Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway
Petitioner: Geoffroy, Head Carpenter
Unlocked: Begin Hide, Hideaway
Reward: Meteorite, Gil Bug

One of the first side quests you'll unlock in Final Fantasy XVI, Make Do and Mend shows up early in the game. In order to unlock this quest you need to get through the majority of Hide, Hideaway, which itself is quite simple. As you near the end of that main quest Make Do and Mend will appear on the map of The Hideaway.

Head north through The Hideaway to The Banks, at the north end of the Great Hall. On your left you'll see a bare-chested man hammering away at a door. This is Geoffroy, Head Carpenter, and he is in need of wood so he can complete his work on The Hideaway. Speak to him and he'll ask you to get him wood. Agree to begin the side quest.

Head south through The Hideaway and check in the eastern chambers. Here you'll find a Carpenter, and he'll tell you to grab some timber from a nearby stack of wood. Grab the Wood Planks leaning against the wall and take them back to Geoffroy, who is right where you left him. Hand over the Wood Planks to complete the quest and recieve your reward. Yep, it's just that easy.

(It's worth noting that the Gil Bug is meant to be sold. If you're scrounging together equipment for your next mission, this is a good way to get started.)

Main Walkthrough