • Power (Oisa)
Despite the cool music this is really just another fight. There are lots of Oisa about, but Luffy can easily demolish the whole lot of them with one AOE Skill. The Shogun Jishi shouldn't pose much trouble to your Technique fighters.

Franky will build a bridge during the fight. Head across and you'll find a path into Waford Central. Keep an eye on your right as you travel to find a chest containing 240,000 Berries. The journey is otherwise pretty straightforward, and you won't find anything of interest until you reach the base of the Sky Tower:
  • There's a Yoisa Sign here. Activate it. At this point Yoisa Travel will again be available on Waford, and you can zip all over the island.
  • Behind a tree near the Yoisa Sign you'll find two Robin's Cube Fragments and two Chopper's Cube Fragments.
  • There's a campsite near the entrance to the tower. You won't find another one this close to the end of the game, so if you need to do some crafting or fusing, now is the time.
  • South of the campsite is a passage only Chopper can access. Partway through is a tree, and behind the tree you'll find two Brook's Cube Fragments (finally) and two Zoro's Cube Fragments. Sanji can find ten Shay-King Dragon Maracas in this clearing. At the far end is a big, steel door, and if you raise Zoro's Door Slice Skill to level 2 he can get through. There's a locked, red chest on the other side, and Robin can find Information on the Strange Place near the chest if she's in the lead.
And that's that. You've arrived at the site of the final showdown. If you're ready you can head into the Sky Tower and look for Adio. This guide is not ready to do that, however, as there's somewhere else to go first: Dressrosa. Despite the dire circumstances Lim is still willing to ship you off to Memoria, and there's a bunch of stuff to do in Dressrosa that has unlocked now that you've reached Chapter 9. Off you go!