Part 21: Go to Franky's Hideout - Sewer

Main Walkthrough


  • Blue Gorilla - Weak to Speed, Lightning
  • Blue Gorilla Rookie - Weak to Speed, Lightning
  • Enies Lobby Agent - Weakness varies
  • Navy Officer - Weakness varies
  • Sailor - Weakness varies
  • icked Mouse - Weak to Power

Usopp and alternate-Franky have been kidnapped by Cipher Pol, the World Government's deep-cover intelligence and assassination squad. The remaining Straw Hats have followed them to Enies Lobby, a stronghold of the Marines, and now you'll have to infiltrate the place and rescue your buddies. Driving a train into the side of the Tower of Law is a good start.


Check beneath the train before you leave the first room to find an Usopp's Cube Fragment. Luffy will have to grab it off of the heap of rubble. Use the nearby save point, activate the Yoisa Sign in the northwest, and head north. You'll start running into Marines. They're pretty standard, as far as enemies go, and won't throw any curveballs. Nami's Happiness Punch is great for Charming human foes en masse in this area, and Robin can do significant damage with Dos Fleus Grab to basically everything.

At this point the path through the Tower of Law splits in two directions. Start by heading east. A flamethrower will prevent you from going through this area too easily, forcing you to the southeast. Make your way north along the eastern wall, smashing crates and barrels as you go. The crate against the bubbled-out section of wall in the east contains a Yaya Cube.

Head west once you've gotten around the flamethrower and its operator will call in help. You'll need to fight Commander Week and his cronies, a fight which is pretty standard for the area. Defeating the enemies that show up will deactivate the flamethrower, allowing you to return to the entrance easily. Check a crate near the rear of the flamethrower for a Yaya Cube.

Continue north along the east wall until you reach the northeast corner of the Tower of Law. Turn west and you'll see two Yoisa Shops. One sells the usual stuff - including the unique gear Doeisa's Necklace, Spandam's Headgear, Jabra's Sunglasses, and Kalifa's Notebook - while the other sells cooking ingredients and Trick Balls. Down a short pathway near the Yoisas you'll find a chest containing Bronze Bat Soup.

Check the room to the south of the Yoisas and you'll find the rear end of another flamethrower. Fight Commodore Gauge and his buddies to deactivate the thing, as well as receive Commodore Gauge's Record Cube and Commodore Gauge's Power. Check the line of sandbags behind the flamethrower to find a Zoro's Cube Fragment.

Head back to the entrance and save your progress. You're now headed to the west side of the area, which, thanks to the defeat of Commander Gauge, you can fully explore. You're once again blocked by a flamethrower, so head southwest. In the very southwest corner of the room you'll find a chest behind some cannons. It contains 60,000 Berries.

Head north along the western wall and take out the flamethrower manned by Major Agray. This will again create a shortcut back to the entrance. Head north of the flamethrower and you'll find a chest contianing Bronze Bat Soup at the end of a short hallway.

Head back south and go east at your first chance. The path splits ahead. Go north and you'll find a dead-end hallway. There's a metal box on the right side of the hall containing a Yaya Cube that Zoro can retrieve, and if you check behind the crates near the box you'll find a Zoro's Cube Fragment. On the left side of the hallway you'll find the Pantry, where you can save. Check beside the huge fridge to find a Luffy's Cube Fragment.

Continue east. The remainder of the path is clearing, and you'll find stairs at the end leading to the next area.

Underground Prison

This area is absolutely teeming with jail cells for Zoro to slice open. You'll find the following in the cells as you look around:

  • Directly south of the entrance is a cell with a Blue Gorilla inside. Defeat it to claim the Chopper's Cube Fragment that's also in the cell.
  • If you go down the eastern hallway you'll find a Robin's Cube Fragment in the final cell to the north.
  • Go north through the western hallway, the one that does not contain your destination. In the first cell on your left you'll find a Sanji's Cube Fragment, and in a cell further north you'll find a metal box. Slice it open with Zoro to receive a Potent Energy Apple.
In the far north of the aforementioned western hallway you'll find a Nami's Cube Fragment and a box for Zoro to open containing a Potent Energy Apple. You'll also find a dumbwaiter that matches one you saw earlier, only active. Hop inside with Chopper and it will zip you back up to the Pantry.

