Part 36: Chained Echoes - Glenn's Mind

Main Walkthrough

Glenn's memories are back in good working order, the Church is no more, and the Grand Grimoire is once more in the hands of Frederik. The vicious king has issued an ultimatum, forcing the party to react within a day or see lives snuffed out by the Grand Grimoire. Sounds like drastic action is needed...

... but, first, there are a number of side quests and ventures to undertake. Because of course there are.

Side Quests

Reaching this point in Chained Echoes will unlock four more side quests for you to complete, two of which are of great help to your party composition:

  • First is A Will To Live, which begins at the village of Iden in the Fiorwoods. Completing this quest will earn your party a new teammate.
  • Second is Falfalaran Sings the Fairy, which begins in the Taryn city of Tormund. Completing this quest will also earn your party a new teammate.
  • Third is Two-Winged Angel, which begins with a visit to New Wyrnshire. Completing this quest will earn you one of the most powerful Sky Armors in the game.
  • Fourth is No Place for Happy Endings, which begins in the town of Flandern. Unlike the other side quests you'll trigger this one by visiting the town, rather than having it marked on a map for you. Completing this quest will earn you an important item for Robb, as well as wrap up his personal arc.

All three quests are worth your time, as they will tie up some hanging storylines and outfit your party with great new combat options.

New Recruits

At this point you can bring in the final batch of new recruits, maximizing the potential of the Crimson Wings. If you've been keeping up with recruitment each time it was available this will bring Hermit's Isle to its highest level, unlocking new services and skills - and revealing a bunch of items that were previously inaccessible when the island was still being built.

You can recruit the following new members this time around:

  • Bernd's Wife, in Rockbottom
  • Fridolyn, from a beachfront resort
  • Gimaj, from the Ograne Grottos
  • Jack, from the Fiorwoods
  • Zellor, from the Flower Fields of Perpetua


When you next take to the world map in your airship you'll see a new location in the northeast of Valandis, well off the shores and near a small island. It appears to be a raft wrapped in tentacles, and if you land on the raft, hop into your Sky Armor, and fly east, you'll get into a fight with the Krakun. Though it looks the same as the Krachen you fought much earlier in Chained Echoes, Krakun is waaaaay stronger, and will probably be too much for your party even now. 

We'll have a look at defeating Krakun in another guide, as it's guarding an item needed to fight the game's most powerful boss. (Yes, even more powerful than this one.) 

For the moment that's all the new stuff you can explore in the world. Once you're done exploring - and doing everything will take a while - you're headed off to a very important location: Raminas Tower, Frederik's final hiding place. (Probably.)

Part 38: End of an Era - Raminas Tower

Main Walkthrough