Part 12: The Wages of Guilt

Main Walkthrough

The Kingsfall


  • Arachne
  • Black Widow
  • Hornet
  • Imperial Astrologer
  • Imperial Captain
  • Imperial Legionnaire

After a quick stop in at The Hideaway you'll wind up in The Kingsfall, another picturesque outdoor area, on the lookout for the hooded man from earlier in Final Fantasy XVI. Cid will take off, so you'll have to make do with Clive and Torgal.

Follow the main path and you'll find four chunks of Wyrrite dead ahead, near a waterfall. On your left is a drop, and it will take you down to a clearing controlled by a group of Black Widows. These things are a combination of melee bites and acidic spit attacks, so watch your back or risk getting pelted from behind. Scarlet Cyclone can clear this small area rather quickly.

Hop to the other side of the river once the Black Widows are gone and you'll find three Sharp Fangs. There's a fallen log ahead, and you'd best be ready for trouble when you cross beneath the wood.


Similar to the Gigas you fought earlier in Final Fantasy XVI, the Minotaur is faster, stronger, and slightly more versatile than its gobliny counterpart. It uses the following attacks:

  • A sideways club smack
  • An overhead club smash
  • A club-dragging upward swing that sends Clive flying into the air if it connects
  • A charging attack

Despite the new moves this fight will go more or less the same as the battle with the Gigas. Get in close, chip away at the Minotaur with normal attacks and Eikonic Abilities, and wait for it to move out of its neutral stance. If it moves the club to one side you'll have a chance to Parry as it swings around at you, but otherwise you'll want to dance out of the way before the Minotaur can catch you. Then continue the assault. The Minotaur's repertoire of attacks doesn't change, so you don't need to worry about any curveballs.

You'll receive a Minotaur Mane, Sharp Fangs, and Bloody Hides for defeating the Minotaur. Cross through the small rock formation after the battle and you'll find a Potion waiting on the other side. A bit further up the path are two pinches of Magicked Ash, and if you look to your left after collecting the Ash you'll see three Bloody Hides. Hop down to the Hides to continue the trip.

Near the Bloody Hides you'll run into a cluster of Black Widows and Hornets. Garuda's Eikonic Abilities work well here, as you can use Deadly Embrace to pluck the Hornets out of the sky. Check the rocks on your left after the battle is won to find a path along the cliffs which will take you down to a Potion.

Just past the Potion you'll run into another Minotaur, and this one is accompanied by several Arachne. The Arachne will get in your way while you try to dodge the Minotaur's attacks, so use an AOE attack like Scarlet Cyclone to quickly get the spiders out of your way. Aside from that detail, this fight is the same as the battle with the previous Minotaur.

Beyond the Minotaur you'll find a ledge leading to a High Potion, as well as a bridge. Cross the bridge to trigger a cut scene. You'll get into a battle with some minor imperials, and following that...

Knight of the Dying Sun

Accompanied by an Imperial War Aevis, the Knight of the Dying Sun is more or less the same enemy as the Knight of the Blinding Dawn that you fought at the Phoenix Gate. This dragoon uses the following attacks:

  • A swift thrust that sends the knight flying across the field
  • An overhead slam of the knight's polearm that sometimes carries through into a whirling combo
  • A swirling AOE arc of the knight's polearm
  • A combo that ends with the knight charging up his polearm and throwing it at the ground in front of him
  • Jump, where he marks a spot and then plunges down on it a moment later
  • Double Jump, which marks two spots for two consecutive plunging attacks
  • Mirage Dive, a continuous series of Jumps all over the battlefield
This fight is almost - but not quite - identical to the battle with the Knight of the Blinding Dawn. The Knight of the Dying Sun uses all of the same moves, only adding in one new one, and given that you have more experience winning this brawl will probably be easier. Let Cid handle the Aevis (it won't take him long) and focus all your time on the knight, dodging his attacks and waiting for openings. You can Parry his normal, whirling polearm attacks and combos, but the window for doing so is quite small.

Do enough damage and the Knight of the Dying Sun will use Mirage Dive. This will create Jump marks all over the battlefield, and more will appear for several seconds. All you can really do is keep moving and do your best to avoid them until time runs out on the attack. Cid will stun the knight partway through the attack and give you an opportunity to end things, so just dodge constantly during Mirage Dive and use Potions if you get hit.

You'll receive Imperial Links, Wyrrite, Bloody Hides, and Meteorites for defeating the Knight of the Dying Sun and his pet. After this you'll be treated to a number of cut scenes - what's revealed may or may not surprise you - and when you return to The Hideaway, Clive will discover that an old friend has woken up. Head to the Infirmary, on the upper floor of the west wing, to clear up a few things.

Head back to the Great Hall and speak to Charon. She'll have new items in stock, notably a Gaia Blade, and you can forge the same via Backthorne with the items you picked up in The Kingsfall. Getting this far will also unlock two new side quests, A Place for Everyone and Moving Heaven and Earth, if you care to undertake them. 

Speak to Gav by the entrance of the Great Hall to open up your next destination: Three Reeds. (And in case you're worried about all the farewells, you can return to The Hideaway after leaving. So feel free to wrap this quest up.)

Main Walkthrough