Part 4: A Chance Encounter

Main Walkthrough

Abandoning the Empire he was forced to serve for too many years, Clive has taken up with a mystery band that seems to be led by yet another Cid, one of many in the Final Fantasy franchise. He's escorted to The Hideaway, Cid's base, and before you chat with the man you're given a chance to look around a bit...

... though, ah, there's not a ton to see here just yet. You can talk to a few people, and listen in on some conversations, but the majority of The Hideaway isn't 'active' until you've spoken with Cid. You can find Cid's Solar on the west side of The Hideaway, at the top of several sets of stairs. Chat with him and you'll learn Clive's next mission, and can give The Hideaway a proper once-over.

The Hideaway

The Hideaway is divided into a number of different areas, each with a specific purpose. If you press the PS Button (the big, central button on the controller) you can open up the map, which gives you a rough idea of where everything is located. 

Go down to the Great Hall and you'll meet Goetz, a big, nervous man. He'll point you in the right direction, and give you Continental Rum. You'll need to perform some tasks around The Hideaway before you can push the story forward.

  • First up you need to speak with Blackthorne, the blacksmith, in his workshop on the east side of The Hideaway. Hand over the Continental Rum and Blackthorne will agree to both forge items for you and reinforce them. At the moment you can create an Iron Belt +1, and soon enough you'll be able to forge a Broadsword +1. Check in with Blackthorne whenever you return to The Hideaway and see what you can make.
  • Speak to Goetz again and you'll next have to tend to the wounds of some Bearers. Go up the nearby stairs after speaking to the Curmudgeon in the Great Hall and you'll find the Infirmary near Cid's Solar. Tarja, the healer, will handle things, and the Curmudgeon will name himself as Otto. He'll point you to the next person...
  • ... whose name is Charon. She's on the east side of the Great Hall. Charon runs Charon's Toll, a shop. She currently has Broadswords, Iron Bracers, and restorative items on sale. You should have enough gil saved up for one of the two pieces of equipment, and you should go with the Iron Bracers, as you'll soon have enough Wyrrite to force a Broadsword +1.
  • After the conversation you'll be pointed to some supplies on the other side of the Great Hall. Try to collect them and you'll activate The Arete Stone. Here you can engage in Training Mode, which allows you to battle any enemy you've already defeated and hone your combat skills. Press the PS Button to view the options for Training Mode. Note that you do not receive experience, items, or gil for defeating enemies in Training Mode. You'll receive two Potions after leaving Training Mode.

Finish up with The Arete Stone and Cid will appear to lead you out of The Hideaway. Before he does, however, we have a few more things we can do around here.

  • First up are a pair of side quests that you unlocked by helping out around The Hideaway. The first, Make Do and Mend, is started by speaking to a carpenter in the north of the Great Hall, while the second, Food for Thought, is started by speaking to the cook behind the counter at The Fat Chocobo, the eatery on the west side of The Hideaway. Side quests are a great way to earn additional experience, items, and coin, and these two can be completed before you even leave The Hideaway. Finish Food for Thought and you should have enough Wyrrite to forge a Broadsowrd +1, as well.
  • Next up is The Thousand Tomes. Speak to the Wizened Man on the second floor of The Fat Chocobo. His name is Tomes, and he'll keep track of all the worldly lore you've accumulated while exploring the game.
  • Last is the Orchestrion, also located in The Fat Chocobo. You can use the Orchestrion to change the music currently playing in The Hideaway. You'll acquire more tracks by completing the main story, searching chests, speaking to NPCs, and from vendors.
That's all for The Hideaway, at least for the moment. Your next destination is The Greatwood, a ways to the northeast, and you can get there by exiting The Hideaway to the south - or by heading to the menu and using the Map.

Part 6: Fanning Embers

Main Walkthrough