Part 20: Go to Franky's Hideout - Water Seven City Area

Main Walkthrough

The Franky Family is on the run, and the Straw Hats have pursued the group into the Sewer beneath Water Seven City Area. The area you'll enter looks a bit maze-like from the map, but it's less complicated than it appears. Put your Power users up front and you shouldn't have any trouble with the monsters that inhabit these narrow halls.



  • Conch Kancho - Weak to Power
  • Golden Bat - Weak to Power
  • Monogusa - Weak to Speed
  • Silver Bat - Weak to Power
  • Wicked Mouse - Weak to Power


When you reach open tunnels in the Sewer you'll find a save point on your right and a Yoisa Sign on your left. You'll also find a branch in the path, though the water in the east will prevent you from going that way. Slice open the steel box down the eastern branch with Zoro to find two Potent Energy Apples, then head west.

Put Luffy up front and use him to swing your way across the water. Keep following the tunnels until they bring you to one of the Franky Family members, as well as a huge cog on the wall. Toggle the cog to lower the water level throughout the Sewer. A short walk east of the cog and on your left you'll find a Yoisa Shop with some new unique items: Doeisa's RingKokoro's Shell, and Yokozuna's Loincloth. The barrel near the Yoisa contains a Yaya Cube.

In the southeast is a mechanical door that you can't open. Ignore it for now and head north, then down a level. North of the doorway you can swing across the water to reach several side rooms, though they only lead to a chest that you can't reach from here. To the northwest of where you started are stairs leading back to the entrance. Just south of the stairs and on your left is where you need to go.

You'll find another huge cog here that will lower the level of the water even further. Near it is a steel box Zoro can open to find a Cozy Beetle. There are now a few routes that you can take to the south of the cog, though before you do you should head back to the previous room. There are a few new things to see:

  • Drop into the culvert splitting this area in two now that it's empty of water. On the south end you'll find a chest containing a Freeze Resistance +25 Necklace.
  • Travel to the north end of this same culvert and you'll find bars that Chopper can get through. The passage beyond will take you to the west side of the Sewer, where you'll find up in another culvert. Check to the south here to find a chest containing Iceberg's Jacket.
  • If you check the side rooms with the chest you couldn't reach from earlier you'll find that there's a jump point down in the culvert. Hop up on the other side to open the chest and receive an Elephant Tuna Saute.
  • In addition to everything above, if you check in the southwest of Sewer B1F you'll find a pit that used to be filled with water. At the bottom you'll find a Zoro's Cube Fragment, and in a side room you'll find a chest containing 40,000 Berries.

Enough exploring. Head back to the room with the second cog and start by grappling south, to the top of a nearby ladder. There's a crate containing nothing special on the landing the ladder is attached to, but if you check the far side of the landing and look at the pipes nearby you'll see a Sanji's Cube Fragment that Luffy can grab from afar. Grapple to the next ladder to the south and you'll reach a room with a chest containing two Burst Brews.

Grapple back north. You need to descend into the pit below you, and there are a few ways to do it. All will put you on B2F.


You'll wind up facing a set of steel bars at the bottom of this pit. Check near the bars for a box that Zoro can open to receive a Smooth Shroom, then head east. There's another steel box in the corner of this room containing two Potent Energy Apples. Follow the path west out of this room to find a side passage, down which you'll find a chest containing a Guts +81 Necklace. Along this same path is another box for Zoro to open containing Chilly Sap.

Down here you'll find a huge door. Go through and you'll be at a crossroads with doors on your right and left, neither of which will open right now. Head south until you reach stairs, then check to your left to find a box for Zoro to open. Inside are two Potent Energy Apples

At the top of the stairs you'll find a save point. Turn around at the top of the stairs and you'll see a chest containing a Durian Gator Salad that Luffy can grapple over to and grab. Use the save point, because when you go through the door on your right...

