Main Walkthrough

Reward Board: 2,000a, 25 SP

Early in your trip through Chained Echoes you'll run across a girl, just outside the Fiorwoods, who is essentially the construct of a madman. She's left in the village of Iden after that, and you get no resolution on her story - at least, that is, until you reach the end of the game. That's where A Will To Live comes into play.

To trigger this quest you need to complete Chained Echoes, one of the main quests. Once that's done, head back to Iden, in the southeast of the Fiorwoods, and check out the tavern. It's right beside the Fast Travel Crystal, so you can't miss it. When you enter one of the villagers will tell you that Arlette, the girl in question, has gone missing. All they know is tha she's likely gone west, into the more dangerous sections of the Fiorwoods.

Leave Iden by the north exit and travel more or less directly west. There are a few clusters of enemies along the way, but by the time you reach this part of the game they will be no threat to your party. Upon arrival the team will find Arlette... aaaaaand she'll run away. You'll need to track her down.

(This part of the Fiorwoods is largely optional, and much more dangerous than the other sections of the woods that you explored much earlier in the game. If you need help finding items while looking for Arlette, this guide will get you started.)

Arlette is found next in the southwest of the Fiorwoods. To reach this spot from your current location you'll need to travel down the path to the northeast, past some Forest Wyrms, and up onto the boardwalks that line this area. Travel south, past the area's Fast Travel Crystal, and into the southwest region. Arlette is in a small cabin in the middle of the lake that dominates this area...

... and when you enter said cabin, you'll discover that she's been tending to none other than Raphael, who apparently survived the fall of Marylea. Sienna will explain the truth behind Raphael's 'beloved' Church, and he'll leave, disillusioned. The group will take Arlette back to Iden... only for her to run off again.

Fast Travel to the southern-most Fast Travel Crystal in the Kortara Mountain Range, then hop in your Sky Armor and fly east, to the southeastern area of Kortara. Land in the northern forest, then check in the northeast. You'll find Raphael and Arlette - just in time for an earthquake to swallow them both up.

You now have control over Raphael, and, surprise surprise, he's a full-fledged character. Spend all of his Grimoire Shards to get him up to speed, and give him an accessory and Class Emblem so he's better prepared for combat. Raphael is similar to Egyl in that he can draw a lot of Hate his way and tank the damage that follows, though his offensive abilities are a bit better. 

To the east you'll find a mushroom, and there's another to the north. You'll find a third just west of the second mushroom, down a narrow walkway beside the water that runs through this cave. A fourth is east of here, down some darkened passages and through a narrow pathway. You'll find a chest containing five Meals by this final mushroom.

Take the mushrooms back to Arlette. She appears to be unwell, and the only way out is blocked by monsters. Head east and Raphael will be pitted against a Vampire. Offensive Crush followed by a few Light Bursts will take it down. Two more Vampires follow the first, and can be defeated in the same way.

Raphael will collapse after the third battle, but Arlette will ensure that he's saved. After some self-reflection Raphael will decide that he's not done with the world just yet, and he'll join the party. 

Main Walkthrough