Part 19: Save Luffy and Robin - Front of Mayoral Residence

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Things have fallen apart for the party after running into Marine Admiral Aokiji, and though Luffy is back to normal (as normal as he ever gets) Robin is unconscious and Usopp is missing. Robin just needs time, but Usopp appears to have been abducted - alongside the Going Merry - by the Franky Family. You'll need to head into the sewers to find them.

The sewers are located somewhere in the west of Water Seven City Area. You can go more or less straight to the entrance... but you now have access to a section of the city that was blocked off earlier. Time for some exploration, despite the dramatic music playing in the background.

Employee Public Bath

The entrance to the sewer is far to the south, so we'll start in the north, at the Employee Public Bath where Luffy and Robin were thawed out.

  • Sitting beside the bridge in the north that will take you to Front of Mayoral Residence is a box for Zoro to open. Inside is a Potent Energy Apple.
  • If you enter the area in the north where you took Luffy and Robin earlier - which just appears to be some back alley, not a public bath - you'll find a chest containing an Afro Wig.
  • Check on the east side of the stairs leading away from this area to find a crate. Inside it is a Yaya Cube. On the west side of the stairs you'll find a box for Zoro to open containing two Burning Tail Feathers.

If you try to head south from here a worker will warn you that there are bandits ahead... though he also won't stop you if you think you're strong enough. Which you are.

Abandoned Factory


  • Pirate - Weakness varies

The Abandoned Factory is the first location in Water Seven where you'll run into enemies as you run around. They're about as strong as the Franky Family members that you fought earlier, and shouldn't give you much trouble.

  • In the north of the Abandoned Factory you'll find the area's Yoisa Sign. A short walk southwest of the sign you'll find a bunch of supplies sitting on metal plates. Check the crates and pots here for two Yaya Cubes.
  • South of the Yoisa Sign, before you go down the stairs leading south, you'll find a side area guarded by a Pirate. There's a metal box for Zoro to open over here containing four Aqua Cabbages, as well as a chest containing Blueno's Apron.
  • Cross the bridge to the southern section of the Abandoned Factory and you'll find a Yoisa Shop set up on your left. It sells a few unique items, such as Doeisa's Badge, Merry's Pirate Flag, and Chimney's Hair Clip. It also has several Necklaces that are a step up from what you've bought before, and worth grabbing if you want to do some fusion with Robin the next time you get to camp.
  • There's a dock extending west of the main path through the south of the Abandoned Factory. At the end of the dock is a chest containing a Power Resistance +25 Necklace. On your left as you head back you'll find a steel box for Zoro to destroy that contains three Aqua Meats.
  • South of the Yoisa Shop you'll find some stairs. Go up, then check to the south along the upper level to find a barrel containing a Yaya Cube. Follow the edge of the building beside you to the north and the east to find a chest containing Mozu's Sunglasses.
  • Just before you leave the Abandoned Factory in the south you'll find a large storage shed on the east side of the street. Inside and on your right, beside a bench, is a Chopper's Cube Fragment.

Sewage Treatment Plant

The Sewage Treatment Plant covers the southwest of the Water Seven City Area, and is the last section of the upper city to explore. The enemies will disappear once you reach this area. There's not a whole lot to see here, however, aside from a metal box for Zoro to open that contains two Spicy Urchins.

Head west and you'll run into a group of Franky Family Followers. They refuse to move, so you'll need to move them. Two of them are Technique users and one is Speed, making this a good battle for Nami to go to work. Let one of your three Power users take out the Speed user while Zoro mops up anyone else. You'll receive a Franky Family's Power for winning the fight.

The goons will vanish once the fight's over. Check the street on your left for a metal box Zoro can open for two Aquapillars, then follow them down the stairs in the west. Sewers ahoy!

Part 21: Go to Franky's Hideout - Sewer

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