Main Walkthrough

Three Reeds

  • Antelope
  • Bighorn
  • Cray Claw
  • Death Blossom
  • Footpad
  • Gigas
  • Goblin Mugger
  • Goblin Weaver
  • Hornet
  • Killer Bee
Random Items
  • Bloody Hide
  • Briar Clam Shell
  • High Potion
  • Potion
  • Sharp Fang
  • Steelsilk
  • Wyrrite
Reunited with Jill, a childhood friend, Clive prepares to head to his home of Rosaria. It is now occupied by the imperials, however, so it won't be a happy return. Jill takes Cid's place in your party, and replaces his Lightning spells with Ice. Jill's magic can freeze enemies, making her a more effective party member.

Your destination is way off in the distance. There's plenty to see before you get there, so you might as well have a look around Three Reeds. We'll start with the wetlands in the east.
  • Of immediate interest in this area is the Bighorn wandering the wetlands. It fights like a slower, more predictable version of the Minotaur from The Kingsfall. The only move to watch out for is Bucking Bull, which takes a moment to start up but can cause a lot of trouble if you don't get well away from the Bighorn.
  • There's a waterfall near the Bighorn with an Item sitting at the bottom. Approach it and Cray Claws will erupt out of the ground and attack. As far as enemies go they're nothing special.
  • In the southwest of the wetlands is a shack surrounded by Cray Claws. Wipe them out to collect an Item from beside the shack.
  • On the right side of the road as you head west you'll see some Antelope. Beyond them is a large clearing. There's an Item sitting in the water a ways to the north, though getting close will disturb some hidden Cray Claws. On the south end of this clearing are the remains of a shack, and near them is an Item.

Cross the bridge on the west side of the clearing and you'll enter the second of the Three Reeds. We'll check around here, too.
  • Look to your left after crossing the bridge and you'll see a path leading south. You'll find an Item next to a ruined wagon, and if you take this route all the way to the end you'll find a few Goblins, as well as a Gigas. They all fight the same as they did during Clive's first mission. The Goblins are a piece of cake, and the Gigas shouldn't give you much trouble considering the monsters you've fought to get this far. You'll receive a Bone Necklace from the defeated Gigas, and you can grab an Item from the houses they're guarding.
  • There's a man here who will enlist you on the What a Bird Wants side quest, if you speak to him. He's standing on the main road, not far from the bridge. This side quest is as simple as they come, and worth picking up since you're headed that direction already.
  • If you check off the road to the left of the Chocobos near the side quest petitioner you'll see an Item twinkling away amongst the greenery. There are a bunch of Killer Bees near here, so be ready to fight.
  • As you walk along the main road you'll see some Antelope. They will run off to the right. Follow them and you'll find an Item.
  • In the north of this area, off the main road, you'll find a grassy path that leads east. Near a group of Cray Claws along this route you'll find an Item. Follow the path to the clearing at the end to find a Bighorn keeping watch over another Item, as well as a chest containing ten chunks of Wyrrite. The chest is tucked against some bushes behind the Bighorn.
Keep following the main road and eventually you'll come to Martha's Rest, your destination in the area. There are open areas to the north and south of the road leading up to Martha's Rest, and we should have a look at these first before proceeding with the story.

North of Martha's Rest

You'll find more wetlands if you take the path north of the Chocobo stables near Martha's Rest. On your right is an Item, guarded by a number of Killer Bees. Go east of here, out into the marshes, and you'll face off against a cluster of Death Blossoms. There's a shack off in the distance, and a number of basic, melee-oriented Footpads are standing out front. Defeat them, then check to the right of the shack to find a chest containing ten Bloody Hides.

Head back to the dirt path and you'll find a bridge. On the other side is an Item. The item is next to a bush, and you'll find several Cray Claws on the other side. Here the path splits, circling around the rock cliffs that hold up the bridge to Martha's Rest:
  • If you stick to the northern path you'll find an alternate route up to Martha's Rest.
  • If you tend more to the south you'll find several groups of Death Blossoms, Killer Bees, and Hornets in this area. There's an item near the water's edge in the west, though you'll have to fight to get it.

South of Martha's Rest

Head south of the path to Martha's Rest and you'll soon run into some Antelope. You can kill or ignore them as you see fit. Near them is an Item. Head east of here and you'll run into a group of Death Blossoms, and past that a group of Cray Claws. There's an item by the Cray Claws.

Head south and take a left, towards the ruins in the water. There's an Item visible in the bushes up ahead, and heading towards it will reveal a nearby Bighorn that you can hunt. Check by the ruins to the north of the Bighorn to find another Item.

All that leaves is the path south, guarded by a few Cray Claws and a group of Death Blossoms. The latter are guarding an Item. Beyond the Death Blossoms is a bridge leading to a clearing, where you'll find more Killer Bees and more Death Blossoms. On the far, south side of the clearing is Crooked Nash's Pier, a ramshackle, wooden structure, and if you check it out you'll find a chest. It contains Black Blood.

And that's more or less it for Three Reeds. Make your way up to Martha's Rest - via the main bridge or the stairs on the south side of the bridge, it doesn't matter - and you can have a look around.

Martha's Rest

Upon approach you'll activate the Martha's Rest Obelisk, allowing for quick returns to this place. There's more to this spot than just The Golden Stables, your destination, so let's have a look around.
  • West of the Obelisk you'll find a merchant with goods on sale. He has nothing you haven't seen before, unless you don't visit Charon often back at The Hideaway. The one exception is The Founder's Footsteps Orchestrion Scroll, which is likely too expensive at the moment.
  • In the far west of Martha's Rest, not far from the merchant, is a wooden elevator. Step inside and hit the lever to lower yourself to Sorrowise, another outdoor area. We'll get to Sorrowise soon enough.
  • You'll find a number of laborers north of the Obelisk. Follow the line of them through the houses until you see an alleyway on your right, in the northeast of Martha's Rest. There's a fellow raking hay, and behind him, tucked against a house, is a chest. It contains the Forevermore Orchestrion Roll and a Goblin Coin.
  • Go around back of The Golden Stables via the east side, again to the north of the Obelisk. Head west, past a closed bridge, a woman doing her washing, and another woman who has a keen interest in Clive. There's a dead end back here, and you'll find a chest containing another Goblin Coin.
That's all for the outside of Martha's Rest. Head in the front door of The Golden Stables and speak to Martha herself, behind the front desk. Martha will give you a new quest to pursue for a bit, and though this isn't technically the end of Homecoming, you just need to help out Martha to proceed. On to the next guide.