Go down the far-west hallway and you'll find a hole for Chopper to enter. This will drop you down into another area in the Tower of Law.

Underground Storeroom

You'll find yourself in a hallway with venitaltion fans on one side. Check the crate across from the stairs for a Yaya Cube. There's another flamethrower ahead, focing you to go through the hole in the wall near the stairs as Chopper. Check to your left on the other side to find a metal box for Zoro containing two Golden Jellies, then jump back to Chopper to get at the Nami's Cube Fragment that's dead ahead.

Climb the boxes ahead and you'll find the entrance to a vent. Look to your right and you'll find a Sanji's Cube Fragment on a nearby shelf. Luffy can grab it. Use Chopper to enter the vent. On the other side you'll see an Usopp's Cube Fragment on a nearby shipping crate that Luffy can snag for you. Make your way around the room to find another vent for Chopper to enter.

You'll come out in the Vault. Inspect the bookshelves and Robin will find a history of Waford that will confirm a few suspicions as to its origins. This will unlock Archaeologist's Appraisal, a passive Skill of Robin's that's similar to what Nami and Sanji can do. You'll find an Information on Yoisa near the bookshelves once the cut scene is over. You can then claim an Objective for the Yoisa info, which provides some details on the species.

Zoro can slice open the door nearby, allowing you to leave the Vault. You'll find a save point in the hallway, and near here you'll run into Commodore Guard, who's manning the flamethrower. Defeat his group to receive Commodore Guard's Record Cube and Commodore Guard's Power, as well as deactivate the flamethrower. 

Slice up the door near Guard using Zoro and inside you'll find a box containing a Potent Excite Apple. Chopper can climb into the vent to reach the other side of the room, but it just seems to connect to the other storage rooms you traveled through earlier, so don't bother. Head east of the flamethrower to enter another new area.

Engine Room

Almost done. The Engine Room contains a save point, and the dumb waiter in here will take you back up a few levels. Check the edges of the room to find a Robin's Cube Fragment in the south and a chest containing Kumadori's Crosier in the southeast. 

Save, then approach the huge door in the north to get into a battle with Rear Admiral Barricade and his men. Barricade is the strongest of the unique officers you've fought, but he's no big deal. You'll earn Rear Admiral Barricade's Record Cube and Rear Admiral Barricade's Power for winning the fight. Barricade will also admit that there are three keys to the door, and Nami will steal Underground Passage Key A from him. Idiot.

Hop into the dumb waiter and it will shuttle the group back up to the Underground Prison. Return to 1F and check the Pantry with the save point in the northwest. A sailor in here will tell you that Barricade hid Underground Passage Key B in the fireplace just south of here. Speak to the sailor again and he'll tell you that a Vice Admiral in the Underground Prison has the final key.

Use the dumb waiter in the Pantry to shuttle down to the prison. Check the eastern passage and you'll find a dog at the end. He'll, ah, hand over the Underground Passage Key C. This game is silly. Use the dumb waiter to the south of the dog to return to the Engine Room, save your game, and use the keys on the door. It will swing open, and in the passage beyond...



  • Power (Kaku, Enies Lobby Agent B, D, F)
  • Technique (Enies Lobby Agent A, C, E)
Yes, he may be a little silly, but Kaku can nevertheless hit pretty hard. He can use either normal attacks, or Tempest Kick Spinning White Blade on a single target, both of which are reasonably painful. Kaku's escorts are the usual range of mooks with guns and melee attacks, though the buffer Enies Lobby Agents can cause some trouble with their AOE attack Knuckle Shock.

Place two of your Power users in your party, along with Zoro and Robin, and pick your way through the field, starting with the melee Enies Lobby Agent. Have one person with lots of health sit with Kaku and bear the brunt of his attacks while you wipe up the rest of the enemies. You can then send all three of your Power fighters to take on Kaku, healing with Chopper as necessary. Finish Kaku off with Zoro for extra experience.

You'll receive Kaku's Power for defeating Kaku and his minions. Kaku's boss, Spandam, will yell at the group by snail phone for a bit, and then accidentally issue a call for something very nasty indeed. Next up: You get to play as Usopp and Franky for a while!

Part 23: Find an Escape Route - Bridge Pier

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