Main Walkthrough

With the Dust Ruins behind them the Straw Hat Pirates are off on the second leg of their time-traveling adventure through their memories. This stop takes them to Water Seven, a crucial stop on their journey that ended their travels with the Going Merry, their original ship. (Though this is also where they first picked up Franky, so... maybe another party member is incoming at long last?)

Usopp will decide to stay with the Going Merry for a little while, and will leave the party. Check north along the shore for a Memoria Cube - currently inaccessible - and a half-buried barrel containing a Yaya Cube. Just south of the Memoria Cube and nestled among the rocks is a pot containing another Yaya Cube.

Activate the Yoisa Sign to the south, then follow the path. The group will decide that they need to follow the course of history, which means taking down Rob Lucci, the head of the World Government's organization CP9. Follow the path away from the Going Merry to enter Water Seven. The only item of interest along the way is a Luffy's Cube Fragment, stuck on a rock out to sea that you'll only notice if you turn back towards the dock while walking up the path.

Water Seven Lower Level

Ahead is a small bar and reception ahead. Check on the east side of the area, beside the bar, for a chest containing a DEF +107 Necklace. Speak to the woman at the counter and she'll let the crew use the nearby Rental Bulls. You can't access the rest of Water Seven's lower levels thanks to the incoming Aqua Laguna, so you might as well hop onto the Yagara.

Water Seven City Area

Home of Water Seven's population, the Water Seven City Area is a sprawling region with tons to see and do. You can't explore the western section of this area just yet, and a bit of the north is cut off, but there's still a ton to see and do before you head to Galley-La in the southeast. Water Seven City Area is sliced up into distinct areas, so we'll go through them piece-by-piece. Feel free to claim Grand Log: Water Seven, Part 1 from your Objectives, a reward for reaching Water Seven.

Elevator -Top Floor

You'll start off in the south of Water Seven. You can't use the Rental Bulls from this spot - or any spot in the city - for the moment, though that will change soon enough.
  • To the south of the Yagara Stop is a bit of a side street. On the east end of it, right beside the water, Sanji can find two Bo Bo Bird Breasts. Head west along the street and you'll find a wagon, behind which is a metal box that Zoro can slice open to find a Sazae Kancho Ogre Liver. At the west end of the street, beside a gate and behind a street lamp, is an Usopp's Cube Fragment.
  • North of the Yagara Stop is the Cats All Over bar, which operates the same as the taverns in Alabasta. There's a Bounty Board in here, but there are no bounties just yet. Check the table to the left of the Bounty Board with Nami in charge to find 60,000 Berries, and by the bar with Sanji in the lead to find a Sazae Kancho Liver. Just outside the Cats All Over, on the east side, you'll find a box Zoro can slice open to retrieve two Nimbus Spiders.
  • West of the save point in the middle of this area you'll find a crate. Smash it open to find a Yaya Cube.
  • On the west side of the area you'll find a gateway that's blocked by a buff man. Just south of him is a wagon. Sanji can find a Volcano Dragon Tail by the front of the wagon.

Cafe Park

North of Elevator - Top Floor is Cafe Park. It's directly adjacent to where you need to go, but the game forces you to do more sightseeing first. Ah well, there's plenty to pick up here anyway.
  • Walk west of the entry bridge to Cafe Park. You'll find several pillars hiding away a red chest that is, currently, locked. Near the chest and behind the last pillar is a Luffy's Cube Fragment.
  • There's a fountain near the southern entrance of Cafe Park. A short walk west of it, beside a green building, is Shock Kabuto Meat that only Sanji can find.
  • In roughly the middle of this area is a Yoisa Sign. West of it is a metal box for Zoro to open containing an Insulator Brew. Northwest of the sign and down a short, dead-end pathway you'll find a pot containing a Yaya Cube, secreted at the end of a line of pillars. If you look up at the balcony above the pillars you'll spot a Luffy's Cube Fragment that Luffy can grab.
  • On the east side of Cafe Park, near some stacked boats, you'll find two Boorish Men menacing a third man. Claim that you know the guys and they'll pick a fight. Both are Technique fighters, so let Nami handle them. The man you saved will give the group a Tough Chord. Just south of the man is a metal box for Zoro to open containing an Antidote Brew.
  • In the northeast, by the edge of the water, you'll find a Zoro's Cube Fragment. It's hidden a little under the lip of the railing near the stairs so it's easy to miss unless you walk down to the water. Inside one of the two pots by the fragment you'll find a Yaya Cube, and if Sanji is leading the party you'll find a Sazae Kancho Ogre Liver sitting on some nearby carpets.
  • Also in the northeast are some tables with umbrellas. Nami can find 60,000 Berries by one of the tables. Look south of the tables and you'll spot a chest containing 50,000 Berries, nestled up against the nearest building.

