Main Walkthrough

Location: Three Reeds
Petitioner: Rowan, Traveling Trader
Unlocked: Begin Homecoming
Reward: 10 Sharp Fangs, 5 Bloody Hides

To unlock What a Bird Wants you'll need to progress far enough into the main story to find Three Reeds. Once you've gained access to Three Reeds, proceed west along the main road until you come to the second section of the region. You'll see a man ahead, along with several Chocobos, and he's the one you want.

Rowan has run into a spot of trouble, as a pack of Chocobos have upturned his carriage. He needs you to escort a package to Martha's Rest for him. Rowan isn't the friendliest guy, but you're headed that direction anyway, so... why not. Agree and he'll hand over the Sealed Crate, with strict instructions to take it to the stable master.

Continue west one area until you find the hill leading up to Martha's Rest. The Chocobo Stable Master is standing by his stable, and he'll explain why Rowan was waylaid by Chocobos. You'll receive your reward and the quest will end.