Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway
Petitioner: Kenneth, Kitchen Head
Unlocked: Begin Hide, Hideaway
Reward: 500 gil, 10 Wyrrite

One of two side quests to get you started in Final Fantasy XVI, Food for Thought is unlocked shortly after you first arrive in The Hideaway. Once you've spoken to Cid as part of the main quest Hide, Hideaway you'll be sent around to meet various NPCs. During this process you'll unlock Food for Thought.

Head into The Fat Chocobo, on the west side of the Great Hall in The Hideaway. Behind the counter is Kenneth, Kitchen Head, and he needs someone to hand out his bowls of soup. Agree and you'll be given three bowls of the stuff to dole out to an equal number of NPCs.

  • One is sitting at a table across from Kenneth.
  • Another is sitting at a table beside the Orchestrion.
  • The last is sitting at a table on the second floor of the eatery, at the north end. Look near Harpocrates, who operates The Thousand Tomes.

Head back to Kenneth and he'll give you a little lesson on what The Hideaway is all about. Quest complete, and reward reward. Check the nearby strongbox and you'll receive an extra trinket, as well: A Badge of Mettle.

Main Walkthrough