Part 18: Find Rob Lucci - Dock One

Main Walkthrough

With Dock One thoroughly explored, it's time for the Straw Hats to head to the Mayoral Residence and continue their search for Rob Lucci. It's in the north of the Water Seven City Area, up some stairs that were previously locked away from a thorough investigation. We'll resume our exploration of Water Seven City Area there.

(Check out this guide if you're looking for central and south-eastern Water Seven City Area.)

Note that the Bull Taxis in this area are now active, so if you don't want to walk you can hop on a Yagara and sail to your destination. They cost 100 Berries to use, making them virtually free.

Fountain Square

The unexplored section of Fountain Square consist of a two stairways, a fountain, and side areas surrounded by pillars. There are two things to grab here before you continue north to the next area:

  • Check the side area to the west of the first fountain. Tucked away beside some stairs you'll find a Sanji's Cube Fragment
  • Look to the east of the fountain and you'll find a Yaya Cube in a crate, as well as the area's Yoisa Sign.

Yep, you were that close the last time you came through here. Ah well.

Front of Mayoral Residence

Climb the stairs near the fountain and you'll enter the Front of Mayoral Residence. More stairs ahead!

  • On the first set of stairs after you enter this area Nami can find 60,000 Berries. They're in the small clearing between the two sets of stairs.
  • Up the second set of stairs you'll find two women sitting and talking at a table. To the right of them is a crate containing a Yaya Cube.
  • Head west down the street from the stairs leading into the Mayoral Residence and you'll see some pillars on your right. Near one of the pillars is a steel box for Zoro to open. Inside is a Potent Excite Apple.
  • Also down the western street you'll see a merchant on your left who appears to sell fabric. Check the rugs he's stationed on with Sanji in the lead to find Shock Kabuto Meat.
  • At the end of the westbound street you'll find a bridge. You can go beneath the bridge to find a Bull Taxi. Near the bridge is a tavern named the Kajika, and if you look inside you'll find two Volcano Dragon Tails by the bar.
When you reach the end of the street a worker will keep you from going any further. Head towards the Mayoral Residence, and out front...


Weakness: Speed

Yikes. Aokiji is a tough guy, and you're at a disadvantage in this fight since Usopp and Robin are absent. The only character who can safely stand toe-to-toe with Aokiji is Nami, with Zoro providing backup. Try to keep Luffy, Chopp, and Sanji in other areas, attacking from afar. You only have to get Aokiji down to half of his health to end the fight, but Aokiji hits hard enough that you still want to take the fight somewhat seriously.

In the wake of the fight the entire team will leave the party except for Zoro and Sanji. Tromp back to the Bull Rental in the southeast of Water Seven City Area and return to the lower level, then head to the Going Merry. The ship will be missing, along with Usopp... and with Robin unconscious, Zoro, Sanji, Chopper, and Nami will have to fend off a group of Franky Family Followers on their own. They can Poison your characters and put them to Sleep, but you should otherwise have everything you need to take them down. Nami's Happiness Punch is especially handy if you find yourself getting overwhelmed.

You'll receive the Franky Family's Record Cube for taking the baddies down, but that won't solve the problem of Robin being unconscious and Luffy being a block of ice. Head back to the Mayoral Residence, then swing west. The worker blocking the bridge at the end of the street will let you into the Employee Public Bath. 

Continue west, then speak to the guy on your right. You'll be introduced to Iceberg, the mayor of Water Seven, and he'll grant access to the public baths. This will save both Luffy and Robin, though Robin is still too weak to rejoin the party. (Luffy, on the other hand, is some sort of monster, and seems just fine.) That leaves retrieving Usopp, who is now in the rough hands of the Franky Family.

Main Walkthrough