Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway
Petitioner: Kenneth, Kitchen Head
Unlocked: Complete Food for Thought and most of The Hunter and the Hunted
Reward: Gil Bug

In order to trigger this side quest you need to complete Food for Thought, given to you by Kenneth, the head cook at The Hideaway. Continue with the story after that until you've finished up in The Kingsfall, then return to The Hideaway. After speaking with Jill in the Infirmary you'll unlock A Place For Everyone.

Head to The Fat Chocobo and speak to Kenneth, in his usual spot behind the counter. He'll again ask you to deliver meals to hungry souls. This time, however, they're not in The Fat Chocobo. You still shouldn't have much trouble finding all three:
  • First up is the Chocobokeeper who stands by the southern entrance of The Hideaway, just before you return to the world map.
  • Second is an Almoner who's in The Bunks, in the northwest of The Hideaway. You'll find the entrance to this area just north of the stairs up to Cid's Solar and the Infirmary.
  • Last is the Gaoler who guards The Cells. Check near Blackthorne on the east side of The Hideaway to find the entrance to this area.
Trek back to Kenneth after you've handed out three Hearty Meals to receive your reward. Nothing grand, but you didn't have to put too much work into it.