Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: August
Unlocked: Complete Blacksmith's Blues III and Through the Maelstrom
Reward: Gotterdammerung Design Draft, Ragnarok, 50 Renown

In order to unlock this side quest you need to fulfil two prerequisites: 

  • First, you need to complete Blacksmith's Blues III, a side quest you likely completed not that long ago.
  • Second, you need to complete Through the Maelstrom, a main story quest that will take you out to sea. Return to the Hideaway and Blacksmith's Blues IV will be waiting.
Check the Mess and you'll find August in the same place he was standing in Blacksmith's Blues III, looking out at the sea. Speak to him and he'll let Clive now that Dravozd, site of the previous quest, is under attack by Akashic. Better do something about it.

Fast Travel to Dravozd, over in Southern Dhalmekia. The village is still in one piece, but things are tense. Speak to August near the northern gate to trigger a cut scene - which makes things even more tense - then speak to August again once you're ready preparing for a fight.

What follows are several waves of enemies, and you'll need to take them all down to complete the quest:
  • First is an Akashic Bighorn and a few Akashic Wolves. Take the Wolves out first so you can focus on the Bighorn's charges. Once the wolves are gone the Bighorn is a basic enemy.
  • Next are Akashic Scorpions and Akashic Leg Eaters. No big deal. 
  • Last is an Akashic Griffin. It is essentially the same enemy as Dozmare, a Notorious Mark. This Wyvern with wind magic and you'll have an idea of what it can do. Its attacks are fast, so stick to Eikonic Abilities that end within a few seconds.
You're not done fighting once the Griffin is out of the way, alas...

Canyon Chimaera

A multi-headed monstrosity, the Canyon Chimaera wields a number of different elements, and can hit from close up or far away with equal lethality. It uses the following attacks:
  • A slow, crushing leg stomp
  • A flying charge
  • A plume of fire breath
  • A quick ice dart that leaves behind an icy patch on the ground
  • The Dragon's Voice, which creates many large electrical AOE fields that get hit by lightning after a few seconds
  • The Ram's Voice, which creates a circular, icy AOE field around the Chimaera that erupts after a few seconds
  • A minefield of electrical pulses
This fight isn't too bad. The Canyon Chimaera's beefy body makes it a bit slow, and it gives you enough advance notice of its magic attacks that you shouldn't have much trouble dodging out of the way. Stick close to the monster and chip away at its sides. Its melee stomps are a great opportunity to get in a Parry, though you can also just dodge. The main attack you need to avoid is the fire breath, and you'll see it coming thanks to the brief flash of orange in the Chimaera's eyes. Get on its flank and you'll remain unsinged.

You'll receive Sharp Fangs, Bloody hides, Magicked Ash, and a Meteorite for defeating the Canyon Chimaera. Head back into Dravozd and speak to Zoltan. This will reunite Zoltan and Blackthorne in curmudgeonly friendship, and Zoltan will give Clive the Cracked Anvil Seal.

Return to the Hideaway and speak to Blackthorne, who brought Zoltan along. The pair will forge the Ragnarok, a powerful sword for Clive. The design draft they provide will allow Blackthorne to create the Gotterdammerung, the most powerful weapon in Final Fantasy XVI... unless you play through New Game Plus, anyway. On top of all this you'll also unlock a new Notorious Mark, the Tricephalic Terror.