Scrapper Franky


  • Speed (Scrapper Franky)
  • Power (Franky Family Follower A, C)
  • Technique (Franky Family Follower B) 

Ah, a different version of Franky! Weird. Franky himself likes to use punches, though he can also use Coup de Vent to hit everyone in his area. The Franky Followers are the same as those you've fought before, and can be a little annoying if they hit your team members with status ailments. Otherwise, not a big deal.

As with most boss fights you want to take down the mooks first, which shouldn't take too long. Once they're gone let someone ideal pit themselves against Franky - Zoro is your best choice - while everyone else attacks him from the sidelines. Nami's the only person who should absolutely stay out of range of his attacks, making this a fairly easy battle.

You'll earn Franky's Swimsuit from Two Years Ago for defeating Scrapper Franky and his buddies. Ew. Usopp will pop up and smooth things over with Franky, and it seems as though everything is going to end well... at least until an uninvited third party joins the fray.



  • Technique (Lucci, Older Twin Government Official, Younger Twin Government Official, Enies Lobby Agent A)
  • Power (Enies Lobby Agent B, C)
The man shows himself. Lucci hits harder than Franky did in the previous fight, and will target a single person with Tempest Kick. The Government Officials use Knuckle Shock to hit everyone in their area, while the two ranged Enies Lobby Agents shoot from afar with guns. The last Enies Lobby guy just uses melee attacks.

All in all, this is a pretty standard fight. The Government Officials are perhaps the most dangerous since they use AOE attacks, so you may want to defeat and / or incapacitate them first. Have Luffy swiftly defeat the two ranged attackers with his Skills while everyone else focuses on the melee Enies Lobby Agent and Lucci himself. Once Lucci is on his own he won't pose too much of a threat.

You'll receive the Agent's Power for defeating Lucci and his cronies, though Lucci will use the power of cut scenes to take down the Straw Hats regardless. He'll abduct Usopp and Franky and leave, putting you back at square one.

With the trail gone cold you'll now have to make your way back out of the Sewer. Climb to the second floor walkway of the Going Merry's berth and you'll find a chest containing Kiwi's Necklace in the west and a Luffy's Cube Fragment in the east. Exit the berth and, back outside, you'll find none other than Robin waiting. She'll rejoin the party - fortunately she won't have to play catch-up in levels as much as the last time she left - and the Straw Hats will decide on a new course of action.

Head back north. A member of Franky's gang will offer to let you use one of their elevators, and opens up the door on your right that was locked before. Use the elevator to ascend to the first floor, where you'll find a path back to the surface. 

Your next goal: Speak to the mayor. He's waiting outside his home, in the north of Water Seven, where you fought Aokiji. You'll learn a bit about Iceberg's shared history with Franky, and then he'll offer to show you a path to Enies Lobby, where Franky and Usopp are being taken. This will shoot you back to the manhole cover where you started.

Pop back inside the Sewer and go to the second basement. Iceberg will get you into the next door over, where you'll enter a (sort of) new area.

Old Sewer

This section of the Sewer appears to be in disrepair. Proceed into the Old Sewer until you're in front of a pit with a number of grapple points. Drop down into the pit and look behind you. There's a pillar here, behind which is a chest containing an ATK +154 Necklace. Next, head through the passage on your right, around the water, and grapple to the south. You'll find a ramp up to an Usopp's Cube Fragment.

Go back around to the grapple point to the ramp, but this time grapple upward and go through the western door on the upper level. After a quick chat you'll be overlooking another pit. If you drop down into it you'll find a side room with a chest that you can't unlock right now. 

Grapple your way north instead, fighting monsters as you go. In the next room you'll find another locked red chest at the bottom of the platforms. In the final room you'll discover several jump points leading to the exit, and if you look behind you when you drop to the bottom of the jump points you'll find a path leading back to Water Seven.

At the end of the curving tunnel you'll find what Luffy spotted much earlier in the Sewer: The Sea Train. Speak to everyone nearby to trigger the move to your next stop: Enies Lobby, a stronghold of the World Government.

Main Walkthrough