Part 27: Searching for a Princess: Dancing City of Farnsport / Phyon Oasis

Main Walkthrough

Now that persistent pain-in-the-butt Matthye is gone, the party needs to gather more allies. Their next stop is new Wyrnshire, which, upon arrival, seems to be occupied by members of the church. They seem intent on doing good, but... that Zacheus guy seems a tad sketchy.

(If this is your first trip to New Wyrnshire you may want to grab the chests around town. This guide will show you where to go.)

Once you're in New Wyrnshire, head to its northern district, then to the northwest. There's a small puppet theatre here, and inside... well, you'll see who's waiting. Once you're done conversing here, head to the castle, in the north of New Wyrnshire, and have a chat with the queen. She's ready to strike, having made a deal with a power from beyond Valandis, and will ask the party to steal the Grand Grimoire.

At this point you can embark on a mission to, again, attempt to claim the Grand Grimoire. You'll be gone for a little while, though, and you're cautioned to prep yourself before departing. There are a few things you can do before you set out:

Once you're ready to proceed with the story, speak to General Torman in the throne room of New Wyrnshire. The group will set off in the Himmelskaiser, Glenn will give a rousing speech, and the battle for the Grand Grimoire will begin.

Part 29: Storming Tormund - Tormund Castle

Main Walkthrough