Main Street

Located to the north of Cafe Park, Main Street has a lot on it for such a small area. Run right through and you'll be in Fountain Square before you know it.
  • Take a left at the southern entrance of Main Street and head west. This path will take you past restaurant tables, up some stairs, and straight to a chest containing 40,000 Berries. Let Nami check to the right of the chest and you'll find an additional 200,000 Berries.
  • Up the stairs from the southern entrance and on your left you'll find a small area with some benches. Smash a pot beside one of the benches to find a Yaya Cube. Nami can also find 60,000 Berries sitting beside another bench. On your right from the stairs is another clearing, this with a fountain, and Nami can find 60,000 Berries to the north of the fountain.
  • North of the stairs from the entrance is a General Store, as well as several restaurant tables. Sanji can find two Electric Dragon Meats outside the store Near the tables is a crate containing a Yaya Cube. Check behind the nearby lamp post for a Robin's Cube Fragment.

Fountain Square

Main Street connects you to Fountain Square, an open area lined with trees. Currently you can't go up the stairs in the north, but that will change soon enough.
  • Check the patio on your left when you climb the western stairs into Fountain Square. There's a Potent Excite Apple inside a steel box that Zoro can open, and behind a nearby flower pot you'll find a Chopper's Cube Fragment.
  • Though you can't go very far up the stairs in the north of Fountain Square, you can have Nami check the bottom of them for 200,000 Berries.
  • In the southwest of the square is White Cat's Weapon Shop. They won't sell you anything, but you can find an Usopp's Cube Fragment beside the counter.
  • In the southeast is a book store named The Mallet. Outside The Mallet are some tables, and beside them is a Sanji's Cube Fragment. There's also a box for Zoro to open containing an Anti Mirage Brew.
  • In the northeast is a clothing store named Red Bird Apparel. Inside it is a red treasure chest that you can't open just yet. Near the benches out front of Red Bird Apparel you'll find a crate containing a Yaya Cube, and sitting more or less right beside the crate are 200,000 Berries for Nami to find.

Main Street

Main Street continues just a bit further as you exit Fountain Square on its east side.
  • Head down the stairs. You'll see three people on your right as you descend. Check to the left side of this section of the stairs to find a box for Zoro to slice. Inside is an Inverse Horn.
  • At the bottom of the flights of stairs you'll find two bridges. Look on your right, through the pillars, before you cross either bridge. There are two barrels tucked away beside the stairs, and one contains a Yaya Cube.
  • Nami can find 60,000 Berries sitting beside the southbound bridge.
The path splits at the bridges. To the south is your destination, so we'll head east first.

Canal Restaurant

Ultimately a dead end until Bull Taxis are running again, Canal Restaurant is nevertheless worth checking out before you proceed to Galley-La.
  • Take a left once you cross the bridge into Canal Restaurant. There are pillars ahead and on your right. Check in them for a Robin's Cube Fragment.
  • Walk east along the docks and you'll see a steel box on your right, tucked up beside a railing. Slice it open with Zoro to find a Yaya Cube.
  • At the east end of Canal Restaurant you'll find a small square. Check by the benches on the east end of the square to find a crate containing a Yaya Cube. In the northeast of the square is a box for Zoro to open containing another Yaya Cube. In the north of the square, on a small dock peering out at some waterfalls, you'll find a Nami's Cube Fragment. It's on your left and a little hidden under the stonework.

Galley-La Company Dock One

You've more or less arrived at your destination. Still, there are things to look at outside Dock One before you head in and proceed with the story.
  • East of the entrance to this area is a fountain. You'll find a Yaya Cube hidden in a jar near the fountain.
  • Northwest from the door into Dock One you'll find a Yoisa Sign to activate.
  • Sanji can find a Sazae Kancho Liver hidden in the southwest. It's on a small, wooden dock.
  • South of the entrance to Dock One is a stone dock with some benches. Check by the right bench for a Sanji's Cube Fragment.
  • Also south of the entrance to Dock One, nestled up against the building, is a metal box for Zoro to open. Inside is a Yaya Cube.
And that's everything. Phew. Big city. Approach the enormous door with the 1 on it to enter the next area, Dock One.