Main Walkthrough

The Straw Hats have arrived in Water Seven, and hot on the trail of Rob Lucci they've headed straight to the shipworking company Galley-La. At this point in time Lucci is working somewhere at Dock One, and you need to find him. The person you need to speak to is straight ahead to the east... but you might as well have a look around. Claim Grand Log: Water-Seven, Part 2 for reaching Galley-La Company, then begin your search. There's lots to grab at Dock One. 

Employee Plaza

The open-ish area in the north of Dock One is the Employee Plaza. There are a few things to find here, though not as much as you might think based on its size.
  • Just south of the entrance are a Yoisa Sign and a save point. A short walk east of the save point is a steel box for Zoro to open that contains a Volcano Dragon Tail.
  • Run north of the entrance. You'll hit a wide, dead-end area with logs on the left and a building on the right. Behind the wagon near the logs you'll find an Usopp's Cube Fragment, and beside the building is a steel box for Zoro containing a Sazae Kancho Ogre Liver.
  • There are two huge logs behind the guy that you need to speak to, on the east side of the Employee Plaza. Check behind the logs to find a Chopper's Cube Fragment.

Shipbuilding Scaffolding

In the northeast and southeast of the Employee Plaza you'll find the Shipbuilding Scaffolding. Most of this area is off ground level.
  • Just east of the entrance to the Ohatsu Cafeteria is the edge of the underside of the northern section of the Shipbuilding Scaffolding. Destroy a barrel near the stairs to find a Yaya Cube. You can find another Yaya Cube in a crate beneath the scaffolding to the south of the guy you need to speak to.
  • Climb to the second level of the Shipbuilding Scaffolding in the north and you'll find a metal box containing Shock Kabuto Meat. Zoro will have to open it up.
  • Climb to the third level of the Shipbuilding Scaffolding in the north. You'll find a metal box for Zoro containing Electric Dragon Meat.
  • On the second level of the Shipbuilding Scaffold in the north you'll find two panels that will move nearby cranes into place. You can then use Luffy to grapple up to the top level of the Shipbuilding Scaffolding on both sides. On the west side you'll find an Usopp's Cube Fragment and a chest containing a Technique Resistance +25 Ring, while on the east side you'll find a metal box for Zoro containing an Insulator Brew and a chest containing Paulie's Goggles. Go down through the scaffolding on the west side to find a metal box for Zoro contining an Antidote Brew.
  • On the second floor of the Shipbuilding Scaffolding in the south you'll find a box for Zoro to open containing an Anti-Mirage Brew. It's sitting at the far south end of the level.
  • Climb to the third floor of the Shipbuilding Scaffolding in the south. There's a Yaya Cube in a crate on the north end of the top floor, two Inverse Horns in a metal box for Zoro on the south end, and a Nami's Cube Fragment sitting by some barrels near the metal box.

Material Depot

The Material Depot is located to the south of the Employee Plaza, across a bridge. You can also reach this area from the southern section of the Shipbuilding Scaffolding's top floor, via some sloped tracks.
  • There are two large storage sheds right near the bridge into this area. The second to the west contains a Sanji's Cube Fragment. It's hidden behind some canvas packages on the left side of the shed.
  • Follow the upper path along this area to the west. At the end is a metal box that Zoro can slice up to find two Blue Bricks. Up the nearby stairs and on your right you'll find a Sanji's Cube Fragment.
  • Near the steel box and the fragment is a control panel that will activate a crane. This will create a path up to the top of the Material Depot that Luffy can reach. To the south of the sleeping man you find is a chest containing a Burn Resistance +25 Necklace.
  • One level down from the roof of the Material Depot you'll find two Yaya Cubes, at either end of the floor and in a crate and a pot. Proceed down to ground level and check beside the stairs to find an Usopp's Cube Fragment.
  • In the southwest of the Material Depot, once you've reached ground level, you'll find a small maze of shipping containers. Inside them you can find a Yaya Cube in a crate and an Ogre Sazae Kancho Carbonara in a chest.
  • Head inside the Material Depot from the south and you'll find a steel box Zoro can open to find two Sleeping Bugs. Chopper can enter the hole in the wall beside the box to find a locked red chest, as well as another hole that will dump Chopper back outside.
  • On the north end of the clearing where Chopper ends up you'll find a barrel containing a Yaya Cube. To the south is a metal box for Zoro containing two Dancing Tails and a Zoro's Cube Fragment. You can return to the entrance of the Material Depot in the north.

And that's everything! Another large area. Head back to the Employee Plaza and speak to the man by the huge logs. He'll direct you to the Ohatsu Cafeteria, a short walk to the northwest. Speak to Granny Hatsu, the owner, and you'll learn that two of the cafeteria's workers, Yuka and Nina, are MIA. They're somewhere in the shipyards, and granny needs them back before she'll give you any info on Rob Lucci.
  • Nina is the closer of the two. You'll find her by zipping up to the top of the eastern section of the Shipbuilding Scaffolding, in the northeast of Dock One. If you didn't do so earlier you can accomplish this by triggering the two panels on the second floor to move the cranes into place, creating a path for Luffy to grapple up. Tell her to stick with what she's doing to send her back to the cafeteria.
  • Yuka is at the Material Depot. Head west from the entrance and you'll find her staring through the fence by the canal that runs through Dock One. Her love life is in trouble, though if you tell her to be direct with her feelings she'll go back to the cafeteria.
Trek back to Granny Hatsu. Now that she knows Nina and Yuka are on their way back she'll yield up crucial info - namely, that Rob Lucci is likely with Mr. Iceberg, the mayor of Water Seven. Sounds like the team needs to make a trip to the Mayor's Residence.