Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway
Petitioner: Bohumil, Chief Botanist
Unlocked: Complete most of The Hunter and the Hunted
Reward: 10 Valley Madder, 20 Sharp Fangs, 30 Bloody Hides

In order to unlock Moving Heaven and Earth you need to complete the lion's share of The Hunter and the Hunted, a main story quest early in Final Fantasy XVI. Once you've made the trip to The Kingsfall and returned to The Hideaway you'll need to speak to Jill in the Infirmary. Do so and Moving Heaven and Earth will appear in The Hideaway.

You'll find Bohumil, the petitioner, in the north of the Great Hall, down on the ground floor. He's in more or less the same spot as the petitioner for Make Do and Mend, an earlier side quest. Bohumil's assistant has gone missing, and he needs you to go find her. He'll point you to Gaultand's Bales, the first area in the Orabelle Downs outside Lostwing.

Fast Travel to the Orabelle Downs Obelisk and you'll see a sloped vineyard ahead. Follow the dirt road down the middle of the slopes until you see a path running up the hill on your right. It leads to a shack, and if you go check you'll find a cluster of Vine Spiders, as well as hear a scream. Leap into the middle of the spiders and use Eikonic Abilities to quickly wipe them out as a group. You'll receive Valley Madder and Sharp Fangs for defeating the Vine Spiders.

A woman named Martelle will come out of hiding once the spiders are gone. Clive will offer to gather soil for Martelle so she can head back to The Hideaway. She describes the soil she needs as 'dark, rich, and fragrant'. You can find all four of the Vineyard Soil Samples that you need a short walk down the slope from the shack, and all will be clearly marked when you get close enough. One is on the same side of the field as the shack, while the other three are on the other side of the path that splits through the vineyard.

Zip back to The Hideaway and speak to Bohumil to receive your reward. Turns out he's a bit of a jerk. Ah well.