Main Walkthrough

During your first trip to the Town of Lucent it is possible to unlock a mini game known as the Quiz Show. Operated by a bizarre-looking creature know as the Quikz Master, the Quiz Show tests your knowledge of Sea of Stars with questions about all aspects of the game.

When you first discover the Quiz Show the Quiz Master will only have one set of questions for you. As you explore Sea of Stars, however, you're likely to find one or more Question Packs. There are eleven Question Packs in all, and each one adds another set of questions that you can challenge.

This guide will help you find all eleven Question Packs in Sea of Stars. We'll discuss the questions they contain in another guide, as there are a loooooooot of questions.

Question Pack #1 - Town of Lucent

Question Pack #1 is the 'default' set of quiz questions. Once you unlock the Quiz Show you'll receive this item automatically.

Question Pack #2 - Port Town of Brisk

Question Pack #2 is located in Brisk, and is held by the owner of the Bonus Spin Roulette. Look east of Brisk's central fountain and you'll find the minigame inside a home. You can pay a small fee to try and guess which number the man will spin on his wheel, though you will never be correct. 

Look outside after trying the game and you'll find a man who will give you a clue for 90 gold. Take him up on his offer and he'll tell you the correct number that the roulette wheel will spin next. Your prize for 'guessing' the correct number is Question Pack #2.

Question Pack #3 - Haunted Mansion

Proceed through the Haunted Mansion's west wing until you reach the library. In the southwest of the library is a bookshelf that's glimmering. Inspect the sparkles for Question Pack #3.

Question Pack #4 - Jungle Path

Enter Jungle Path from the southern entrance, via the oceanside dock. You'll be on a beach. Head west along the beach until you hit water, then swim north. There's a chest floating in the water by itself that contains Question Pack #4.

Question Pack #5 - Songshroom Marsh

Proceed through Songshroom Marsh until you reach the locked door that requires Yomara's Key, to the south of her hut. There are two Grassassins on the other side of the door. Southeast of the Grassassins is a clearing with a chest, which is where you'll find Question Pack #5.

Question Pack #6 - Cloud Kingdom

Make your way to the Cloud Kingdom's inn / tavern, near the first pair of enormous feet. There's a chest in the tavern, next to the stage, that contains Question Pack #6.

Question Pack #7 - Cerulean Expanse

To reach the chest containing Question Pack #7 you'll need to proceed through the Cerulean Expanse in a very particular order. The directions you need to take from the first screen are as follows:

  • South
  • Southwest
  • Southeast
  • South
Do this and you'll find a little campsite with four chests. One of them contains the Question Pack.

Question Pack #8 - Sky Base

The chest containing Question Pack #8 is located near the end of the base's second floor. To proceed to the third floor you need to travel up an elevator to activate a console. To the right of the elevator leading up to this console is the chest.

Question Pack #9 - Repine

In the north of Repine is a weapons shop with a locked door. The door demands a Cypher, and you'll need to track down four Data Strips to create a Cypher. They're spread all over the world, so this won't be a quick trip unless you're already at the end of the game.

Once you've collected the four Data Strips you can take them to Seraï's house, in the north of Repine, and cobble them together into a Cypher. Use the Cypher on the locked door in the weapons shop to get at two chests, one of which contains Question Pack #9.

Question Pack #10 - Fleshmancer's Lair

Before you reach the final battle in the Fleshmancer's Lair you'll find a little safe area with several 'friendly' Cultists. To the left of the Cultists is a side room with a campsite. Check the side room for the chest containing Question Pack #10, up and to the right of the campfire.

Question Pack #11 - Gilded Pelican

In order to receive Question Pack #11 you need to dine at the Gilded Pelican, in the northwest of Brisk. This is a massive undertaking that requires completing the majority of Sea of Stars, including a bunch of post-game content. In short, this will almost certainly be the last Question Pack you pick up. Good luck!

Main Walkthrough