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Among the rarest and hardest-to-get items in Sea of Stars, the Flimsy Hammers are a bit of an enigma. They seemingly serve no purpose, despite how difficult they are to find, and are rather simply described as 'Very flimsy'. In truth the Flimsy Hammers aren't all that useful on a practical level, and you won't have them until you completed almost everything else in Sea of Stars - but if you want to see everything this game has to offer, you need to find 'em all.

This guide will lead you to the Flimsy Hammers of Sea of Stars. There are four total, and none of them are quick or easy to procure. Good luck! 

The True Ending

One of the Flimsy Hammers can only be claimed when you watch the 'true' ending of Sea of Stars. There are many steps to getting this far:

Defeating the replacement final challenge will earn you a different ending. Once the ending is complete you'll receive the Flimsy Hammer, and can save your game. (So make sure you watch the ending all the way through.)


One of the Flimsy Hammers is held by the Master Fisherman of the Town of Mirth. To recruit the master Fisherman you'll need to speak to him in Mooncradle - he's in the tavern - then get the Fishing Hut Plans from Mirna, in Docarri Village. You'll need to give her 22 Rainbow Conches to earn the Plans. Give them to Jirard the Constructionist and he'll build the hut. (Jirard has been replaced by a different NPC named Bob at this point, but they serve the same function.)

The Master Fisherman keeps track of the species of fish you've caught, and will give you items for reaching specific thresholds. If you manage to catch all 23 species of fish in Sea of Stars he'll give you his Flimsy Hammer.

Quiz Show

One of the Flimsy Hammers is held by the Quiz Master, a strange creature that runs a Quiz Show beneath the Town of Lucent. To claim the Flimsy Hammer you'll have to find all eleven Question Packs in Sea of Stars, then succesfully answer every question in the Casual and Expert levels of each quiz


One of the Flimsy Hammers is held by the Watchmaker, the enigmatic creator who lives at the highest point of the Clockwork Castle. She created the popular game known as Wheels, and she'll face you in a Wheels match - though only if you can defeat every other Wheels Champion in Sea of Stars. Beat the Watchmaker in a match of Wheels and she'll give you the Flimsy Hammer.

Using the Flimsy Hammers

The Flimsy Hammers can only be used in one location, and that's the Ancient Crypt, to the north of Mirth. Normally this place is reserved for the names of Sea of Stars' many Kickstarter backers, but there's a special area hidden deep within the Crypt that contains a few other things.

Start by entering the correct area of the Crypt. It's through the top-middle hexagon teleporter, directly south of the doorway inside the Crypt's 'lobby'. In here you'll find the usual array of tombstones...

... and one of them is a fake. Check the fourth row of tombstones on your right as you head north of the teleporter. (It's the second row that has a torch on the central aisle.) The second tombstone to the right doesn't have a description, and if you blow on it with the Mistral Bracelet you'll push it aside, revealing a ladder.

Beyond here you'll find a series of walls, each described as 'flimsy'. Use the four Flimsy Hammers on the walls and you'll open the way to a chamber with a cabinet. Keep inspecting the cabinet, and... well, eventually you'll get to walk inside the cabinet, and you'll see what happens. This is the secret of Sea of Stars, so... enjoy.

(Side note: Someone will be waiting for you when you leave the cabinet. Keep talking to them, even when they go silent, to hear several lengthy rants.)

Main Walkthrough