Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Cormac, Botanist
Unlocked: Complete Moving Heaven and Earth, complete The Gathering Storm
Reward: 1 Martelle Apples, 600 gil, 10 Renown

There are two prerequisites for triggering this side quest:
  • Complete Moving Heaven and Earth, one of the earlier side quests in Final Fantasy XVI. It's found in the original Hideaway, before the events of The Crystals' Curse, and if you didn't complete that quest The Fruits of Her Labors won't appear.
  • Complete the majority of the main story quest The Gathering Storm. This requires making a trip to Martha's Rest and Sorrowise. Once you return from that excursion and speak to Gav you'll find The Fruits of Her Labors in the Hideaway.

Head to the Backyard, a garden in the north of the Hideaway. On the east end of the Backyard you'll find Cormac, a botanist who took over for Martelle after the fall of the original Hideaway. Her efforts literally bore fruit, and now there are a bunch of tasty apples. Cormac wants to distribute them to the Cursebreakers in the Hideaway.

Cormac will hand over two baskets of Martelle Apples if you accept the quest. Head to the Mess and you'll find Fabien, a Cursebreaker, at the top of the stairs from the Boarding Deck. Speak to him to hand over one basket. After that another Cursebreaker, Corentin, will appear near the Counter. Speak to him to deliver the other basket. Head back to Cormac after delivering the apples to receive your reward.